Secret Untold


Another hasty footstep heard along the silence corridor and it came closer. A middle aged man came with a worried face and entered Yamato’s room right away.

“Who’s in charge of this room?” his voice echoed between the eerie atmospheres around him.

“Dr. Natsume, sir. Do you want me to call him?” The nurse looked at him, annoyed with his burst of question.

“No need, Tomo-San. And this is the result of his diagnosis, Kawashima-Sensei.” A young doctor came into the room and gave Jun the report.

The nurse stunned and her eyes widened when she realized who the one had asked her the question was.

Natsume looked at the charismatic doctor silently, adoring his calmness when he read the diagnosis. He himself felt the nausea when he made it but this person was so calm. He wasn’t affected with it. He read it carefully before went to the patient.

Jun stared at Yamato silently.

Why this happened to you? Why didn’t you fight? Like you always did?

“I want him to be treated with the best. Do anything to keep him alive and please inform me every detail of his condition, every change, every minute. I don’t want to hear any surprises so make sure you inform me everything right away.”

“Yes, sir.”

Jun went out of the room but then he looked at Yamato from the window. He rubbed his nape hard. He stood there for a while before fishing his pocket to reach his phone.

“Yoshiko, I know it’s late but I … “ A hand stopped him and made him turned around just to see Shin shook his head weakly. He understood right away what this young man wanted to say so he nodded lightly. “I want you to know that there will be a meteor rain tonight. At two. You should stay awake and see it and pray for us to be safe and healthy.”

“Jun, do you know what time is it now?”

Jun raised his hand and looked at his watch. “Ups, it’s one and a half. Hey! You should get going to the rooftop and see the meteor rain. Wake your husband too and please, please, please, pray for all of us here.”

Silence in the other side before rustle sounds heard. “Fine. I’ll go to the rooftop now, and Ken is awake too.”

“Thank you. Please pray for our safety and healthy. I know that God is always listening to your request.”

“Ok, ok.”

Jun closed his phone and turned over to see that it wasn’t just Shin. He found Ryu sat beside him and there were three other young men sat beside them.

“I called grandpa and he is on his way here.” Ryu said weakly.

“Ok. We knew that he would make the best decision so I better wait for him too before making any decision on Yamato.” And with that Jun walked back to the room and sat beside Yamato. He knew it was useless to shoo them to go home because they would refuse so he let them stay where they were.

The canteen of the hospital was too silent this morning. There were only them and two staffs of the canteen. There’s nobody else.

“I’m not really sure but I guess you should hear this.”

The old man stared back at him, demanded him to speak fast.

“Once again, this is just a probability, okay? I’m not an observer like you so if you think I’m wrong, you’d better ignore this or tell me that I’m at the false accusation.”

“As usual you always take the way round to get to your destination.” The old man shook his head. “Why don’t you try to say something straight to the point just once in your life? Too much talking will kill you one day, Jun. Or should I call you Kawashima-Sensei?” Annoyed, the old man mocked at him with no mercy.

“Jun’s okay. I don’t like people who knew me from diaper call me that way.” Jun was immune with all of the mocking came from this person. His ears were even too comfortable to hear the snickered tone in his voice. “Many times ago I saw Yamato stiffened when he faced Tatsuo.”

“It hasn’t been a secret anymore that their relationship wasn’t good. They were never in good term since Yamato in middle school.”

“It’s more of afraid than annoyed.”

The old man looked at him right away but said nothing. He saw seriousness in his eyes.

“He was trembling, and he looked like wanted to run away from him. I think you should check on this.”

“And when was that happen?”

“Around …, before Yoshiko’s marriage.”

The old man looked at him. He didn’t say any word. He just stared at Jun, made him stared back at him awkwardly.

“I told you to ignore this if you think I’m wrong. But I guess you agree with me that he is abused. He was raped according to the result of his diagnosis. You should check his whole body and you will find the clue. I was shocked when I saw him last night. Only one look, I knew right away that this isn’t the first time. Only animal could do that kind of thing. This is too much, Uncle Eisuke. There were traces of wound all over his body. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the wounds came from his fights but my mind kept telling me that those wounds weren’t coming from any fight he did. I don’t know how he could stand of all the tortures. You should do something.”

“Did he say something?”

“For God sakes, Uncle Eisuke, this is Yamato we’re talking about. He won’t spill anything about it.”

“But you knew that he always has reason behind his silent. He is hiding something. And I’m really curious about that thing, Jun. Do you hear anything from the kids?”

Jun shook his head weakly. “They didn’t say anything to me.”

“From my observation, correct me if you think I’m wrong, this is Yamato we’re talking about.”

Jun snorted at the old man’s words. How could this ex-great lawyer told him to correct him? He was nothing compared to him. But when he looked the seriousness in his eyes, he just nodded many times.

“Ogata Yamato was known as one of the strongest persons in Akadou High School, which means, made him one of the persons you don’t want to get involved. He fights a lot, almost every day. Everybody recognizes him as one of the person they don’t want to meddle with. He was delinquent to his heart. Do you think that kind of person could be abused that easy? Even raped? Do you think that kind of person could be abused and raped without any reason?”

Jun looked at him in silence. This old man is really incredible. He could make a conclusion with just based of his short explanation. “Do you think he’s hiding something?”

“I do not think. I believe that he is hiding something.”

“Do you have any clue? The one who did?” He moved his chair closer to the old man.


Jun’s shoulder slumped. His hope lost so sudden with that answer.

“Just, imagine that you are the one who abuse Yamato. You want him to be suffered but you knew that he was so strong. You knew you wouldn’t win against him in physical contact, I mean fighting here. What do you think you would do in that kind of situation?”

Jun’s eyes bewildered slightly. “I will find his weaknesses. Any single weakness will help me to knock him down.”

“That is cheating but it is the best way to win over a person like Yamato. And, could you tell me what his weakness is?”

“His fragile body. If I fight him with my power now I will definitely lose from him. But if I could hang on a little longer maybe I will knock him down for sure. He will lose his stamina and I will win with that.”

“The question is, do you think Yamato wouldn’t realize that strategy?”

Jun stunned in his place. This old man was right. Yamato was weak since he was born. He did realize that he hadn’t had a strong body and he wasn’t a stupid to force himself into a long fight. He would finish it right away, in just one attack if it necessary.

“He is not a stupid, Jun. He has a brain and you do know that. The label ‘strong’ wouldn’t come without reason.”

Jun kept silence. The image of Akadou made him think right away that Yamato was really one of those students. He forgot that he was a smart.

“Can’t you think anything else aside of his fragile body? Thing that make him couldn’t fight back?”

Jun looked at him again. He straightened his body when something flashed in his mind. “His mother. She was the biggest weakness of him.”

The old man smiled slightly.

“But only few persons knew this. Only us and …” He stopped and his eyes widened right away. “Do you think Tatsuo did it?”

The old man stood up and started to walk away. “I have an appointment with the head of the police in an hour. You’d better keep Yamato safe and make sure to confirm me about his visitors.”

“Did you make the report? Do you have the proof?” His curiosity rose until he stood up right away and walked behind him.

“Nope. I’m just going to meet my son in law. No case involved.” The old man answered him flatly. No tone in his voice and he didn’t even look to Jun.

Jun just nodded and looked at the old man in silence when he started to walk away.

There’s no way you’re just going to meet him without reason. And that Odagiri too wouldn’t stay silent if he knew about this case. And I hope no one of the women heard this incident.

Silently Jun rolled his eyes.

They will cause the ruckus and nobody could stop them. Scary creatures!

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