Secret Untold


The comfortable feeling was swallowing him when he reached his awareness. It made him wanted to stay in his slumber, enjoying all the comfort and the warmth but his curiosity betrayed him. Slowly he opened his eyes. White ceiling, warm blanket, it’s blue.


When did his yellow blanket turned into blue? He didn’t even remember they changed the color of his room too.

Where am I?

“You’re in my room.” A familiar tone he missed so much made him opened his eyes widely. He turned and saw a warm smile beamed on him.

“Ryu …”

“Yeah. Long time no see.” The older smiled gently and walked over to him. He sat down by the bed after put the tray on the table. “Don’t move.” He forced Yamato to lie still on the bed when he tried to get up.

And Yamato was more than glad what the older told him because he felt the pain all over his body.

“I made this porridge and I want you to eat it, and no offense.” He cut right away when he saw Yamato tried to refuse. “I put all my strength to make this so please, appreciate my effort. Besides, I believe that you didn’t eat anything since yesterday morning. I knew you well if you forget.”

Yamato couldn’t refuse. He just kept silence. He couldn’t deny because he knew that Ryu wouldn’t let him. He was right. He knew him too well. Besides, he felt the warmth in this place somehow, made him want to sleep more and more, and never wake up. He closed his eyes when Ryu shook his hand.

“Eat first before you sleep again.”

Yamato looked at him silently. Suddenly he remembered something which made him got up fast. The sting of pain attacked him all over his body, made him whimpered and moaned slightly.

“I told you to lay still. You hurt so badly.” Ryu grabbed his shoulder gently and made him lie down on the bed once again.

“I have to go home. Mom will worry if I don’t go home soon. What time is it?” Yamato asked him continuously. There was a worried tone on his voice.

“I called and told her that you will stay with us tonight, so don’t worry and eat that porridge.”

Another familiar tone snapped him. He turned to the door and saw another familiar figure stood by the door. The figure then walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. He caressed his leg gently. “I also called Yuichi to go home and accompany her for tonight.”

“Shin …”

Slightly he smiled, tried hard to comfort the youngest, assured him that everything would be okay. “So you’d better think about yourself only.” He then helped Yamato to sit leaning to the pillow behind him while Ryu started to feed him.

Not more than three spoons, Yamato closed his mouth with his hand when nausea attacked him. He really wanted to puke. Quickly, Shin picked him up and took him to the toilet where Yamato threw everything up on the sink. His body slumped at the floor. He felt boneless. He closed his eyes. The world swirled so quickly around him. The vertigo attacked him. He didn’t dare to open his eyes because once he did it the nausea attacked him once again. So he closed it tightly and didn’t want to open it.

Nobody talked after Shin got him back to the bed. They took care of him silently, worried drawn all over their face.

“I’m fine, guys. Don’t worry. Just need more sleeps.” He mumbled weakly.

No one answered him. They knew the youngest was not fine at all but they didn’t want to argue him. They bid him good night and have a nice dream before they left him alone in the room.

Silently Shin took the bottle from the fridge and drank almost half of it, as he wanted to gulp the lump in his throat. Ryu sat by the sofa and stayed silent.

“We need to get him to the doctor. He is sure need one.”

“We stayed beside him better than any doctor in the world.” Ryu hissed. His eyes looked sharp. The anger he’s been bottled up since they brought Yamato back to his apartment started to overflow.

Shin looked at him with no word. He himself couldn’t stop thinking since they saw bruises all over Yamato’s body when they changed his clothes a while ago. Something was mingling in his mind over and over and he couldn’t let it go. What, how, why, who. All of the questions formed in his head and he couldn’t find the answer. It gave him a severe headache since few times ago and he would have thrown his tantrums if the youngest wasn’t there and he would definitely give him more suffering.

“You do realize that those bruises didn’t come from any fight, don’t you? He was … “

“Don’t!” Shin cut him before he finished his words. He really didn’t want to hear anything right now. Without Ryu telling him, he had already knew what had happened to Yamato. He was just not ready to hear it.

Not now. Let it be only in my mind. I don’t want to hear it.

Ryu stared at him intently. “No doctor will able to cure him at this kind of state.”

Shin sat beside him. “I know. I just don’t know what to do. I never …“ He stopped. More like didn’t know how to express his mind. “Why him? Where did he do wrong? He didn’t even deserve this.”

They were silenced again. No one intended to speak again. The silence was stifling but no one had tried to move away from that couch. They just sat there and tried to drown out their anger. They still remembered clearly when they accidentally found him curled up in the park, didn’t move, and only could moan weakly in pain as they tried to take him home.

"I ..., what if we didn’t pass that park and didn’t find him? How would he come home if no one realized that he had been hurt? That badly?" Ryu closed his eyes as he imagined the possibilities that occur to answer his own question.

Shin didn’t make any sound. His feeling hurt enough since he realized what had happened to Yamato. He tried hard to control his anger until his head was throbbing loudly. He even could hear the thumps. He closed his eyes as he clutched his fist which hidden in his jacket pocket. He didn’t have any intention to not answer the younger’s question. He just knew that Ryu had already had the answer. So he didn’t need to answer him. He also knew that if Ryu didn’t voice out those questions he would go berserk. And from his own experience, Ryu raging was the last thing he wanted to meet in his life. He knew too that the younger himself didn’t like to rage. That was why he would always begin to talk a lot when he’s upset and angry. It was only him and the cousins who knew this stuff. He didn’t want Ryu raging at the moment so he let him talk away while he was trying to drown out his anger with breathed deeply repeatedly.

“It’s only few days before graduation. Why now?” Ryu rubbed his face with his hands. He sighed and leaned against the back of the sofa. “Everything should move smoothly before graduation, right?”

Yes. Everything should move smoothly before graduation. It’s just few days before his graduation. There shouldn’t be anything bad happened to him before that day. He should graduate properly. He deserves it. He tried his best to always stay calm. He tried hard to avoid any fight. He even starts to rebuild his life. He had decided his future. He deserves a proper graduation.

But Shin didn’t voice out his mind. “I wish this won’t go worse.” He said it slowly finally.

Ryu turned over and stared at the older. “Should we find the one who did it?”

Shin sighed heavily and leaned to the sofa. “Let’s just watch him closely from now on. And hope that this is only unintentional incident. It is better that we assume that he was just at the wrong place, the wrong time, and met with the wrong people.”

Ryu didn’t agree at all with the older but he didn’t try to argue. He saw clearly that Shin tried hard to suppress his anger. But he did agree with him that this accident would never go worse. Yamato didn’t deserve to experience this incident. Nobody deserved to experience this kind of incident.

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