Secret Untold

A little light

Slowly Ryu reached for the doorknob and opened it just to find Yamato was ready to go.

“Where are you going?”

Yamato looked up and found Ryu was looking at him with surprise. He smiled slightly and nodded. "School, of course." He took the bag from the table beside the bed. "Thanks for taking care. I'm fine now. Thank you." He immediately passed Ryu and went outside.

“You won’t go anywhere with those wounds.”

Yamato turned around and found Shin was staring at him with a sharp look from the sofa. He stood up and grabbed Yamato’s arm to lead him back to the room but Yamato refused it by releasing his grip.

“Hi, Shin. Long time no see. What are you doing here? When were you back?”

Shin looked at him in silence. He could clearly see that Yamato was trying hard to hide the pain due to his grip so he did not dare to touch him again. "Couple days ago. Come on, get back to your room and take a rest. You really need it.”

Yamato smiled slightly. “I’m totally fine. Don’t worry guys. This isn’t the first time. See you.”

He turned quickly to avoid further questions but Ryu had already grabbed his arm and turned to face him. “What do you mean by this isn’t the first time, huh? Since when did this happen? Who did it?”

Hissed silently, Yamato pulled over his arm from the grab. “Nothing, really. I’m fine. See you.”

Yamato moved out quickly from Ryu’s apartment and he almost ran down the stairs to get to the bottom floor. His mind stopped working. He even forgot that using elevator would make him faster to get to the first floor. He just wanted to get out of the there, worried if he stayed any longer the two oldest would interrogate him further. He was just not ready to tell anybody else about what he had been through.

While both those who remained in the room just looked at each other speechless. Ryu was staring at Shin with worry drawn all over his face while the older tried hard to not running out to go after Yamato and forced him to tell them honestly. His jaw hardened when he gritted his teeth. His hands gripped tightly until white knuckles appeared. Their hope that the incident was just accidentally happened vaporized instantly. They didn’t see this coming.

Yamato didn’t know on which floor he stopped for a while. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply to hold the pain which spread all over his body because of running. Then very slowly he moved down the stairs again, until he could get out of the building.

And once again, the cold air welcomed him back when he set his feet on the road to the school. He inhaled deeply, as if looking for the strength to face the next hurricane. The wind blew on his face gently as he reached the school gate. For a moment he hesitated to go in, but then he stepped in to the school because he didn’t find any good reason to turn around and leave.

“Where did you get that bruise?” Ren pointed at his left wrist which little unfolded. There was a blue bruise and contusions which clearly visible that he tried to hide it immediately into his pants pocket.

Yamato shrugged and stretched out his legs over the table. “I slipped at the stair and somebody gripped me before I fell.”

You lied. It is impossible somebody gripped your wrist to save you from falling. It should be in your arm, not in your wrist, and not with all of those contusions. Ren narrowed his eyes, didn’t believe of what Yamato told him. “You don’t lie?”

Yamato turned to him. “What for?” asked him confusedly.

“Who helped you? He must be very strong to pull you and left those bruises.”

For a while Yamato didn’t talk, he looked like trying hard to remember. “They were.”

“Not just one people?”

“It was the overpass down town in the evening. It full of people went home after their work. Of course there are a lot of people. Where do you think I was?”

Ren pouted slightly at his answer.

“We couldn’t reach you at all yesterday. What happened to your phone?” Ichimura, who searched a little sign of him lying since the beginning of the conversation at last interrupted them.

“Ah, it’s the battery. I’ve just realized it when I was in home already. It’s empty.”

Ren and Ichimura stared at him silently. They couldn’t find any sign of him lying but their heart told them that Yamato did it. He was sure looked like nothing happened, acted like himself as usual, but something wasn’t right, they just didn’t know where went wrong.

Yamato looked at them curiously. “Why do I feel like you are interrogating me right now? I didn’t do anything wrong, okay. Don’t worry. I didn’t fight yesterday.”

“It’s nothing.” Ren said casually and went back to his chair.

Yamato didn’t try to ask anything further since Yankumi came and started the lesson right away. Actually he felt saved with her arriving. He wouldn’t able to hold himself much longer from the interrogation. He would spill it right away if they insist. Or at least gave them signs that he lied. Silently he thanked his teacher for coming at the right time.

And the class ended just exactly the same as last days with Yankumi closed it right after the bell rang and hurriedly got out of the classroom.

“I guess we should find the other and tell them what she tried to do.” Ichimura said it calmly.

Yamato nodded slightly many times.

“You knew?”

Yamato sighed. “I saw her many times in many places down town, begging to the owner of many stores and companies.”

“So you saw her too.” Ren pouted his mouth and nodded his head many times. In his heart he felt guilty because he was the one who caused his teacher did all that. “Let’s get going.”

The other two nodded in agreement and left the classroom.

Yamato slowly closed the door and turned around to find his mother greeted him with a gentle smile from the doorway to the kitchen.

"Welcome home?" She said with a grin. "Wait on the table, ok? Dinner’s coming soon."

Yamato smiled and nodded. All the pain in his body disappeared instantly to see her genuine smile, the smile which rarely could be found on her face these days. He headed to the table and began to lay out the cutlery for them both.

Later on they sank into a quiet yet comfortable dinner. But Yamato could smell something fishy in his mother’s attitude. He looked at her a few times. He just could felt that she had something to say to him but she tried to suppress it.

“Mom, do you want to say something?”

Yoshiko stopped eating and looked at his son. “Yes, but let’s finish this first, ok?”

Yamato nodded in agreement. His heart wondered. What now? I hope it’s not something bad. If I see her smile, it will be something good. What is it?

“Yamato, I will not tell you anythingif you don’t finish your meal.”

Yamato snapped from his trance. He saw himself just staring at his mother and stopped eating. “Ah, okay.” He nodded slightly many times before focusing back to his meal. He tried hard to not think about anything while his mother watching him finishing his meal because he knew that he wouldn’t get anything if he didn’t obey her mother. And when he swallowed his last food and took his drink, his mother smiled at him.

“What is it?” Yamato couldn’t handle his curiosity any longer.

“Have you decided what are you going to do after graduation?”

“Hm, I did. I … will go to vocational school.”

“What major?”

Yamato sighed. He was dying of curiosity and his mother still tried to hide it from him. “Mom, please. This isn’t about me, right? Forget about me first. Tell me what you have in your mind?”

Defeated, Yoshiko sighed. “I … hope you don’t get mad.”

“On what?” Asked Yamato when his mother stopped talking and just staring at him. There was a doubt in her eyes. A little fear. It made him more curious. “Tell me. I won’t get mad.”

Again, Yoshike sighed. This time, heavily. “This morning, a friend of mine, a colleague, which happened to be my high school’s friend, he …”

Yamato lifted his eyebrows when his mother stopped talking, again. “What?”

“He … proposed me.”

Yamato stunned in his place. He didn’t see it coming. He couldn’t feel anything, neither happy nor sad. It was so sudden. But then he snapped. “What did you say to him? What was your answer?”

Yoshiko stared at him and smiled. “I didn’t say anything.”

“What? Why? You should answer him properly, shouldn’t you? It’s a proposal.”

“I have to ask you first, right?”

Yamato looked at his mother and then chuckled. “Why do you have to ask me first? It’s your life. You deserve to be happy.”

Yoshiko smiled again. “But you’re my son. I want you to be happy too.”

You’re my son. I want you to be happy too.

Those words rang many times in his ears made him stunned for a while. Somehow those words calmed him, melted him. He didn’t need anything else. This was enough for him. The love of his mother. It was like the best medicine for his pain. That’s it. He really didn’t need anything else. The hell with everything he went through lately. He got the love from his mother. That’s enough for him.

“Mom, I grew up. You don’t have to ask me for everything you want to do. It’s your life. If you’re happy, then I will too.”

Yoshiko smiled gently at him.

You really grew up. I still remember your cry when Yuichi teased many years ago. Now you become a wise young man who always tries to make me happy.

“What should I say to him then?”

Yamato chuckled. “What?”

“Come on, tell me.”

“Do you love him?”

She’s blushing. “He’s very kind to me. He always helps me with my duty. He always tries to be there every time I need. But I don’t know whether I love him or not.”

Yamato smiled. This is the first time he saw his mother blushing hard. She looked like a high school student who fell in love for the first time. “You do love him.” He said it calmly.

“I do?”

“Yes, you do. Tell him.”

“Should I?”

Yamato smiled again, almost laughed. It was so fun looking at his mother like that. “Say yes to him.”

“Are you sure?”

Yamato nodded many times, made her sure that he answered it from his bottom of his heart. “Tell him. Before he changes his mind.”

Yoshiko smiled widely at his son. Happiness spread over his heart.

I hope this will last forever. This happiness.

Few times later in his room, Yamato sat still on the bed. It was dark. No light.

It will be over soon. Please, give me strength until she reached her happiness. Please.

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