Secret Untold

Graduation party

“For our graduation, cheers!” Kuraki said it loudly by holding a glass of iced tea on his hand.

Everybody smiled widely and stood up, following him, holding their glasses and toasted them together.

“Congratulation!” Kuma and Ami smiled at them happily.

“I never think that we could graduate, you know?” Honjo sat back to his chair and drank all of his iced tea at one time.

“Me too, me too!” Kuraki agreed him with raised his hand. “I thought I would drop out before graduation.”

“Ha ha ha … don’t underestimate yourselves, guys. That’s not good.” Kuma interrupted him.

“No. I never underestimate myself. I just wonder. We could graduate properly if we tried, couldn’t we?”

Everybody nodded in agree with him. No one ever guess that they could graduate properly. Delinquent with no brain who always loitering around the city without any destination every day. Who would expect them to graduate? No one. And now, they could. That’s the best thing ever happened in their life.

“I’m glad Yankumi came at the right time. I couldn’t imagine what would happen to us if she never came to our school.” Kamiya said it while looking at all of his friends.

Everybody agreed him silently.

“Probably Yamato and Ren will fight to celebrate the graduation. And of course us too. To make sure who is the strongest person in Akadou for the last time.”

Everybody looked at Honjo without blinking, made him smiles sheepishly. He tried hard to remember what he said, but he found nothing wrong with it. He was just voiced out what he had in his mind and for him that was the only thing that would happen if they were themselves before Yankumi came to their school. They would fight for their pride as the strongest person in their school. There’s nothing else.

Then suddenly everybody burst out into laughter together.

“You’re right. Definitely right. We will only think about who is the strongest. We will totally forget that we’re just graduated.” Kamiya gave him a thumb up, made Honjo smiled widely, proud of himself.

“If we could graduate, guys. Looking back at us few times ago, I’m not sure if we could even stay at school until graduation. Probably they had already kicked us out of the school before we even manage to follow the final examination.” Ren said casually which received another nod from others.

“By the way, Honjo, this is the first time you said something right and very reasonable.”

“Shut up! Of course I can say something good. I have my brain. You underestimate me!”

Again, they burst out into laughter.

"I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused." Yamato suddenly bowed respectfully to the five people in front of him. “For all the bad days you’ve been through, for all the unpleasant experiences, from the bottom of my heart I’m asking for your apologize.”

Not only them. Kuma and Ami which stood near them at the time could only look at each other confusedly. There was something wrong with his attitude today. He was too silent since they came in to the café. He was just smiled without words coming out from his mouth. As if he wasn’t really interested in everything around him. He looked drowning into his own world and didn’t want to come out.

"Yamato, you're scaring me. The way you talk, it is as if you are going to ... die." Honjo looked at him, trying to figure out what happened to the other four, which only received the same silent question and a really hard whack from Kamiya.

Yamato just smiled. "After this we will pursue our path alone, right? That's why I want us to part in good terms."

Ren suddenly hit his head hard. "Don’t be stupid! Who's to say we'd split up, huh? We keep going like this even until none of us could remember our own name!"

"Yamato, we will still live in the same city, ok. So don’t creep us out, please?” Kamiya tapped his shoulder gently.

Yamato smiled sheepishly and nodded. “I’m sorry. It’s just …, everything will be different from now on. So, I guess we will need a lot of courage to start everything on our own. Alone. All by ourselves.”

“What are you going to say? I really don’t understand what you’re talking about.” Kuraki stared at him confusedly.

Again, Yamato just smiled sheepishly. “Forget it. Basically I just want to say good luck to all of you. For your new life and your new future. And I hope all of you, could fulfill your happiness, in every way you wanted.”

What exactly are you going to say, Yamato? Just say it straightly. To say such a long and beautiful farewell like that. This is so not you. Ichimura’s just staring at him silently. He wasn’t interested to talk something. He was too curious with Yamato’s attitude until he didn’t realize that Kamiya was always stole glances on him.

“Yamato, do you want to go somewhere? And will not coming back?” Ichimura finally asked him.

Everybody turned to him now. They saw the very curious Ichimura, which rarely happen, staring intently at Yamato who only smiled at him.

“No. I don’t have any plan to go somewhere. Do you find it strange if I say those things?”

Everybody nodded together. Even Kuma and Ami followed them unknowingly.

“It’s so not you, Yamato. Honjo’s right. Ichi’s right, too. You sound you will go somewhere and not coming back when you say those words. Or rather, die? I’m not sure. But me myself, I feel that you won’t see us ever again. It sounds that you will go away and will never coming back.” Ren stared at him now, silently demanded him to explain what he meant by his words. Is it really a farewell speech? Is he going to go somewhere? Where? The questions popped out of his mind one after another.

Yamato smiled widely. “Come on, guys. If Honjo could guess what would happen to us right after graduation as ourselves before Yankumi came, can’t I say something good like that?”

“Of course you can. But … it sounds … weird.”

“Hm. It is you who say it. The words themselves sound weird to me, and when I heard it came out of you, it becomes weirder. As he said,” Kuraki pointed at Ren, “it is so not you.”

Yamato chuckled. “Don’t look at me like that, please. I just want to say it, ok. Thank you anyway, for these last days. I am the happiest person in the world for having you beside me. Thank you very much.” He bowed again in front of them. “I couldn’t say anything more than this.”

“Yamato, you really creep us out.”

Everybody agreed with Ren’s words. They looked at Yamato with no words.

“Ha ha ha, come on, guys. Don’t look at me like that. It’s nothing, you know.” Yamato laughed out loudly until tears came out of his eyes.

But nobody laughed with him. They just stared at him silently. The boys exchanged confused look each other. They could see clearly the hidden cries which he tried hard to cover with his laugh but they didn’t have heart to tell him that they could read him clearly. He was hiding something and some of them were at their peak to know what it is. They silently agreed to find out about it secretly.

“Alright, alright!” Kuma clapped his hand. “Eat anything you want. It’s my treat, for your graduation.”

“Heehhhh?” Everybody looked at him in disbelief.

“Are you sure?” Ren bulged his eyes.

“Yes. Don’t hold yourself.” Ami smiled at them contently.

And soon all of them forgot about what they had just thought. They ate like there was no burden in their heart at all. Everybody’s drowning into their infinity happiness and forgetting all of their curiosity.

Later on the way home, Yamato walked silently along the crowded street. He enjoyed every step, every second, like he would never walk onto those places anymore. He stopped under the red light, waiting for it to become green. He smiled slightly at chattering around him not realizing somebody stepped beside him and grabbed his hand.

“It’s time to celebrate your graduation.”

Yamato turned and stunned. Not now, please. I have to go home early. Not now. Please. Somebody save me.

But Fate didn’t agree with him. He turned around but didn’t see any one he knew. The man dragged him to cross the street and he didn’t have the will to fight. He lost it. He fought many times but never succeeded. So he just followed him obediently.

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