Keep Me Sane (Shizaya Fanfic)


(Izaya's POV)

I skip along and hum a tone as people start to fled from terror. Their shouts of agony rings in my ear.

How wonderful!

(Shizuo's POV)

I get a text from Mr. K. at 1 in the morning.

Mr. K: There's been a fire.

I slip on my pants and I don't even bother to button up my shirt all the way. I start running. Running to save Izaya.

I see the asylum in the distance. It was glowing in orange. I open the entrance and see Mr. K. pacing around. It was complete chaos in the inside. Patients struggled to get out of the building and workers who stayed late at night were trying to put out the fire, but had no luck. I quickly run up to him and he notices me.

"What happened?" I asked, it was hard to talk over the screams and shouts.

"Fucking Izaya... I-I mean, Orihara-san is on another breakdown!" Mr. K. tries to cover up what he accidently said.

Although I already knew what was happening, I still had to ask someone because it'd look suspicious if I came in here without questioning a few things. Right now, I have some choices.

"Did you call the firefighters?" I ask.

"Yeah, it'll take a while." Mr. K. points at a worker talking on the phone.

I know that this building is pretty old. There was about 1 or 2 sprinklers installed on each floor, but it won't be enough to stop the fire. I need to do something.

"Mr. K. can you find Izaya?" I look at him.

He nods, not sure of what I had in plan.

Mr. K. takes off, ok, this will buy Izaya some time to do what he was holding back on all along. I start taking charge of what was happening.

"Make sure that everyone from every room gets out, and you!" I point at a worker, "Take a head count for each person!"

The worker nods and starts leading people out. Other workers look at each other and start doing the same. I bust open each exit and help out the disabled patients. Everyone got out of the burning building and they huddled up at the parking lot. I take a quick look at them, they had minor burns, but nothing fatal. Once I'm convinced that everything will be alright out here, I start to make my way back in.

"Heiwajima-san!" A male worker calls out to me, "What are you doing?"

"I have to go back for something, don't worry about me!" I yell back.

"Gosh, you look so heroic!" He shakes his head.

"Trust me, I'm not heroic..."

The worker cups his hand on his ear, gesturing that he couldn't hear me.

"Don't worry about it!" I run inside the building.

I look around, actually, I don't need to. I already know where they are. I go up to the rooftop, the one place that hasn't been plagued with fire. I open the door and I see Izaya and Mr. K.

Mr. K. is still... What the-? I thought I would've missed it by now.

"Izaya!" I shouted.

He looks at me and begins to laugh, "Shizu-chan you should look at yourself!"

I look down, the ends of my shirt was burnt off, my face was smeared in ashes and I was soaked in water.

"Look, look, Shizu-chan!" Izaya points at his head, "I have my memories back!"

This was definitely Izaya. The same playful tone in his voice and the same hollow smile plastered on his face. The only thing different is that his eyes were filled with a bottomless pit of darkness.

"H-Heiwajima-san you have to help me!" Mr. K. cries out in fear.

"What?" I questioned him.

"It's Orihara-san!" Mr. K. goes on his knees, tear streaming down his face.

"Oh drop the act!" Izaya growls at him, "Now that I have my memories back, I know exactly why I lost my them."

"Stop it Orihara-san!-" Mr. K. begs Izaya.

"Get up!" Izaya orders him.

Mr. K. shot up.

"Walk with me," Izaya started to walk on the ledge and Mr. K. followed him.

"This is dangerous..." Mr. K. looks to his left.

"You see," Izaya sharply turns around and faces Mr. K. "Why did I lose my memories? Oh yeah! I remember!"

Mr. K. flinches, shaking from head to toe.

"You..." Izaya points at Mr. K. "You pushed me."

"I-I didn't!" Mr. K. says defensively.

"Yes you did, remember, the stairs on the top floor, you pushed me there!" Izaya explains it to him in the clearest terms, "Now... What. Should. I. Do?" Izaya goes closer to Mr. K.

"T-This is d-dangerous! We're on the ledge right now. This is the roof!" Mr. K. tries to make an excuse.

"How about if I..." Izaya pretends to gasp and points at the ground that was roughly 50 feet below us.

"W-Wait! Izaya-san you can't be doing this! I-I might d-die!" Mr. K. stutters in horror.

Izaya stays quiet for a second and then looks at Mr. K. in the eyes. Izaya slowly walks to him and Mr. K. tries to back away, only to be stopped at the corner.

With every step, Izaya's grin was getting wider and wider until they were face to face.

Izaya puts his hand on Mr. K's chest. "Then die."

He pushes Mr. K. off the building. I could hear Mr. K. screaming to his death. Izaya doesn't even bother to watch Mr. K. fall to the ground. Izaya walks over to me, without a hint of emotions. I hear the splat of Mr. K's body and I couldn't help but wince at the sound.

(Izaya's POV)

I look at my hands, they were stained with blood, Mr. K's blood to be precise. I finally did it. I ended his life. And his blood will forever be on me. But why should I care? I felt no guilt, I felt nothing towards him. Not even hatred. Why? Because he's nothing to me. Nothing!


But when I look at Shizu-chan, why do I feel like crying? I want to cry! Did I miss him that much? Sure I was in my whole body all along, but it was like another mind was controlling it. It's scary! I'm scared! I want to be held by Shizu-chan, to feel his warmth all over again. I was cold.

No matter how hard I tried to be human, I always turn back into a monster. But with Shizu-chan by my side, then I won't mind being a monster. If he accepts me then I'll be ok.

A tear rolls down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away.

"Izaya are you ok?" Shizu-chan tilts his head.

I don't know what it's like to be ok anymore.

(Shizuo's POV)

"Yeah I'm fine," Izaya held out his hand, "Let's go, Shizu-chan!" Izaya gives me a full, but at the same time, an empty smile.

This should've been the happy ending.

But it's not over yet.

It'll only be over when one of us... dies.

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