Keep Me Sane (Shizaya Fanfic)


Hmmm so it's Izaya, that's the name I can call him, but what the fuck is Shizu-chan?! I guess it can't be helped, I need to get friendly with my patient, even if means having an irritating nickname.

I was walking back home to my rundown apartment. But before I went there I was thinking that I should buy Izaya something for tomorrow. I stopped by the cake store and picked out one of my favorites, strawberry cheesecake, I just hope Izaya likes this one too.

I walk to the asylum at 6 o'clock in the morning, it's a further location in the outskirts of Ikebukuro, the asylum needed to be isolated from the rest. It took at least 2 hours if I just walk, if I sprinted, it'd take me about 30 minutes and if I jogged, it'd take me close to 1 hour. But this was just an estimate considering my speed, I wasn't really good at math back at high school, nor did I have any friends.

I went through the back door because Mr. K told me it was where employees enter now. I went inside and went to my locker. Inside it, Mr. K neatly placed my new uniform in a paper bag. I quickly undress and wore the scrubs. I threw my clothes inside the locker, without folding it, and got the bag that contained the cheesecake.

I went to Izaya's room and quietly knocked on the door. Izaya opens it slowly and once he noticed it was me he slammed the door open.

"Shizu-chan!" He jumped at me and hugged me.

"O-Oi! Get inside, we're attracting an audience," I look around at the people who was staring in surprise.

Izaya follows my orders and I walk behind him, closing the door shut.

"So Shizu-chan, why are you back?" He put his hands on his hips and smiled.

"I now work here, don't you remember what happened yesterday... stupid," I flicked his forehead.

"That hurts!" He made a kissy face and rubbed his forehead.

"Anyways, I brought you strawberry cheesecake," I handed Izaya the bag,

He takes the bag and takes a peek inside, he looked up at me with his eyes shining, He had drool coming from the side of his mouth and he gave me a thumbs up in approval.

"Thanks Shizu-chan, I love you~!" Izaya jumps on my back and I quickly hold onto him, making sure he wouldn't fall.

"Don't say stuff like love to someone you met just a day ago," I scolded him.

"I want to eat outside!" He declares, ignoring what I just said.

"Are you sure you're allowed to go outside?"

"Of course! I'm just forbidden to interact with my fellow patients."

"Some strict rules you have there."

"Hmmm, doesn't affect me at all though."

I finally agree and I carefully let him down from my back.

"Wait- No!," Izaya stutters, I paused midway, "Carry me!"

I sigh and I hold him on my back again. I opened the door and we went to the courtyard, other workers and patients were there, some looked at us confusingly, but then went back to what they were doing. Izaya points me over to a bench beside a tree. The bench was worn out, the paint was chipped away and I'm not sure if it was stable enough to hold the both of us. I looked around, the other benches were well taken care of.

"Are you sure you want to sit on this bench?"

"Yea, this is my bench, I'm only allowed to sit on this bench," he smiles sadly at me.

I sit down, but Izaya remained standing, he hopped to the tree and carved something on the trunk.

"What're you doing," I walked up to him.

I examined what he was doing and he carved " I + S = 3 " with his fingernails.

"Who's the 'I'?" I asked.


"Then who's the 'S'?"


"Oi!" I pinched his cheeks and led him to the bench.

"It's just a simple carving," he complained.

"Yeah right."

Izaya opens the bag and takes out the cheesecake, he unwraps the film and starts eating it. I suddenly remembered that we didn't have breakfast yet. I facepalmed my forehead at my rapid failure as a supervisor. What kind of caretaker gives their patient dessert before breakfast? Just then, my stomach starts growling.

Izaya chuckles, "Are you hungry?"

"No," I lied.

Izaya scoops a piece of cheesecake with his spoon and leaned towards me, making airplane sounds.

"The fuck?" I disgustingly mumbled.

"I'm feeding you~" he said in a singsong voice.

I open my mouth, but he turns the spoon around and puts the cheesecake in his mouth instead.

"You damn flea!" I pulled him into a loose headlock.

Izaya chortled lightheartedly.

"Izaya," Mr. K calls out, "You have visitor."

Someone steps outside and waves at Izaya. He had shoulder length brown hair, glasses and a lab coat. I turn over at Izaya who just stares at him. Seconds passed and Izaya dashes at the four-eyes.

"Shinra! Shinra! Shinra!" Izaya repeatedly said the guy's name in amusement.

It looked like Izaya was going to give him a hug, but he unexpectedly kicks the guy at the side of his ribcage. I stand up and run over to restrain Izaya from injuring the guy any further.

"It's- ok," the guy assures me while holding his side, gasping for air a couple of times.

He straightens up and pats Izaya on the head. It looks like Izaya and the guy were comfortable with this routine because Izaya gives him a peace sign. There was a strange feeling lingering inside of me when the guy touched Izaya, I felt kind of annoyed.

"You know I can't cook so I brought you a substitute for breakfast," the guy hands him a basket full of fruits.

Izaya happily takes it from him and pranced back on the bench.

"You must be the new caretaker for Izaya, I'm Shinra," he held out his hand.

I take his hand a shake it, "I'm Shizu-chan- I mean Shizuo."

"Thanks for going through the trouble of taking care of him, believe me, I would be his caretaker but I'm an underground doctor, so if you run into any trouble just call me!" He winks.

So he's the guy who put Izaya in this asylum.

"Shinra you jerk! Stop hogging Shizu-chan! Bastard! Nerd! Four-eyes!" Izaya yells out loud.

Shinra gives me a little push, motioning me to go back to Izaya.

"Any last insults before I leave?" Shinra suggested.

Before I could sit down on the bench, Izaya opened his mouth to say something.

"Fuck you!" Izaya grins with pleasure at Shinra while giving him the middle finger.

I sigh and Shinra waves back at Izaya hesitantly. I tell Izaya that we should head inside again and he agrees. Izaya gleefully skips the hall, but before we could reach his room, Izaya's legs wobbled and he fell on the ground.

"Izaya! Are you ok?!" I panicked.

I knelt beside him and let his head lie on my chest.

"Just a little anemia," Izaya weakly smiles.

Liar, you've turned pale in less than a second.

"H-He's going through it a-again," Mr. K points out in fright.

"Going through what?" I asked curiously.

"The breakdown..."

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