Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)


(Izaya's POV)

What's your next move?

"Sorry Izaya..." Shizu-chan whispers in my ear.

"Eh?" I ask.

"I'm about to faint," he explains.

"From what?" I questioned curiously.

"My heart is beating too fast," he continues on, "I'm at my limit-"

He faints and rested his head on my head. I was still buried against his chest, I was suffocating. I push him down but now my hands were stuck from his back, I couldn't move! I guess there was no other choice but to sleep on top of him. Gosh! This is so embarrassing, this is only what couples do! It isn't meant for Shizu-chan and I!

Sniff, hmm is this Shizu-chan's scent? Anyways where am I? I couldn't open my eyes quite yet, they still felt like lead. A few minutes have passed and I felt a bit more refreshed. I was able to open my eyes no so I slowly opened one eye then the other eye. I noticed that I was on top of Shizu-chan. My heart was beating so loud that I was pretty sure that I would be able to wake him up like this. I was able to slip out of the bed quietly and get out of the room.

I go to the kitchen to munch on some snacks and sat on the floor for a while. I thought back to last night and feel a trace of heat entering my face. What got into me last night? I lead Shizu-chan on, but he frickin faints on me on the last minute. I guess that's what I get, I'm pretty sure we don't even have the same mutual feelings for one another.


I jump at surprise, but I quickly reply back, "W-What is it?"

"You haven't even had breakfast yet, why are you eating snacks?" He said all nonchalantly.

I was ticked off at how he doesn't even talk about what happened last night. Maybe it was better this way, but it doesn't hurt to try and clear up the mishap.

"Hmpf..." I turn away, "I can eat whatever I want."

"You sound like a little kid," he kneels down beside me.

I immaturely stuck out my tongue.

"Anyways, you're gonna get fat," he lifts up my shirt to reveal my abdomen area.

"Ah- Hey!" I embarrassingly tug down my shirt.

He silently chuckles.

"Geez... You faint on me last night and this is what I get," I whined.

"Alright then," he stands up and pulls me up with him, "I'll make a hotpot to make it up."

"Really! A hotpot?!" I jumped up and down with joy.

"But we'll need to get some ingredients at the grocery store first," Shizu-chan points out.

(Shizou's POV)

We finished up buying the ingredients and we were now walking home. At first, Izaya was excited about this, but halfway through our grocery shopping, he kept looking at his phone impatiently. He sharply stops and I kept walking, but I realized he wasn't walking beside me anymore. I turn around, wondering what was going on.

"Is anything bothering you?" I walk back to him.

Izaya's face turned pale and mumbled, "I forgot to tell you something Shizu-chan."

"Hm?" I tilted my head, "What is-"

"Ah! Iza-chin~!" A happy-go-lucky guy from across the street called out.

It didn't even passed a second and I knew instantly that hated the guy from across the street.

"We'll need to take care of my 'acquaintance,' is that okay?" He said in a disgusted voice.

"No worries," I ruffled Izaya's hair and his face turns red.

"Oi!" The hyperactive kid yelled out.

Before I could look up, I see the guy trying to pull a round-house kick on me. I blocked it just in time and I threw a punch at him, but he too, dodged it.

"Don't touch Iza-chin! And I also have some super agility powers!" He pointed out, "So don't even think about trying to land a hit on me! Oh, but I'm no match for Iza-chin!"

"Shut up," Izaya elbows the kid in the gut, "And don't call me that anymore. So annoying..."

Izaya chastises him and turns back at me.

"This is Mikoto, Miko-tan for short," Izaya grumbled.

"Only Iza-chin is allowed to call me Miko-tan! But you can call me Your Highness!" Mikoto clarifies.

"Didn't I say shut up a while ago," Izaya pinches Mikoto's cheeks, "Go get your luggage that you dropped in the middle of the sidewalk."

"Yes master!" He saluted and happily marched back to pick up his belongings.

"So Shizu-chan!" Izaya interlocks his arm around mine with a smile on his face and starts walking to the direction of our house, "I wanted to try this crêpe down the street, but I guess we won't have any time this week..."

I was kind of surprised at first, it was like Izaya turned into a whole new person. His personality just... changed. He looked annoyed at Mikoto, but he suddenly looks like he's having the time of his life when he talked with me. Huh, I guess I don't really need to worry about Mikoto being a rival or anything.

(Mikoto's POV)

Iza-chin and I met each other when we were little, he was age 6 and I was age 5. I adored him, he was everything I wanted to be. At a young age, he was incredibly intellect and had a keen sense of agility.

Before I looked up to him, I was practicing martial arts so I thought of Iza-chin as a threat. So I challenged him. When we we're sparring, all he did was block and dodge every one of my moves, but he didn't fight back, yet I was defeated, mentally though. I asked him the reason why he didn't fight and I remember him saying.

"I love humans, but that doesn't mean you directly, and I couldn't possibly hurt them physically so I'll do my best to mess them up mentally."

It was a response that left me stunned, but then I looked at him in a more adoring perspective and I wanted to stay by his side forever. That's why I started calling him Iza-chin and he also gave me a nickname too, Miko-tan.

Years later he move to another city because he was soon entering high school. He said he'd keep in touch with me and for the first few weeks, we've talked nonstop on phone or online.

But then he stopped doing that and I've lost contact with him. More years later, I'm here where I am today, but not exactly. There was Iza-chin walking in front of me, but there was someone else beside him. I believe his name was Heiwajima Shizou, he was blocking my view of Iza-chin.

I love Iza-chin, I really do. It was the romantic kind of love I was experiencing. But now, there was another guy standing beside him, and that guy isn't me. I wanted to tell Iza-chin my feelings right away when I came here. Yet after many years of wait, there was another fucking obstacle in the way.

Now, how do I get rid of him? Just like all the rest...

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