Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)

Dead Meat

(Mikoto's POV)

I glare at the back of Shizuo. He's there, talking and laughing with Iza-chin. I don't know exactly where we were going to go, but I already have a bad feeling about this. Maybe it's was just my gut, but I've been told to follow what my gut was feeling. Iza-chin told me that by the way, he's my superior, my chief in command, and my beloved.

We walked inside a modern looking complex. Was this Iza-chin's home? Yet why was the third-wheel still here, I give Shizuo another sharp glare, but he barely noticed what I was doing.

Shizuo was now opening the door, why did he have a key to Iza-chin's house? Once the door swung all the way, I dashed inside, quickly kicking off my shoes.

"Hey! Where are your manners?!" Iza-chin irritatingly asked.

I didn't have time to answer, I didn't want to anyways. I ran into the living room and I see a set of spiral staircases that led to another floor. I go upstairs and look right and left, there were a set of two rooms on each side. I turn one way and slowly opened the nearest door on my left. It was completely empty, but not one single speck of dust laid around on the floor, the same goes for the other room on the far left. I walk back to the staircase and pause to take a look at the doors on the right. Only one door will be full and only one door will be empty. I kept repeating those word in my head as I reached out to open the nearest door on the right. My hand was shaking.

I slowly peeked inside, it was messy, terribly messy. I knew instantly that this was Iza-chin's room, Iza-chin is unorganized when it came to cleaning. I close the door and walk to the end of the hall to open the last door on the right. I quickly slammed it open and I saw something that wasn't supposed to be there, it wasn't empty. Inside contained a plain bedroom, everything was neatly put in place. It was the opposite of Iza-chin's room, then that only means one thing. Wait, was this Shizuo's room?

"Oi!" I turned around and see Iza-chin stomping closer to me and Shizuo trailing behind.

Ignoring Iza-chin, I ask the both of them something I regret asking, "Do you guys live together?"

Iza-chin stops his tracks and turns bright red. A feeling of suspicion grew inside of me.

Shizuo was the one to answer, "Uh, yeah. It's almost been a year now, right?

"Yeah, I guess so," Iza-chin turns to face Shizuo," You found me around late September or something like that?"

Shizuo nods in agreement.

"So you guys only met each other this year?" I sigh in relief.

"Not exactly, we've been stuck with each other since high school," Iza-chin clears up the explanation.

High school? That was the time period when Iza-chin stopped talking to me? So it's all this bastard's fault?! I suspiciously looked at Shizuo.

"So if it's almost been a year then did you guys spend each other's birthdays?" I give them another question.

"January 28th," Iza-chin says in unison as Shizuo says, "May 4th."

Their very respond showed me their answer. I was left devastated. I saw an illusion of Iza-chin disappearing in front of me, it left me quiet in despair. Shizuo interrupted my illusion.

"Anyways, take a room from the left," Shizuo instructed.

Iza-chin was inside my room as Shizuo was making dinner. Iza-chin helped me set up a futon and unpacked my belongings for my temporary stay.

"Don't mess up your chance," Iza-chin warns me.

"What do you mean?" I ask innocently.

"If you touch Shizu-chan with even a single finger, I'll kill you immediately," his eyes were full of bloodlust.

Then it hit me, he knew what I did to the others, all this time I've been trying to cover up the evidence, but he knew all these years. I was guilty as I could even be. I didn't look at Iza-chin in the eyes.

Once he got out of my room I pulled out my journal that contained my daily life, pictures of Iza-chin and of course, my plans on how to get rid of someone. There were already ten or so methods that I wrote down and used, all for the sake of my cute little lamb, Iza-chin. Yet Iza-chin knew what I've been doing all this time, it must've scarred him. I look at my hands in disgust, thinking twice on if I should do assassinate Shizuo or not. Just then, a flashback of fresh red blood were on my hands, I was holding the blood of another person, it was dripping, but I knew I was grinning from the other side.

I fully knew that I had another goal set in my mind, I wanted to murder him, but I wanted a whole new plan that was different from the rest, just for killing Shizuo. I never liked killing someone with a simple or dull method anyways. I needed- no I wanted to torture him in the worst way possible. A grin was forming on my lips, just the thought of Shizuo dead gave me hope. I start writing down things that I observed Shizuo doing today, everything needs to be perfect. And for that to happen, I'll need a lot of background information. What better way than asking the greatest information broker in Ikebukuro, Iza-chin! I made a note to myself saying that I'll ask him sometime around this week.

I scavenged my pocket and found something sharp. With the sharp object, I made a cut on my left wrist, this was my own way to represent something. My own personal symbol, it represented my goal, my objective and my intention was to kill Heiwajima Shizuo. I looked at left arm, so far there were already ten scars, eleven if you counted Shizuo's, but my mission isn't completed yet. The other ten were healed, but it wasn't actually perfectly healed, they were now just faint scars. I twist my arm sideways and I watched the freshly cut scar drip ruby red blood to my knees, it was such a soothing sight. Just in case, I put a hoodie over my t-shirt to hide my scars if one of them came in here.

I go over to my window and open it all the way, I took a deep breath, I kept a straight face, but then a grin was quickly plastered on my face. I laugh hysterically at an image I formed in my head, it was an image of a terrified Shizuo who was wrapped around in chains as I sharpened my knives. My laughter echoed through the silent night. I let my inner monster go out. My laugh then turned inaudible.

As I finally calmed down, Shizuo calls me down for dinner and I go downstairs and smell a pleasant scent.

"Did you make this?" I ask Shizuo in disbelief.

He nods with confident.

I look down at my meal, just thinking that Shizuo made this makes me want to gag. I unenthusiastically take a bite of his poisonous meal.

"What do you think?" Iza-chin asks happily.

It was good, this was something I couldn't imagine Shizuo making, but I'm positively sure that Iza-chin could cook better. It was a hotpot, why were they having a hotpot in the middle of August? The hotpot was full of meat, Iza-chin was a meat lover, something only I would know. Meat huh? I chuckle quietly to myself and looked at Shizuo with a rush of excitement.

Dead... Dead meat.

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