Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)


To be honest, I was pretty happy to see Miko-tan, but that happiness fled away right after I got a closer look at him. He had a rotten and eerily aura around him, he was like your typical killer. Way back when we were just kids, he was so pure and angelic, but as we grew older, his aura became darker and darker. But when I saw him trying to fight Shizu-chan back at the street all innocent-like, I knew something was wrong.

Whenever I introduced Miko-tan to a friend, especially a guy, he'd use those same moves, like that kick he tried to pull off of Shizu-chan. Anyways, the people I introduced to Miko-tan always winded up missing, murdered, or in the news.

It affected me a lot for the first time that it happened, I thought I could actually have a different person, other than Miko-tan to toy with. Of course, I felt like I could've been somewhat 'friends' with them because I was still capable of human emotions back then. Then I cared a little less on the second one that went missing.

I knew something was fishy, so when I introduced the third one to Miko-tan, I observed him more closely. After the third one disappeared, I knew who was the mastermind of all of this. I watched him kill the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th. Each one he killed, he always had the same amusing grin on his face.

I never once stopped him from killing them and of course I got used to the sight of my dead acquaintances, I didn't stand there in horror or anything. I was just fine seeing blood spill on ground by the cause of Miko-tan, my sanity didn't drop, but I'm pretty sure his did. Anyways, why would I stop Miko-tan from murdering them, the last 6 he killed didn't affect me at all, it was quite entertaining actually. Miko-tan was killing for me, I didn't like him in a special way or anything. It was just to mess around with my loveable humans, but that was for the Izaya at that time. In the present time, I don't know what to think of humans anymore. Maybe I'll go in depth in my thoughts about that topic some other time.

However, Shizu-chan was the first person that I warned Miko-tan to not lay a single finger on. I was okay with my so called 'acquaintances' dying, but if he tries anything on Shizu-chan, I'll break his legs myself. Shizu-chan is s-special, so he gets different treatment. I know he's strong and all, but I'm just taking a precaution, because there's a different emotion I feel towards Shizu-chan. But It's not l-love not anything!

A full night has passed and Miko-tan hasn't made a move on Shizu-chan... yet. I secretly put up monitors inside Miko-tan's and Shizu-chan's room while we were eating dinner last night. I'm not a stalker, just a... a security guard!

Right now, it was before dawn and I wake up before the two of them, I turn on my laptop and sat onto my makeshift bed. Actually, it was just the floor, I can't find my bed, again, but I couldn't sleep in Shizu-chan's room, especially since Miko-tan is here.

The monitor screen pops up and I check what was going on in Shizu-chan's room. My hands were trembling as I moved the mouse over, I was blushing a bit because I was about to see Shizu-chan sleeping. I might take advantage of Shizu-chan's sleeping face... wait, what am I thinking?!I was blushing a lot more now, of course I'm not going to do that, haha. I laugh nervously at myself, I felt stupid, why am I making excuses for myself?

Putting my idiocy aside, I check on Miko-tan first. Taken aback, I see him already awake, what was he doing though? I look closer at the screen and I see him holding a needle and thread, his hand kept on moving back and forth, and was he humming?

A few seconds have passed and I realized exactly what he was doing, he was stitching his right arm with a needle and thread. I'm pretty sure he only saw it as a design or for fashion, especially since he can ignore the pain he inflicts onto himself so easily. He was smiling, not like the creepy kind of grins, but a lighthearted smile, but it was full of empty feelings. He was nodding his head to the beat of his humming, still forgetting the fact that he's harming himself. I knew he was messed up, but how fucked up is he after I left him?

My stomach churned every time he pierced the needle through his skin. I couldn't stand the sight of it anymore so I went over and checked the monitors on Shizu-chan's room.

I felt a heavy sigh of relief wash over me. After seeing a revolting sight, the only way to cure me is to see Shizu-chan. I'll probably be able to forget about what happened in Miko-tan's room, well... mostly. I was faintly blushing as I stare at my screen, on the other side of it, it showed Shizu-chan. Ahhh mo~ I wanna sleep on his bed again- My eyes widened and I shake that impossible request out of my head and I started to focus again.

I have to watch every move Miko-tan does after today, if he tries to ask me anything about Shizu-chan I'll pretend to happily go along, but I won't reveal too much information. I sigh in frustration, this is all for the sake of protecting Shizu-chan, I need to put up with this.

I walk downstairs to the kitchen and I hear Shizu-chan and Miko-tan quarrelling about what to have for breakfast.

"I can't make that, we don't have the right ingredients," Shizu-chan exhales nosily.

"Then buy some," Miko-tan ordered.

"No, ask for something easier."

"Hmm, make me fried eggs!"

"We're out of eggs," I join in on the conversation.

Miko-tan rushes out of his chair and runs closer to me, "I'll buy some," he volunteers.

I realized he was now wearing a long sleeve, actually, he started wearing long sleeves after he killed my first acquaintant.

"...Fine," I pat his back, "Make sure to get the package with 20 eggs."

"I will," he calls back to me as he rushes out the door.

"Idiot," Shizu-chan says under his breath, "He forgot to close the door and forgot his wallet."

"I forgot my wallet!" Miko-tan dashes back inside and gets his wallet out of his room."

"Remember what I said," I remind him.

"I will," he slams the door," I'll be back in 10 minutes.

I walk up to Shizu-chan, "Can you make me an omelette?" I awkwardly ask him, trying my best not to make eye contact.

"Sure," he smiles and tousles my hair.

I blush and turn around, "I'm going to work now," I say in a robotic tone.

Before I can take a step, Shizu-chan lays his chin on top of my shoulder.

"Sh-Shizu-chan?!" I staggered.

"I didn't get to make any body contact with you even once, ever since Mikoto came here," he wraps his arms around my waist.

"This is embarrassing so stop," I whined.

"...Naaaah, I'd rather spend 10 minutes like this than let you go," he teased.

I sighed and facepalmed my forehead.

"On a different note," he says in a more serious voice, "There's something strange with Mikoto."

"I know, I've made some precautions already," I pointed out.

"Why? I can take him on," he explains.

"No way," I turn to face him, "I'll be the one to protect you."

I realized what I just said and to cover my reddening face, I bury my face into Shizu-chan's chest.

"Izaya?!" He questions in panic.

"No one can have you!" I protest, "No one can kill you nor l-love you because you're mine!"

"If that's how you want to play it then you're mine too," he chuckles.

"...O-Okay then..." I agreed.

"Pffft, I never thought you'd actually agree," he doubts.

I sigh with no amusement, "Just remember you're mine alone!"

"What did you say?" He joked around.

I release my grasp and look at him in the eye, I point my index finger at him and say, "Mine!"

"Ahaha, I already get it," he laughs and pulls me in for a hug.

"My Shizu-chan..." I say in a quiet voice.

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