Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)

A Gut Feeling

Present Time:

(Izaya's POV)

"Shizu-chan?" I whispered. My voice echoed throughout the dark alley.

I walk further into the alley, keeping my guard up. One hand held my flick blade and the other hand was gliding around the brick wall, making sure I don't get swallowed up into the darkness. I stop at where the paths split up, one lead to the end of the alley and another led to a dead end. On the path that lead to the dead end, there stood a post lamp, a shadowy figure leaned on it. It couldn't be- A trickle of sweat dropped from my face, my stomach was flipping from all directions.

My heart started racing as I came closer, blonde- I froze in my tracks. Blonde hair illuminated from the light. I put my blade inside my pocket and ran towards him.

"S-SHIZU-CHAN?!" I screeched.

The stench of blood quickly evaded my nose and I sharply take a step back. I cover my nose with my sleeve and knelt beside him. I put my hand on the ground, but I felt something warm. A pool of blood was all around him. I warily turn him over so that his back was touching the ground.

There were bruises on him everywhere. I also see cuts and scars, thankfully, the scars didn't go too deep into his skin. But why was there such a big puddle of blood? I take his vest off and I see his shirt stained with red. I unbutton his shirt open and witness a deep cut that stretched across his chest horizontally, blood was still dripping. I flinch at the sight and put my ear on his chest. There was still a faint heartbeat going. Good...

Even though I wasn't showing it, I was panicking from the inside, I felt lightheaded and I wanted to breakdown at this sight, but I want to be here for Shizu-chan. I phone Shinra and tell him to get Celty here by 5 minutes without giving him an explanation.

I observe the ground for any clues on who did this to him, I already knew who made the cut in his chest, but what about all these bruises? It might have been Mikoto too, but I'm not so sure yet. I see something written in blood near Shizu-chan. It read: "Iza-chin." A heart was drawn by blood on the side. Disgusted, I take a quick picture of it then crushed the writing under my shoe, destroying all the evidence.

Celty pulls up and shuddered at the sight she bestowed upon. She quickly types: "Did you do this?"

"Not even close," I told her the truth.

She tilts her head in confusion and tells me to hop on as her shadow formed into a carriage. I helped her carry Shizu-chan inside the carriage and sat down beside him. Celty hops onto her horse and we get away from the crime scene.

A Few Hours Ago:

(Mikoto's POV)

I'm running back to the house, trying not to break the eggs I held in my arms. It'll be bad if I get Iza-chin mad, I've already done too much to hurt his little heart. I need to try my best to postpone my plan for killing Shizou. Maybe I can do it when Iza-chin goes on a trip somewhere, but that's not likely to happen. It's frickin amazing to see Iza-chin put up with that monster, Shizou. I mean, he's impolite, ungentle and inconsiderate, I could probably name more, but the list goes on and on.

I don't even know why Iza-chin agreed to live with him, sure they might have a 'special' relationship. But that relationship can break if someone, perhaps Shizou, goes missing, or better yet, if he dies.

I finally come back and I see Iza-chin sitting on a stool with his laptop on the counter. Shizou gives him a cup of coffee and leans over to see what Iza-chin was doing on the screen. You look like fucking newlyweds. That's my Iza-chin, back off Shizou. I glared at Shizou as I handed the eggs to him.

"Fr-ie-d! E-ggs," I commanded.

"Actually I'm making om-e-le-tte," Shizou mocks me.

"Omelette sounds good, you should try it Miko-tan," Izaya pitches in.

"F-Fine," my voice grew quiet.

I heard Iza-chin yelling at me to go eat some breakfast. I was in my room and before I came downstairs, I grabbed my tape recorder, made sure it was recording and carefully placed it in my pockets.

(Shizou's POV)

We were eating in joy, well, that's what I thought it looked like. Izaya was happily kicking his legs up and down under the table.

"Ten outta ten Shizu-chan!" Izaya gives me a thumbs up.

My heart skipped a beat at the thrilled Izaya. I look at Mikoto to see his reaction.

"This is oddly delicious, yet I'm disgusted by how you can make this with such great quality," he straightforwardly gives his opinion.

"I'll take that as a compliment," I laugh.

"Don't get too cocky!" He threatens.

Izaya asks for seconds and I get up to obtain him another dish. I come back and Izaya's eyes are practically shining when I placed the plate in front of him.

"So Shizou, do you work as a cook?" Mikoto asks.

"Naaah, I'm a bartender- er- bodyguard I mean," I stuttered.

"But you should see him when we go outside to do something, he looks like a bartender," Izaya says with his mouth full.

I scold him and pinch his cheeks. From the corner of my eye, I see Mikoto grip his fork harder, I let go of Izaya's cheeks and ask Mikoto if he has anymore questions.

"If you insist," he shrugs with a smile on his face, "What do you do on your spare time?"

"I bug Izaya," I replied instantly.

"Oi!" Izaya nudges my shoulder.

"Is there anything you do 'outside' for your free time?" Mikoto continues.

"Hmmm, I like to take walks in the night, mostly around midnight."

"Ehhh? Where?"

"Anywhere I guess, when I go home I take a shortcut through an alley."

"I see, how did you learn to fight?"

"I had a complicated past, every time I hurt myself, the stronger and durable my body gets."

"So you don't have a type of fighting style?"

"Street fighting, I guess..."

"Why do you fight?"

"I hate violence."

Mikoto then bursts out laughing.

"Sorry, sorry. Iza-chin, wanna add something?"

"No comment," Izaya replies with a bored face.

"Ok then, well Shizou, what's your special fighting combo?" Mikoto punches the air.

"Hmm, I guess I-!"

Izaya kicks my shin under the table, I think it was sign for me to stop talking. Izaya was strangely quiet so I guess something seems off.

"Actually," I stand up, "I have to work with Tom-san today."

"Ehhh? You killjoy!" Mikoto complains.

(Mikoto's POV)

I didn't get to find out any information about Shizou from Iza-chin. It's okay though, Shizou spilled enough details and I recorded all of it. I've also went through websites on the Internet, Shizou's popular for some reason.

I don't like to rush things, but I can't wait to fight him. It's not my style, but I did say I wanted an original plan. I felt like a monster was lurking behind me, ready to posses me so I can kill Shizou. I always leave out any unnecessary emotions so I can kill easier. The only emotions I keep when I'm killing are love, hate, and amusement.

I take out my phone and find Shizou's contact, I've never actually got his contact from him directly. Shizou carelessly leaves his phone close to the living room so I was able to snoop around on his phone.

I type him a text message that read: "Meet me at an alley around 12:30 midnight, it doesn't matter which alley, I'll track you down."

And... send.

(Shizou's POV)

A text? I pull my phone out and I see it's from an unknown number. I read the text and I know exactly who it is. I'll track you down huh?

I reply back to him: "Come and find me."

I walk inside a dark alley waiting for Mikoto. I lean on a post lamp and check the time on my phone, 12:29 AM.

(Izaya's POV)

It's late, where's Shizu-chan? And I haven't seen Miko... A shiver goes down my spine, I quickly grab my coat and sprinted outside.

(Shizou's POV)

The time changed to 12:30 AM and I hear a sound of an alarm go off a few metres away.

I see Mikoto step out of the dark, we were both standing underneath the post lamp.

"Heh, I knew this was happening," I took my sunglasses off, "What do you want? A challenge for the last man standing?"

"What're ya talking about?" he shrugged, he then smirks and tells me, "It's the last man alive."

Present Time:

(Izaya's POV)

We rode in silence, the only sound that kept echoing throughout the empty streets was the horse's galloping and neighing. It was soothing, but at the same time, it was like the horse was trying to warn me that a storm was brewing ahead. Finally, we made it to Shinra's apartment.

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