Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)


Shinra opens the door and his eyes widen.

Though he may look like he's stunned, Shirna is actually not feeling any element of surprise. It's like he's seen this a hundred times so he's probably used to it. But I wasn't, this is Shizu-chan we're talking about.

"Wow..." Shinra impressively whistled, "Did you actually beat Shizou with brute strength?"

"Shut up you fucker and heal him back to the life," I retaliated.

"Heeeh, we have a feisty one here," he sarcastically put his hands up in surrender.

I watched Shinra stitch up the unconscious Shizu-chan from the corner of the room.

"So, I haven't seen you fighting with Shizou on the streets for about a year now, did you somehow make him accept a mind game challenge or something?" Shinra pushes his glasses up.

"Not in a million years," I tell him.

"Really? I thought that you were good at something like that," he points out his index finger out.

"Shizu-chan wouldn't even use his head if I ever challenged him in a mind game or something like that. So what's the point? It wouldn't be fun at all," I explained.

"Touché," he smiles in agreement and nods.

Shizu-chan was now resting in a spare room at Shinra's apartment. Shinra told me that I should go and take a rest at home, but I wasn't risking anything and I told him that I needed to watch over Shizu-chan.

I sit beside Shizu-chan on a stool and watched him inhale and exhale uneasy breaths. I check over at his heart monitor, it was steady, but once in a while it'll rapidly beep a few times then quiet down again. Each time that happened, I'd go in a state of panic and grip Shizu-chan's hand.

Shinra opens the door to check on us, he tampered with the heart monitor then leaned up against the wall.

"So Izaya, mind telling me what exactly happened to Shizou?" He asked.

"A fight," I hesitantly answered.

"With you?"

I shake my head.

"Then who?"

"My- my friend? Wait, scratch that, my ex-childhood friend."

"And why did your 'friend' want to fight Shizou, the strongest man in Ikebukuro?"

I think in my head, oh the usual, love, anger and jealousy, nothing too big.

"I'm not sure," I say out loud.

I hurriedly glance at Shizu-chan, foolishly checking if Shizu-chan was eavesdropping or something.

"So Shinra, how come Shizu-chan can survive all of this?"

"By now, any normal human would've died from blood loss, but as you can see, Shizou isn't normal," Shinra explains.

"Or human," I added causing him to laugh.

"But we're lucky because your friend missed his most vital area, even though that cut in the chest was deep, it wasn't deep enough to reach his heart."

"I see..."

"Your friend is pretty stupid though."


"If he really wanted to kill Shizou, then he could've checked to see if Shizou was still alive even after the cut."

I chuckle, "Naah, I'm pretty sure he just wanted to leave Shizu-chan there painfully and slowly crumbling to his death."

"Well then your friend has a twisted and dark personality, but your personality is even worse."

"How mean," I slouched, "And stop calling him my friend, it's specific term is 'ex-childhood friend,' ok?"

"That's too long to say," Shinra walks towards the door.

"Well that's your problem now."

"Yeah, yeah, if you need me I'll be in my room sleeping," he closed the door.

I turn back at Shizu-chan and look out the window, the moon was nowhere to be seen, the moon was hiding, just like that bastard Miko-tan.

It was already 4 in the morning, but I wanted to stay awake just in case Shizu-chan goes conscious. I turn on the lamp and close the lights, the room was dim. I sit back down on the stool again and hold Shizu-chan's hand.

I look at his scar-covered arm and the flame in my heart grows stronger. My desire to break Miko-tan in half was skyrocketing, I need to finish him off soon. It'll be all over Shizu-chan, just you wait. I put my free arm onto my knee and rested my chin on top of my hand.

I wake up and find myself beside Shizu-chan on the bed, still clinging onto his hand. I stare at Shizu-chan, the temptation to just sleep beside him for just a few more minutes wavered inside my head. But I didn't have enough time to spare, Miko-tan needed to be chased out of Ikebukuro, or maybe out of this world. I shuffle out of the bed, but at that same moment, Shizu-chan sharply flinches causing me to go off balance and fall on the floor.


"Tch!" I click my tongue.

"I-Izaya?! Where are we!?" There was a mix of confusion and alarm in his voice.

"Don't worry, we're at Shinra's right now, we're safe," I say, getting off of the floor and back to my feet.

Shizu-chan got his composure back, he opens his mouth to say something, but quickly closes it again.

"...For now," I mouthed the words so Shizu-chan didn't hear.

Someone knocks on the door and Celty then comes inside with a tray covered with food, on other terms, it was our breakfast.

Celty pulls out her phone and types: "Thought you two would be hungry."

"Thanks," I nodded my head as she gave me the tray.

Celty turns over at Shizu-chan: "Get well soon!"

"Of course I will!" Shizu-chan flexes his arm.

"What're you doing?" I poke his cheek.

"Just showing off in front of you," he proudly admits.

I give Shizu-chan a disgusted and suspicious look. Celty then leaves the room and closes the door saying that she wants to find Shinra.

"Anyways I can't eat my food without some support," Shizu-chan demonstrates by pretending that his arms were broken by dangling them at his sides.

"Yeah right, I saw you flexing like 2 seconds ago," I disbelievingly grin at him.

"I saved up all my energy just to do that, so feed me please," he pleaded.

"Fine," I surrendered with doubt.

I take a spoonful of the porridge and cooled it down before leaning in closer to Shizu-chan.

"S-Say ahhhhhn~" I told him embarrassingly as I held the spoon a few inches away from his mouth.

He does exactly what I say and I enter the spoon inside his mouth.

"It's delicious," he locked eyes with me and licked his lips, causing me to burn up.

"A-Anyways, let's get this o-over with," I stuttered.

I leave Shizu-chan in the room as I placed the tray on the kitchen counter where Shinra was already washing the dishes. I go back inside the room and shut the door.

"How do you feel?" I gave him a worried look.

"Better than yesterday," Shizu-chan acknowledged, "Did you find Mikoto?"

My voice goes quiet, Miko-tan was a touchy subject to talk about. But I quickly remember that Miko-tan was the suspect to all of this making my body fill with anger. I just needed to injure Miko-tan so badly before he gets another chance to touch Shizu-chan.

"I'm gonna go get something back at the place," I lied and turned to the door.

"No way," he rejected and grabbed onto my arm, "I'm not leaving you out of my sight, who knows what you'll do."

"Don't worry," I assured, "I'm just getting you some clothes."

Shizu-chan finally gives in and lets me go. I smile at him and walked towards the door.

"Take care," he sadly waves.

I close the door, still smiling, once I hear the latch go in place, my face formed like a predator looking for his prey. I see Shinra smugly crossing his arms from the side of my right eye.

"You're not going to go back to your place, am I right?" Shinra guessed.

"Of course not," I quickly responded.

"Where are you going?" Shinra asks.

"Just to pay a little visit to my friend," I fished out my knife in my coat and held it in my hand.

"Well then, take care of him for me too," he sighs.

"Eh?" I questioned, taken aback.

"It's a pain stitching up all those cuts, especially since it's Shizu-chan when all he has is muscles," he overly-exaggerates.

I smile at him and he motions me to go to the doorway. Shinra followed behind me to the entrance and I slip my shoes on.

"Take care," he grins.

"Of cousre," I tilted my head and smirked.

Ahh. Shizu-chan I might not make it out alive, but I'll just confess one thing in my mind.

I love you Shizu-chan. . .

My feelings were now clear, I've realized it a long time ago. Shizu-chan has been changing me in all different ways because of love. I've experienced a variety of emotions that make me the person I am today. I've opened up to him little by little because I love him. I truly do.

I roamed around the streets, pulled my phone out of my pocket and called Miko-tan. He answers almost immediately.

"Are you checking up on me to see if I'm okay?" he happily questioned me.

"I've never thought about that once, but I'd be glad to know that you're injured," I responded my empty feelings to him.

"How cruel," Miko-tan pretends to weep on the other side of the phone.

"Tell me, where are you?" I demanded.

"Shizuo broke my right arm and left leg. Also my left eye is swollen to the pulp, such a pitiable sight you wouldn't want to see." He said through the phone.

I asked again, "Where are you?" I gritted my teeth.

"Well if you really want to meet me, I'll be at an abandoned construction site, you probably know where the nearest one is."

"I'll be there in 10 minutes."

He chuckled, "It's like we're meeting up for a date-"

I hang up before he could finish his sentence.

Prepare yourself Miko-tan, the storm in finally coming your way.

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