Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)

Till We Meet Again

(Izaya's POV)

I'm walking to the abandoned construction site that Miko-tan informed me he'd be at. Each step I took, the streets became quieter and quieter.

By the time I finally made it to the site, it was already sunset. Shit. It's hard to fight him in the dark, mainly because his type of fighting style focuses more on agility than actual fighting, same as mine.

From the distance, I hear thunder. Great. Another hindrance has come. Light raindrops fell on my shoulder, then a bunch more fell from the sky, leaving every inch of the ground wet.

Splish... splash... splish... I heard faint footsteps coming closer, the same splish splash pattern echoed the darkness. This person wasn't walking steadily. Suddenly, lightning flashes and I see Miko-tan's face illuminate. His eye was swollen, but the other one was wide open, he flashed an ominous grin at me. Blood was still splattered on his face, guess he didn't have time to clean up, but the rain washed the blood away. His left leg was twisted meaning he didn't treat it with care before he came here. His right arm was also broken, I guess Shizu-chan really did beat him up badly, but not enough for him to come crashing down. Miko-tan held a metal bat with his left hand, he didn't fully support the bat because he slid it across the ground.

"I-za-chin~ Didja miss me?" He asked me in a eerie tone.

"Over my dead body," I revoltingly spat back.

Miko-tan gave a relieved sigh, "That can be arranged."

A puddle was forming in front of me so I kicked the water, causing it to splash all over Miko-tan, he stood there, without saying anything.

"Try me," I gestured him to hit me with his bat.

"This date is not how I planned it to be," he huffed wearily.

Lighting fills up the sky causing me to go blind for not even a second, but Miko-tan was gone. I had to be careful of my surroundings. I sensed movement coming from the right of me and I blocked the metal bat in the nick of time. The metal bat drops out of control and rolls under a pile of steel. Miko-tan steps out his hiding.

"Why did you block it?" He tilts his head with a smug look, "Hell if you want me to use a stop sign like Shizuo just tell me."

I keep my guard up and slid my knife out of my sleeve. I had conveniently placed it in my sleeve before I left Shinra's apartment.

"Don't bring Shzu-chan in this situation," I warned him as I clutched my knife from behind me.

"Why? I can be like him, I promise."

"How?" I slowly inched closer to him.

"Like this," he cleared his voice, "I-zaaaa-yaaa-kuuun~" Miko-tan impersonates Shizu-chan's voice.

My spine shuddered and I enlarged my eyes, I took a step back, Miko-tan grabbed a piece of steel off of the ground and hobbled closer.

"Come play with me..." his voice was just like Shizu-chan's.

Lighting flashed an I saw Miko-tan emerge into Shizu-chan, I'm not sure if it was a hallucination or the real thing, but he kept coming closer.

"I-zAa-Yaa-kUn~" Shizu-chan kept coming closer, putting the piece of steel up in the air.

I fell on a puddle, the water splashed all over me.

"G-Get away from me!" Fear rose in my voice.

He swings the piece of steel to my head and I snap out of my delusion, before I could dodge, the steel hits me on the side of my head. My left side of my head started to gush out blood. A screeching sound was all I heard, my mind was shutting off, I felt dizzy and I wanted to sleep in eternal peace. I laid on the damp ground, letting the rain wash my body away.

Miko-tan kneels in front of me and twisted my shirt.

"I thought you were more stronger than this," he says in a disappointed voice.

Still gripping onto my knife with my right hand, I take a swing and lodged it into his right shoulder. He screams in pain and lets go of me. I struggle to get up and I kicked him onto the ground. I constantly stomped on him until all Miko-tan could do was flinch. I broke his other arm to make sure he wouldn't escape.

I stepped on his chest, "I thought you could put up a better fight, guess I was wrong."

I step away from him and took my cellphone out to call Shinra. I asked him to get Celty here to so he could be dropped off at his apartment and get treated.

I look at Miko-tan and whispered, "Why?" It was barely audible in the pouring rain.

(Shizuo's POV)

"Who was that?" I asked Shinra.

"Oh just someone I know," he replies back.

It was already 10 o'clock PM, Izaya was nowhere to be seen, I guess that means one thing.

"I'm guessing that Izaya didn't actually go outside to get me clothes," I sigh.

"Hmm," Shinra smiles in amusement, "I guess you do have a brain."

"Very funny," I get out of the bed.

"W-What are you doing?!" Shinra stutters in fright.

"I'm gonna get Izaya."

"Not like that though."

"Why not?"

"You broke your left arm right? I knew because you hesitated to flex your left arm at Celty and Izaya."


Shinra opens a cabinet, "Before you go, at least let me put a cast on your arm."

(Izaya's POV)

I sit on the ground, a couple of meters away from an unconscious Miko-tan. I pressed my wound on my forehead with my hand, it stings every time I touched it. I'll need Shinra to treat me as well, Shizu-chan might freak at too much if he sees me like this.

I glance at Miko-tan, he wasn't there, I was panicking. I look up at the crane-like machinery and I see Miko-tan smiling at me from atop. The crane held a bunch of metal pieces. Miko-tan kicks a button and the metal parts came crashing down on my left leg. I clenched my teeth together and let out a whimper.

I wiggled my leg out, thankfully I didn't get stabbed by the sharp instruments, but my leg was not looking too good. I see Miko-tan trying to hop away, but I tackled him on the ground.

"Why are you still trying?" I pinned him down.

"Just cause."

"Stop it you bastard."

"Aha," Miko-tan chuckled with sorrow, "I know, I'm an asshole, but it's because I love you..."

I held my fist up in the air and knocked him out.

Celty finally came to pick up Miko-tan.

She took out her phone and typed: "Sure you don't need a ride?"

"I can manage on my own," I guaranteed her.

Celty shrugs anxiously and goes off. After she was a few miles away, I started to wobble in the direction of Shinra's apartment.

(Shizuo's POV)

I search outside for Izaya, this sudden downpour made it harder to find him. I hear someone coming closer, it was a different pattern from a walk, it was much slower. I see Izaya come out of the alley, he was limping and his head was bleeding.

"Izaya!" I ran to him.

I held his shoulders and studied his appearance.

"See Shizu-chan, I protected you," he gave me a fake smile.

"Tch! That's why I didn't want you to go outside," I grunted.

I grazed his wound lightly with my finger, he flinches and painted his face with pain. I carried him in my arms and made my way to Shinra's apartment.

"I can walk by myself," he complained.

"Not in this state."

We go inside and I bang on Shinra's door with my foot. Shinra opens it and I let Izaya down. I noticed Izaya's shoes were ice cold and soggy. Each time he stepped, he would make a sloshing sound. I wasn't there when he needed me the most. I clenched my fist with displeasure.

Izaya was fully treated, but he needed to walk with crutches for a month, his head was all bandaged up and we were allowed to go home. Before we went, Izaya went to another spare room and hammered on the door.

"Come on out, we're going now," he yelled.

I tilt my head and the door opens, Mikoto comes out. My blood boiled at the sight of him.

"What are you doing here?" I sneered.

"Don't worry, I brought him here," Izaya tells me.

(Izaya's POV)

We had to push Miko-tan to the station in a wheelchair, he couldn't support himself in this circumstance. Before he went inside the station, he went closer to Shizu-chan.

"You better keep Iza-chin safe, I'm putting him in your responsibility till we meet again," Miko-tan sticks his tongue out at Shizu-chan.

Shizu-chan gives him a thumbs up with a straight face, Miko-tan gets going.

I sadly watched him leave. Suddenly, Shizu-chan covers my eyes with his right hand and pulls me close.

"You don't need to see that little piece of shit leave," he comforted me.

His unexpected remark makes me chuckle and I let my crutches fall on the ground. I balanced with my right leg and pulled Shizu-chan's right hand away from my eyes.

"Even though I hate him with all my might, he is my very first friend who was willing to put up with me," I recalled.

Shizu-chan furrowed his eyebrows together, "That's some high praise coming from you, but now I'm your second friend." He pointed at himself.

"What about Shinra?" I teased.

Shizu-chan puffs his cheeks and softly nudges my head, making sure I keep balance, "Are you trying to make me mad?"

"Haha," I smile and pinch his cheeks. I look up at him, "A jealous Shizu-chan is actually a pretty cute sight."

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