Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)

Never Again

(Izaya's POV)

After the sequence of events we walked back home. Every few steps we made Shizu-chan would glance at me, making sure I won't trip while walking with my crutches. He looks worried, more like paranoid actually, but I'm not that fragile.

"Shizu-chan I'm not going to fall off, trust me," I say with confidence.

"I-I know! But to make sure," Shizu-chan holds my arm and I stop walking.

"What now?" I tilt my head.

Shizu-chan turns around and kneels down on one knee, did he actually want to give me a piggy back ride?

"You do remember that your left arm is still broken, right?" I asked him.

"Of course, but your more precious than my own life itself," he explains.

Warmth began to evade onto my cheeks and I turn away from him.

"D-Don't give me t-that crap!" I stutter.

"You might catch a cold too, remember that you did walked in the rain a few days ago," Shizu-chan says as he gets off the ground.

"W-Who cares, I never get sick!" I lied.

Just then, I felt weak to the knees and my forehead started burning up. I slowly fall onto the ground and Shizu-chan quickly holds onto me. I felt like puking, my head starts to spin around in circles, I wanted to close my eyes shut.

"O-Okay, maybe I am sick," I stubbornly surrender.

Shizu-chan gets out a thermometer and tells me to open my mouth. He checks my temperature and gives a relieved sigh.

"It's a good thing you don't have a fever," Shizu-chan tell me, "But you're still sick, I've read on the internet that if you take a hot bath and a good night's sleep it'll cure you."

"Ohhh!" I clap in astonishment, "So Shizu-chan does read."

Shizu-chan gives me an irritated look, squeezes my cheeks and tells me to take a bath while he makes porridge.

I'm in the bathub playing around with the water. A hot bath is so relaxing! I wish I'd never have to get out, suddenly Shizu-chan bangs on the door.

"You've been in there for a long time already, get out now!" He yells.

"A few more minutes," I whistle.

"Don't make me come in there by force," Shizu-chan says seductively.

"C-Coming!" I shout.

I couldn't take any chances, especially since I declared that I love Shizu-chan in my mind a few days ago. B-But I'm pretty sure that was out of desperation, I was gonna fight Miko-tan and I wanted to make sure I confessed everything with no regrets. WAIT!- S-So does that mean I a-admitted that I l-love Shizu-chan?! Impossible!

I quickly leave the bathroom, but once I opened the door, I see Shizu-chan standing in front of me.

(Shizuo's POV)

I-Izaya?! Dammit, I might have a nosebleed on how cute he looks right now. His hair dripped with water that dropped onto his pale-like skin, I'm guessing he didn't thoroughly dried himself. Not to mention, he's half naked, only a towel covered his lower half. I look at Izaya's face, he was flushed with red.

"H-Heiwajima-san... p-please move out of the way- I-I mean e-excuse me," he stutters.

"Why so formal? Do you actually have a set of manners," I lean in closer.

I noticed Izaya was trembling and I remembered that he was still sick. I snapped back to my senses, I guess it might be too much to tease the flea while he's sick.

"I'm gonna get you a bowl of porridge now," I excused myself.

I ran downstairs in a hurry. I felt a bit of heat coming across my cheeks and I bite my lip. That was a close call.

(Izaya's POV)

That was weird, normally Shizu-chan would try to touch me without actually passing the line of sexual harassment. So why do I feel a bit disappointed? K-Keeping that out of my mind, I go inside my room and get dressed. I draped a towel on my shoulders and rush downstairs.

"Yo," I greeted him.

"I'll feed you," Shizu-chan straightforwardly says.


"S-Since you fed me when I was injured, I wanted to pay you back by doing the same thing," he scratched the side of his head.

"F-Fine," I pouted.

I sit down on the couch and Shizu-chan kneels on the floor in front of me. He holds the bowl of porridge and scoops some on a spoon. Before he could cool down the porridge, he stuffs it in my mouth.

"Whaf da (What the)?!" I panicked at my scorching mouth.

"Anything wrong?" He smirks.

"If's chu hoowt (It's too hot)!" I say with my mouth full.

Shizu-chan comes closer to my face and pinches my cheeks, causing my mouth to open. He then starts to blow cool wind into my mouth thinking that the porridge will cool down like that. My face starts to go red, I forced my mouth to close and gulped the rest of the porridge down.

"Is it better now?" he smugly rest his head on his hand.

Just as I thought! I don't like you at all! My sudden confession was a fraud after all!

"Haha," I sarcastically laugh, "Fuck you!"

"Don't worry, I'll do it correctly now," he assures me.

We finished the rest of the porridge without an incident, Shizu-chan puts the bowl in the sink and plops down on the couch beside me. I lie down on the couch, I opened the TV without much effort and dropped the remote on the floor.

"Can you smell that?" Shizu-chan sniffs.

I take a whiff, "No?" I asked in question form.

"I don't know what it is, but I can always smell that scent every day. It's a sweet scent and it's stronger than usual today."

"Speaking of which, how can you find me by smell?" I joked around.

"Hmm, good question," Shizu-chan leans closer till he was on top of me.

"Sh-Shizu-chan?!" My voice cracked.

He smells my hair, I start to blush, he smells my neck, I turn even redder, he smells my shirt, I think I'm about to faint.

"Just as I thought," Shizu-chan gets off me, "You're the one with the scent."

I hug myself, looking creepily at Shizu-chan, "Come closer and I'll rip your head off!" I sneered.

Shizu-chan gives me a peace sign and I give one back, it was a way to compromise with each other.

"Sorry I couldn't help myself," he winked, "You have a very nice scent you know."

I try to smell myself, "I can't smell a thing."

"Of course you can't," he sticks his tongue out.

Shizu-chan gets off the couch and comes back a minute later with a permanent marker.

I move a bit back, "Just wanna sign your cast," he guaranteed.

I nod my head in silent and he sits closer. Shizu-chan takes the cap off and starts writing. He writes the word "Never" and draws half a heart.

"Why only half," I tilted my head.

"Because you get to write the continuation," he hands the marker to me and shows his cast.

I knew exactly what he was talking about, it's like our minds just synchronized. I start writing the next word "Again" and drew half a heart just like Shizu-chan.

"There," Shizu-chan smiles at me warmheartedly, "We're matching!"

I smile and give Shizu-chan a peace sign and he gives me a peace sign back.

"Never Again"

[A/N: Just for your information, I used the term "Never Again" because it was a way for Shizuo and Izaya to promise that they'll never get injured for something like the 'Mikoto Incident' ever again. I hope this clears up some of your confusion with that phrase.]

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