Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)


I'm watching TV late at night, like always. Shizu-chan's sleeping because he has work early in the morning tomorrow. It's been a few weeks after I recovered from my cold. I'm still as ditzy as ever whenever I get too close to him. Once I start rapidly think about whether I'd confess to him or something like that I'd feel like my ears would puff hot steam out of it. I'm getting stressed out because I keep bouncing back and forth on if I should take my chances and regret later or not take my chances and regret later.

Anyways if he were to reject me, would we still be able to live together in this house without being awkward around each other? I can't take that big of a risk.

I stare blankly at the flashing TV. Well. I sigh in surrender. I go to my room to get my laptop and come back to the living room. I turn it on and open the Internet. If I can't do anything about my relationship problems, what better way than talking about them through screen? I type: "Do you think I can confess to someone who I hate with all my might, but love with all my heart?" I press enter and send it to different websites. Nobody would probably reply to this late in the night, I should probably sleep and check if I get any replies in the morning.

I wake up excited to see if I have some new mail. I got all fired up last night on if I would get any advice about my relationship problems or not. I boot up my laptop and sign into my mail, I see 60 new notifications, this doesn't surprise me. Depending on how much accounts I've made in the past to mess around with boring humans, it was expected. I skim through my mail until I found one that caught my eye, I got a reply from someone. My heart starts racing and I open it to the website.

Garu: Hey! I see that you need some advice, actually I have a similar problem like you. Maybe we can private message sometime?

My stomach does a little tumble, I'm getting thrilled by just the littlest things. I think of a reply and start typing.

Sy: Sure!

After I pressed send I go into private message mode and give Garu a greeting.

Sy: Sup!

Garu was online and starts typing something.

Garu: Yo, is it ok if I talk about my problem first?

Sy: It's fine by me.

Garu: Ok so the person I love has an unusual set of traits. He is cute and childish at one moment, but at the next moment, he'll stand in the shadows and observe other people with amusement. But keep in mind that I "hated" him in the past, I love him now though. After he showed me many sides of himself, it seems that I'm attracted to him. Yet he's a clueless fuck who clearly misunderstands my feelings. The only thing that I'm confused about is if he loves me too or not. I mean whenever I tease him, he'd turn red, but pushes me away. So I decided that I'd take it to the next step and actually confess my true feelings for him.

I'm starting to think that 'Garu's' a girl. But I'm not 100% sure. They may just be joking around from the other side of the screen too.

Sy: I'm surprised, your problem is very similar to mine. I think it would be good to confess to him. If he turns red when you tease him I feel like there's a sure chance that he likes you too.

Garu: Thanks, I'll take up that offer. Now let's switch, tell me about your situation.

Sy: Actually, he saved my life once, at that time, I was about to commit suicide. But he took me in and cared for me until I was able to realize that I'm able to actually live a fulfilling life. I feel like I've taken him for granted because I've never shown him how much I actually love him. I get too flustered whenever I'm near him. I can't seem to think straight so I wanted to confess, but what if he rejects me?

I click send and laugh at how Garu's problems and my problems were strangely similar to one another.

Garu: For someone who cares a lot about you I doubt that he will reject your feelings.

I'm frustrated at how dumb I've been all this time. I start to type down an excuse. I hit enter and at the same time, Garu sent something. Our responses were alike.

Garu: But it's a one-sided love for me so I'm not fully sure I can understand your situstion / Sy: Impossible, it's only a one-sided thing!

Sy: Haha, weird, you have a one-sided love too!

Garu: Actually, I have to go, I'll talk to you tomorrow :)

Sy: Alright then, bye...

Shizu-chan comes back from work and I'm in the kitchen making instant noodles.

"Oi! That isn't nutritious at all," he chastises me, "... At least give me half."

"No fair!" I stick out my tongue and start mixing the noodles around.

"But it is fair," Shizu-chan smirks and holds my hand.

I get distracted by him holding my hand and I realized that the cup of noodles I was holding was gone. They were now in the hands of Shizu-chan.

I point at him and hissed, "You're a theif..."

"...Who stole your heart," Shizu-chan teasingly finishes off my sentence.

"V-Very funny," I blush.

It's been an eventful week ever since I talked with Garu. We talked about our progress with our significant other and at times when we're just bored, we talked about random topics. It was midnight, Shizu-chan was still up, he told me that he was working on something in his room. I didn't even bother asking what he was doing. I laid on top of my bed and checked if Garu was online.

Sy: Heeey!

Garu: Hi, you wanna tell me about the person you like?

Sy: Actually, he has muscles instead of brains, haha, but at times, after you've passed all his jokes, in fact, he's a serious person. You see, we hated each other's guts in high school, but at one point, we met up when we were older and I was getting a fever at that time. He grabbed onto me when I was going to go away, so I told him to get lost, but he wouldn't budge. Before I passed out, he told me to live with him. I'm not sure if it was the best thing that happened in my life or the worst.

Garu: I see...

Sy: How about you?

Garu: Well... he's a clumsy type of guy, one time he tried to make me Valentine's Day chocolate and ended up with more than 30 batches. When that guy tries to do something nice like giving me a present, he does it in the most awkward yet cutest way possible. He also has this wall where he isolates himself from other people, but somehow, I'm trying to break that wall little by little. I just hope he opens up to me more.

Sy: That's a sure sign that he's a keeper! Any more questions?

Garu: Actually, I have another question in mind.

Sy: Hm? I'm listening.

Garu: What's your relationship status with the person you like?

I'm flushed with red once I start fantasizing about Shizu-chan and I being lovers. I think about us k-kissing and I flip my laptop upside down.

"I-It's... IT'S COMPLICATED," I shouted out, full with embarrassment.

I bring my laptop back up and saw that Garu wrote something.

Garu: How's it complicated?

I start writing a reason, but I realize that I didn't type down "It's complicated" in the chat log yet. How did Garu know what I was gonna put down? In fact, how did Garu hear me? Wait- so... is Garu actually- I have a stupid prediction in mind so I roll out of bed, grab my laptop and dash to Shizu-chan's room. I slam the door open, without knocking, and I see Shizu-chan looking at his phone. From the distance, his phone screen showed some kind of chat log.

"A-Are you-?" I start staggering.

Shizu-chan tilts his head, but he soon realizes the situation and his eyes widens.

"Are you G-Garu?" I gulped.

Shizu-chan opens his mouth and takes a guess, "Sy?"

[A/N: Fun fact, TsuGARU and PSYche are Shizuo and Izaya alternatives]

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