Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)


It's been months since our first kiss, Shizu-chan and I are officially dating. Well, it's not that we tell people anyways. There might be a huge uproar, "Breaking News: Ikebukuro's strongest man is dating Ikebukuro's most dangerous information broker?!" I imagine that headline being plastered all over the newspapers and the web...

"Shizu-chan, Shizu-chan!" I say happily.


"Let's go on a date!" I shove a flier in front of his face, "It's a restaurant that prepares fatty tuna!"

"Eh?! I just took you on a date this Monday," Shizu-chan complains.

"Then Wednesday it is!" I declared.

"T-Tomorrow!" He exclaims.


"But I haven't even-"

"J-Just remember that I'm doing this because there are a bunch of memories that I want to make w-with you!" I start to blush and I look away.

Shizu-chan's ears start to get red, "F-Fine, I'll make an exception for tomorrow..."

I mischievously grin at him.

"But I still have work tomorrow! S-So you have to wait until I get back," Shizu-chan tousles my hair.


"Izaya, come down to the living room," Shizu-chan peeks his head into my room.

"Why?" I get up from my desk and follow behind him.

We get to the living room and Shizu-chan suddenly takes hold of my hand and leads me to the couch. He sits down, still holding onto my hand, and pulls me towards him. I get off balance and I land on top of him.

"Wha-wha-wha-?!" My face starts to burn.

"This is your payback for making me go on a date with you tomorrow," he adjusts my position until I'm sitting onto his lap.

"B-But in reality, you want to go on that date," I say with a sheepish smile.

"And in reality, you want to stay like this," Shizu-chan blows at the back of my neck.

"S-Stupid! Of course not!"

"Ehhh? Just admit it," he wraps his arms around my waist.

"I won't admit anything!" I try to release from his grip.

"Why you little-"

"TV! TV!" I yell in panic, looking around for an excuse.

Shizu-chan hesitantly hands me the remote and I turn on the TV. I pretend to watch TV, trying my hardest to ignore Shizu-chan. For the first few minutes, we watched in peace. But then... I jumped in surprise. Shizu-chan playfully bit my ear.

"S-Stop!" I stagger.

"But I want to eat you up," Shizu-chan pulls me closer with a smug smile.

"N-No way!" I try to wiggle out.

"Aren't you a bit stubborn today?" Shizu-chan starts to tickle my sides.

I try to hold in my amusement, but I burst into laughter seconds after. I slip out of his grasp and we end up face to face. The laughter dies down and we stare at each other in silence. The only sound emitting from the room was from the TV.

"L-Let's just stick to watching TV," I look away.

"A-Agreed," Shizu-chan quickly looks at the TV.

We were both red from embarrassment.

After hours of watching, I started to doze off, my head slowly falls to the side and I wake up in reaction to my head dropping. I slowly stand up and stretch.

"Shizu-chan, I'm going to go back to my room-" I look at Shizu-chan who was now sleeping.

I put a blanket on top of him and stare at Shizu-chan quietly. Desire has won me over and I change my mind up. Instead of sleeping in my room, I curl up beside him. It's nice to sleep with him once in a while, I smile and shut my eyes.

"Oi flea!"

My eyes start to slowly open.

Shizu-chan yells at me from the kitchen, "Wake up!"

"What is it?" I sleepily walk to him.

"I just made breakfast for you," he shows me the pan of scrambled eggs, "Make sure you eat it when I go off to work."

"Yeah, yeah," I yawn and stretch my arms.

"My work ends around 4 P.M. but it might end a bit later than expected so I'll call you when my shift ends."


Shizu-chan catches me off guard by kissing my forehead.

"Just a morning kiss," he smirks.

I lightly blush and stick my tongue out, "Idiot..."

Shizu-chan goes off to work and I get ready to go outside and walk around the city.

I go outside and immediately shove my hands in my pockets. I looked around, there were all kinds of groups and people. There were workers, couples, gangs, you could name it. Why waste their time being with a bunch of worthless human beings? Either way, we all end up the same. Dead. And dead was what I wanted to be almost a year ago but Shizu-chan changed everything. I guess I owe it all to him...

Before I could get completely immersed into a touchy subject, I started skipping. Well, off to annoy Shizu-chan!

I find Shizu-chan and Tom-san walking behind an alley and I follow them. I was just ready to scare them until I overheard what they were talking about.

"You just can't live with Izaya-san forever!" Tom-san shouts.

"I know," Shizu-chan says in a low tone.

My emotions grew with sudden fear. W-What's happening?

"You know you're being targeted!" Tom-san yells louder.

"I know..." Shizu-chan repeats.

"What're you going to do about it?"

"...I-" Shizu-chan turns away from Tom-san with a pained look, "I can't leave him."

"But what about you?! The only reason you're being targeted is because you're with Izaya-san, you have to leave him, think about it."

"I'll just bear with it," Shizu-chan says in a stern voice.

"Just cut your connections with him-"

"No!" Shizu-chan screeches.

I flinch at his response.

"You've put up with this too long, bearing with it will only break you," Tom-san explains.

"I'll be ok if they target me, but if they target Izaya then I may as well turn into a monster!"

Tom-san sighs and puts a hand on Shizu-chan's shoulder, "Just remember you can't protect him forever, you've been hurt too much..."

I take a step back. Hurt? T-This can't be! Am I that oblivious? I turn the other way and start walking, my pace picks up and I start running. I wanted run from them as far as possible from them. I don't want to listen to that conversation anymore. I don't want to hurt Shizu-can anymore! I fight back my tears and keep running.

I find myself back to the front door of our place. I go inside and drop to my knees. I look down, teardrops fall to the floor and I sniff. E-Eh? Why am I crying?... Why am I not outside? I still... have... to annoy... Shizu...chan...

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