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Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)

Suddenly Moving In

I opened my eyes to find myself on someone's bed. I try to rewind what happened yesterday and asked myself, Where am I? Everything that happened yesterday was a complete blur to me. I sat up and heard something frying, the scent of fried eggs filled my nose. Hungrily, I got off the bed and walked towards the smell.

Not only did I see Shizu-chan in an apron but he had ridiculously great cooking skills. He cracked 3 eggs in one hand as the other hand stirred the fried rice in a pot. Stunned, I quickly backed out of the kitchen but my footsteps just made creaking noises onto the wooden floor. Shizu-chan turned around and tilted his head.

"So you were awake?," he noticed, "What are you doing?"

In the most dumbest face I replied, "N-nothing! Just cleaning the floor with my.. foot?"

I laughed nervously as Shizu-chan walked towards me. As I threw my hands up in surrender Shizu-chan brought his and my forehead together. I could feel my cheeks heating up but I couldn't bring myself to turn around from Shizu-chan's gaze. He finally lets go of my head and smiled.

"Good, you don't have a fever anymore," he began.

"Anyways! What am I doing here, and what happened yesterday?" I asked.

"Hm? You mean you don't remember?," he replied back.

I nodded my head in confusion, "Not even the slightest clue."

"I took care of you while you had a fever yesterday," Shizu-chan sighed, "And you agreed to live with me," he added.

Silence filled the room. The feeling of disgust welled up inside of me. Questions that I wanted to ask him scattered in my head. Then I froze in shock, the memories came back into me, it was like a flood was happening inside of my head.

"HUH?! I didn't agree to that," I shouted.

"Yes you did, look you even signed a contract with me," he lifted up a piece of paper.

I leaned closer to get a better view of the paper. It clearly had the official stamp and my signature was clearly written down in pen. I shifted my eyes to the right and saw Shizu-chan's signature neatly printed.

"I-I'm pretty sure that I was sleepy at that time and didn't know what was going on, besides, you took complete advantage of me," I barked but then soon realized that I had not had a single scratch or bruise over my body.

Guilt fled over me. I couldn't bring myself to look at Shizu-chan in the eye.

Flustered, I said, "Let's try it for a week, if I don't get into a physical fight with you, I'll live here."

Shizu-chan made a smug look onto his face, "Fine by me."

"Okay then, I'll go get my stuff from my place," I added.

"Oh," he paused, "All of your stuff are inside these boxes," he pointed to the side.

"How did you get in my place?!" I angrily asked.

"I took your key," he pulled out a key from his pocket.

"Give me that!" I commanded.

He tossed it over me and I examine the key to make sure it was rightfully mine.

"I'm going to put some stuff back at my place," I decided.

I noticed Shizu-chan rocking back and forth with a guilty look across his face. I figured that he was hiding something from me.

"The truth is, I- uh, kinda sold your place," he admitted.

A shocking sensation filled my body, I felt like a statue. I completely broke out, finally losing my composure.

"What have you done idiot!"

"I knew that you would live with me forever, so why would you need to live in two places when one is already enough?"

I cursed to myself. I looked around the place, Shizu-chan was currently living in a two-storey complex which was modernly furnished. There were 2 master bedrooms with washrooms, 2 normal bedrooms, both were completely empty, there was a chef-like kitchen, and a living room. I sighed in mild frustration. I told Shizu-chan that I was going to go pick a room and carried some boxes to one of the empty master bedrooms. Shizu-chan helped me carry some boxes up, telling me that it'd be faster like this. By sunset, we finally managed to finish moving in all of them.

Shizu-chan went to the kitchen to make a hotpot to celebrate me for moving in with Shizu-chan. I sat down on my bed and put my hands on my knees, I looked down and asked myself, Why is this happening to me?

I was doing some work on my computer until Shizu-chan called me down for dinner. I went down to see Shizu-chan setting down the hotpot in the middle of the table. The aroma filled the air. I was surprised that Shizu-chan managed not to burn the place down while making all this. I sat myself down onto the chair and waited until Shizu-chan sat down, across from me. I may eat alone all the time but I still have proper table manners, I smirked to myself.

"Help yourself," Shizu-chan insisted.

"Thank you for the meal," I mumbled as Shizu-chan said the same thing, but only louder.

I cautiously took a taste of the hotpot making sure there was no poison inside of it. My eyes widened, I straightened my posture as the taste melted in my mouth. Never had I tasted something more amazing than this. Screw table manners, I need to eat more of this .I stuffed my face with food until I was full.

Shizu-chan finished his food, "I feel like a newlywed couple," he teased.

I stare at him in disbelief, not only did he say that, but I'm not even sure if he was serious or kidding, "That will never happen!" I snapped.

After all the commotion, I helped Shizu-chan wash and dry the dishes. I walked backed to my room but paused. I turn around and looked at him.

"Sure you may say weird stuff, but your food was the best thing I've tasted in my life," I gave him a thumbs up. I knew I was blushing again so I quickly covered my face with my hands.

He grinned and went up to me. Shizu-chan ruffled my hair, "I'll cook this for you anytime, all you need to do is ask," he promised.

My head was swirling around. Why? Why is he being so nice to me?

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