Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)

I'll Wait

(Shizuo's POV)

Izaya! Izaya!

Izaya's the only thing running around inside my mind. I leave the building and search for Izaya. I left the park 5 minutes after Izaya left, meaning that he should still be around. I walk for a while, then I start to jog, jogging then turns into running and then I find myself sprinting.

Izaya! Where are you?

(Izaya's POV)

I walk around Ikebukuro one last time. Shizu-chan must be looking for me, I chuckled, imagining the face Shizu-chan would make. When will he give up on me? I stroll past the places Shizu-chan and I went to and came to a stop. I realized that I was standing at the first place Shizu-chan and I met before I started living with him.

It was the alleyway, the place where he saved me... The same place that brought us together. My heart starts to ache and I clutch my chest. Ugh! I really don't wanna leave... But what choice do I have? If I don't, Shizu-chan might...

I slap my face with both of my hands to snap out of it. Not today! I turn around and start heading to the train station. I stop in my tracks and hesitated, I force myself to not look back.

(Shizuo's POV)

Even if I could find Izaya by smell, searching for him under pressure doesn't really help. I try to call Izaya's cellphone over and over again, but it only leads me to his voicemail.

Tch! He must've heard my conversation with Tom-san. But still, it gives no reason for Izaya to leave! We could've at least talked it out. And if we discussed it, maybe I wouldn't be by myself right now.

I had a limited amount of contacts, but I decided to call Izaya's one and only clingy friend.


"Hello?" He picks up.

"Ah Mikoto!" I said in hope.

"Geh! It's Shizuo, how the hell do you know my number?! I'm hanging up-"

"No wait! It's about Izaya!" Desperation floods inside of me.

"I-Iza-chin? What did you do? Did you hurt him?! I'll never forgive you!"

"He- He just left, but it's only been a couple of minutes and I'm wondering if you know where would Izaya go."

"I think the most reasonable place he'd go to is to the train station, b-but that 's just a hunch!"

"I see..." I smiled, "Thanks Mikoto!"

"I-I'm only doing this for Iza-chin's sake not yours!"

"Heh, I know."

"Well now that my part is out of the way, you better bring Iza-chin back!"

"Of course!" I ended the call.

Now, on my way to the train station...

I get to the entrance of the train station and I see a familiar looking fellow going inside. Izaya! I follow him and a guard stops me.

"S-Sir!" He blocks my path, "You need to have money, a card or a pass to go further from this point.

Shit! I forgot that I left my wallet back at home.

"I'll pay later," I try to pass him.


"Let me pass!"

Just then, I was surrounded by a bunch of guards. I can take them on.

"Don't underestimate me!" I rip off the railing beside me.

(Izaya's POV)

"Please go behind the yellow line, a train is now arriving."

The train arrives and the passengers start to board the train. I check my phone one last time before I get inside the train.

What an unbelievable amount of missed calls! Ehhh... 37 missed calls.

I suddenly hear screams and shouts coming from the entrance. What was the ruckus about? I bite my lip.

Maybe it's... N-No way! Impossible, never in a billion years.

I sling my duffel bag onto my shoulders and jump inside.

(Shizuo's POV)

I managed to escape from the guards and run through the gates. Just then, from the other side of station, I see a raven-haired man hop inside a train.

I start to dash towards him. I can't make it in time, the doors are almost closing.

"IZAAAAYYYYAAAAAA!" I yell with all my might.

The doors close and Izaya stays put. He doesn't hear me. He doesn't turn around. And he doesn't get off the train.

"Please go behind the yellow line, a train is now departing."

The train Izaya's on starts to leave. I try to reach him but my legs betray me at the last second and I fall onto the ground. I was left speechless. Izaya was getting further and further away. I clench my teeth and punch the ground.

The guards finally catch up to me. I see the train disappear from my sight and my mind goes blank. I look up at the guards but I couldn't hear a single word from the. Only the sound of trains filled my ears. I try to stand up and follow the train, but it was no use.

I didn't get any sleep tonight. I couldn't sleep even if I wanted to.

I started searching for him once the sun rose. I look at the back of the alleyways, not there. I checked his previous house, not there. I explored Shinra's place, not there either.

I sit down on a nearby bench to rest for a while. I take a pack of cigarettes from my pocket and start to smoke. I sigh, when was the time I took a cigarette out of my pocket?

I take my phone out and start to call each of my contacts, including Izaya, who hasn't answered his phone ever since yesterday. I couldn't find him, even with the help of my personal connections, Izaya could not be found. Shit! Why did you leave?! Might as well change your identity while you're at it! I throw the cigar onto the ground and crushed it beneath the sole of my shoe under pure frustration.

Before I realized it, I started waiting...

I waited for days...

Then for weeks...

It soon turned into months...

And then I knew... I knew that I waited for years...

But whichever ground Izaya's walking on, I'll be forever waiting...

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