Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)



(Izaya's POV)

I step off the train and look around, "Ah~h," I sigh, "It's been forever since I've been to Ikebukuro."

And thus, we meet once again. Maybe I should go to- I stop thinking about that idea before I got any funny ideas. Haha... Shizu-chan must've gave up on me by now. I guess it doesn't hurt to go there now.

I stuff my hand in my jacket pocket and reach for my house key, well, ex-house now. I clutch the key and let my shoulders droop, looks like I've kept it all along.

From the other side of the hall, I could see Shizu-chan's entrance. I just hope no one's inside right now. I walk up to it and blankly stare at the door. I grab hold of the knob and gulp. I slide in the key and slowly twisted it... ah, I'm in! Guess he never changed the lock.

I go inside and look around, nothing really changed. I go to my old room, by now there shouldn't be anything in there. I open the door and noticed that everything looked the same from 3 years ago, except no speck of dust lied around. N-No way, it couldn't be...

I look around a bit more and go to the living room. How nostalgic. Overwhelmed with the nostalgia, I sat down on the couch and closed my eyes for a bit.

(Shizuo's POV)

I wait outside for Tom-san to finish collecting some guy's taxes. I can hear them arguing from inside and I get a bit ticked off. I take deep breaths to calm myself down.

Suddenly, a surge of anger, happiness, and frustration mixed together invades my heart. My body seems to move on its own and I have no control whatsoever. I go inside and pick up the guy Tom-san is arguing with.

"Oi! Oi! What are you doing?" Tom-san says in panic.

Ignoring him, I put my arm up and knock the guy out.

Tom-san grabs my shoulder and asks, "Great, and he was just about to hand me over the money. What the hell was that for?!"

"Sorry, I just caught a scent of flea through the air..." I pause for a second and think about what I just said, "U-Unless..."

I think of the possibility, there's no way I'm wrong, I know this scent from anywhere.

"T-Tom-san I have to-"

"Just go," he smiles, "Here, might as well take this too," he hands me a bag of groceries.

"Thanks, I owe you," I look at the groceries, "But do I really need this bag of-"


I sigh and run out the door.

I look up at the sky and it starts to rain, it was raining, but the sun was also out. What an unusual combo.

I follow the scent and I realize that I'm in front of my building. Please! I need you to be here! I sprint to my door and I quickly unlock it. I open the door quietly and I see...

(Izaya's POV)

Just then, I heard a loud thump. I opened my eyes and see a bag of groceries on the floor. An apple rolls to the side of my foot and stops. I slowly look up and I see Shizu-chan, staring at me wide-eyed.

I make a run to the door, but he stops me before I could escape.

"W-Wait!" He grabs my hand.

"L-Let go!" I slide away, I almost make it out, but...

"Izaya!" He forcefully shouts.

My feet glue to the ground and I can't move.

I can hear him walking closer to me and I look down. He hugs me from behind and I don't resist at all. A single tear rolls down my cheek and onto the floor.

"Hey, you know I actually heard all of what you said that night during the fireworks," he begins.

"S-Sorry..." It was the only word I could croak out.

"Don't tell me that the time we met and spent was all for a waste!

You never visited Ikebukuro after that night!

Why? Why didn't you? I waited for you every day, but you still didn't come."

"I-I couldn't even if I wanted to," I clench my teeth.

"Are you going to leave me alone again?" He whispers in my ear.

We stayed quiet, the only noise came from the raindrops out of the window. I decided to break the silence.

"Even if I said no, you'll probably force me to stay with you. But now that you c-caught me, I guess it can't be helped."

"For real?"

"Mm," I nodded.


"I promise," I say without hesitation.

I dug into the palm of my hands and turned around to face Shizu-chan. I decided to stop running away and face my past directly.

"I-I'm home!" I stammer.

Shizu-chan soften his look and greets me with, "Welcome home."

I wiped my tears away and looked at him straight in the eyes.

This isn't like me. Why do I feel all warm inside?

Shizu-chan puts his hands in his pockets, "Hey, do you remember when we met? I still think that fate brought us there."

Fate? It amazes me that he could think like that. But still, if it's Shizu-chan thinks it's fate, then maybe it isn't so bad to believe in fate too.

I cross my arms and close my eyes, "D-Don't be stupid, of course I'd never forget the time we met..."

I open one eye and I see him smiling. It throws me off guard, almost causing me to forget what I was saying.

"...out in the rain."


[A/N: Hiii, this is the author! Thank you for supporting this fanfiction and reading it to the end! I love reading your reviews! It really helps3 Stay tune, a small epilogue will be coming shortly after!]

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