Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)


Shizu-chan and I walk around Ikebukuro to catch up on stuff that I've missed these past few years. At the corner of my eye, I see some familiar looking faces.

"Ah! Kida-kun!" I wave and jog up to him.

Beside Kida-kun was Ryuugamine Mikado and the girl with glasses, Sonohara Anri. Ahhh, how nice it would be to have such faithful friends like them...

"Where's Saki?" I look around.

"Tch, you don't need to know. Let's go!" Kida-kun turns around.

"You're so mean Kida-kyun~!" I pout.

"You should've stayed away from Ikebukuro..."

"Ehh? How do you know that I disappeared for a while?"

"Word around here travels pretty fast... And the skies were looking clearer once you left... such a pity." Kida-kun sighs.

"But you don't even know the actual reason for why I left!" I pat his head.

He pushes my arm away and notices who I'm with.

"W-Why is he with you?" Kida points at Shizu-chan.

"Hm? Shizu-chan?" I smile, "It's. A. Secret."

I take Shizu-chan's arm and lead him away from the three of them.

"What was that for?" Shizu-chan questioned me with an annoyed look.

"N-Nothing... Where should we go next?" I switch the topic.

Shizu-chan and I decide to go to Shinra's place for old time's sake.

I knock on the door and Shinra opens the door quite excitedly.

"Oh Izaya! You're back? And not sound rude but why are you back? A-And why are you with S-Shizuo-kun?" Shinra starts barging me with questions.

"Oh I just came back to meet my incompetent lover and I met Shizu-chan along the way!" I nonchalantly tell a white lie.

"I-Incompetent?!" Shizu-chan says under his breath.

"Ohhh... W-Wait! L-Lover?! So even Izaya-san can have feelings for someone!" Shinra gets excited, "Ne~ ne~ what are they like?"

"Hmm," I think to myself and suddenly put on a smug face, "They're like Shizu-chan."

"Ehhh?! Shizuo?" Shinra's eyes pop, "I guess opposites do attract!"

We say our goodbyes and once Shizu-chan and I reach the first floor. Shizu-chan holds onto my arm and guides me to an alleyway. He pins me to the wall to make sure I wouldn't escape. I have a bad feeling about this...

"What do you mean by 'they're like Shizu-chan?' I believe that person is me." He goes closer to me.

I tensely laugh as he stares intently at me.

"D-Don't worry. I-I only said that for my own a-amusement." I fumble with my words.

"Well then, this will be for my own amusement," Shizu-chan loosens his bowtie and leans closer to me.

"Haaah..." I sigh, "I'm not going something so indecent at some dirty alleyway... Dummy."

We started walking back home since it was already dark outside.

"What? It's not like we went all the way." Shizu-chan shrugs.

"Hmpf! I'm not going to give you my mind and body if we're not serious about this!" I cross my arms.

"So we have to be serious, huh?" He sticks his tongue out.

"Yep!" I say, feeling a bit provoked.

"I thought we were already pretty serious about this," Shizu-chan starts whining.

"But there has to be full dedication!" I pump my fist up in the air.

I get no response, instead, I see Shizu-chan glancing over at a bouquet of flowers.


"Flea! I have a great idea." Shizu-chan says as he ran over to the flowers.

I see him buy one and I walk over to him.

"What's this all about?" I tug on his vest.

Without answering, Shizu-chan grabs me once again and leads me to the park.

It would've been impossible to see each other if it weren't for the lamppost that illuminated in the night. We stood face to face, a couple of metres away from each other. A duel?

Suddenly, in the midst of silence, Shizu-chan goes closer to me and goes on one knee. I take a step back in disbelief. Shizu-chan holds the bouquet of flowers in front of me and asks...

"Orihara Izaya, will you marry me?"

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