Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)

Christmas Special: Part 2


W-wait! Don't go!

I watched in horror, as Shizu-chan walked out of the door. It was helpless, there was no more hope left, I couldn't bring myself to tell him to stay. Screw it! I guess I'm spending Christmas Eve by myself now. It's always like this. What better plans did I have this evening? With nothing better to do I came up with a plan. I guess I'm going to play as a "stalker" and follow Shizu-chan and that girl around. I quickly put on my coat and went out the door.

Outside, I began to look around, Shizu-chan wasn't anywhere to be seen but I knew exactly where that famous noodle shop was located. I ran nonstop all the way to the noodle shop, almost exceeding my limit. Even if I knew where Shizu-chan was going to, that place was pretty far from our house. I was now right in front of the shop, light seeped through the poorly built door. I knew that this door stood as a barrier between Shizu-chan, the girl, and myself. It was a wall that I couldn't overcome, even if I had all the power in the world.

I put my hands on my knees, barely holding myself up. I was panting, trying to take sharp intakes of air every few seconds. My face was red from running all over, it was warm for a while until the cold, wintery air started to spread all over me. Cold, it was cold all over my body, I cursed myself for forgetting to put proper winter clothing on. Knowing that I couldn't go inside, I walked over to a lamp post and rested for a while. After a few minutes, I stood up and noticed that snow began to fall. I looked up at the sky, even though it was starting to snow now, the stars were still visible to the naked eye. Shizu-chan...

A while after, the "couple" were now outside, not only were they all smiles with each other, but they even had their arms were linked together. This is just too cruel! My heart was throbbing with pain, dark emotions were slowly eating my heart away. I wanted to rip my heart out of my chest and just let the blood flow out. Anything could've been better other than silently watching over them, cuddling with each other. I can't take it anymore, I turned my back at them, almost losing myself in tears.

"Izaya?" Shizu-chan called over to me, with a slight surprise in his voice.

"Who's that?" the female whispered over to Shizu-chan.

"F-fancy meeting you here Shizu-chan, I was on my way home. Good-bye now!" my voice was trembling.

I started dashing to the direction of the house. My legs still felt like lead after chasing after Shizu-chan around, but I didn't want to stay there any longer.

"W-wait Izaya. Hey I said wait up!" he shouted.

Even though I was running with all my might, I could still hear Shizu-chan's footsteps following behind me loud and clear. I'm guessing that he ditched the girl to chase after me. Should I be happy? There was no time to think about that, I didn't want him to see me looking like a mess. I ran on a different route, it was silent and dark, but somehow, the stars brightened up the path. No one said something about the sidewalks being slippery out in the night, but apparently they were. My heart was beating rapidly out of my chest as I slid on the ice. My heart was beating even faster when Shizu-chan caught me.

"You louse! What are you doing, making me chase after you!" Shizu-chan ranted.

"S-sorry. But as you can see, I'm okay now," I forced out a smile.

"Idiot," he poked my cheek, "There are tear stains on your face."

I averted my gaze away from Shizu-chan, "And would you like to know why?" I backed away from him.

"I guess you'll be telling me, right?" he observed.

I took a deep breath and started to tell him why, "I don't know why but ever since I started living with you, there was this feeling in my heart that I had to endure for so long. Do you even know how painful it was to watch you walk out the door to meet some girl! I'm done with this. I give up. My feelings are more confused than ever and it's all your fault. Stupid Shizu-chan!" my voice started to whimper at the end because I was containing myself to break out right in front of him.

Shizu-chan was speechless, his mouth was wide open and his eyes shone in shock. I didn't have the slightest clue on what he was going to do next. I couldn't bring myself to look at him in the eyes, I knew my face was painted with pain.

"Izaya, I- I'm sorry for what I've done to you, this will probably be the worst thing that I've regretted in my life, " he started going onto his knees, "To think that I wanted to keep you for myself, I've been selfish."

"Then why were you with that girl?!" I demanded.

"Let me clear this up for you," he began, "I had to kiss up to her, this was only for my working reasons, I've been tight on money this week. So doing this kind of thing will never be for my personal life. Please trust me on this one!"

There was only silence that filled the silent street.

I broke the ice, "Haha, now I regret saying all that stuff to you.".

"Wait, you believe me?" Shizu-chan said, in astonishment.

"Of course, even if we spent our lives killing each other, I know that you wouldn't lie straight at my face," I explained.

"Heheh, then shall we go home?" he grinned.

I nodded back. We walked down the dark path together. Even though I was freezing all over, warmth overcame me. Just by being beside Shizu-chan, I felt warmer every second. Suddenly, something went on top of me and down to my shoulders. I realized that Shizu-chan and I were now sharing a scarf together.

"Are you that cold? Your face is flushed with red," Shizu-chan said, looking away from my direction.

I laugh a little to myself, thinking about two full grown men, sharing a scarf together. Geez, we're a bunch of idiots. The darkness soon vanished as we came closer to the our original path, the light became more visible. A lot of people were on that path, it was buzzing with joy and laughter, but we stayed a bit off track from the main route so nobody could see us. Catching me off guard, Shizu-chan held my pale, shaking hands.

"Your hands are shivering, they're freezing," he noticed.

"Yeah, I forgot about that," I acknowledged.

"Well then, we don't want you getting a fever, like last time," he added.

I thought back to the time when I met him in the rain, and then he took care of me after I collapsed. A smile began to form on the corner of my mouth. For a second, our eyes met but we quickly turned away after we saw each other.

"Oh- uh- flea! W-what time is it?" Shizu-chan asked, desperately trying to change the subject.

"Hm,, its-"

*DING DING!* The clock began to ring all around the city. The ringing went on and in the end there was a total of 12 dings.

"I guess it's midnight then, 12 o'clock sharp, to be exact," I confirmed.

Shizu-chan pulled me closed and brushed my hair that was covering my forehead away. Our faces, barely touching each other's.

"Merry Christmas," he kissed the top of my forehead and smiled.

My eyes widen, but I smiled back.

Merry Christmas~

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