Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)

The Excuse

[NOTE: This takes place days after the Christmas when Izaya accused Shizuo of meeting up with the girl, if you haven't read the Christmas Special yet I suggest that you do so. This will also be written in Shizuo's perspective, instead of Izaya's for this chapter.]

I was preparing the table for breakfast until Izaya ran up to me.

"Ne, Shizu-chan?"

"What's up?"

"I was wondering," Izaya crossed his arms together as a puzzled look went across his face, "Why did you have to go meet up with that girl? And what "business reasons" were you referring to?"

The blood suddenly drains out of my face, "You can forget about that," I plastered a smile on my face.

Now that I think of it, this louse just reminded me what I was supposed to do that night I went night. I felt a drop of sweat running down from my face as Izaya's face came closer. I tried my best to avoid making direct eye contact at him, yet I wanted to read his emotions, but if I do so then I'm not sure if I could hold back any longer. I sneak a peek at the confused, dumbfounded Izaya who was now narrowing his eyebrows. The flea's eyes gave off an amusing aura to it, it twinkled with curiosity but also had a sharp glare, just like a hawk, but it wasn't displeasing in any way. Dammit! He's cute. I cover my mouth with my hand, I knew that my mouth was forming into a grin, but if he sees it then I'll be forced to confess.

"Shiii-zuu-chan~," Izaya slowly said, "There's no place to hide."

His eyes were now swirling around in chaos, it showed that he had the intent to kill. I sigh as I held my hands up in surrender, I pick Izaya up my shoulders and walked over to the couch. Ignoring his protest, I dropped him on the couch and sat on his lap.


Before he could say anymore, I interrupted him abruptly, "If I'm going tell you why, then I guess I'll tell you what happened from the beginning."

Izaya nodded his head in approval and told me to get off him before he takes out his blade out. Once we were properly seated, I started to tell him about my "story."

Shizuo's Excuse/Story:

I looked out the window that separated this giant stuffed cat and me. I thought about Izaya and smiled at the thought of giving this to him. I looked at the price tag which clearly wrote ¥50,000 (around $400-$500 USD). My eyes widen in disbelief, I run into the store and went over to the cashier.

"I'm looking for whoever owns this place," I calmly say.

"That's me," the cashier points at himself like it's a big deal.

" Why is that stuffed cat overly-priced?" I ask him.

"Because it's around the holiday season!" he replies back happily.

"Sir," I managed to say, slowly having the urge to knock him out.

"This is a limited time offer too! I'll make an offer then," the cashier bargained.

"Fine," I agreed.

"I'll lower it down by one so your total is ¥49,999!" he exaggeratedly yells out, "And this is just for you!"

"Sir, I am this close to punching you so hard that you wished you were never alive in the first place," I said back, my voice getting louder word by word.

"B-but you do know if you do that, I have the ability to raise the bargain up to ¥60,000 instead," the cashier's voice was trembling but he still managed to smile.

There was nothing I could do now, my blood was boiling. I punched him to the back of the storage room. People around me started to scream and run out of the store. Screw this. I walk out of the store and a girl with chocolate brown hair that reached up to her shoulders approached me. Her short stature reminded me of how short Izaya was, I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit.

"Is it really funny that you made a mess out of a store?" she questioned me.

"N-not really, you just reminded me of someone," I straightened up.

"Well then, let me get to the point, do you need that much money by Christmas?" the girl pointed at the price tag on the stuffed cat.

"It doesn't matter anymore," I grumbled.

"Ehh? Are you sure? It looks like you were going to buy it for someone special, what a waste!" she whined.

"Was it really noticeable?"

"Of course it was, who else would punch the guy working at this place," she punched the air.

"I guess so."

"If you need money I'll be glad to hook you up for a job."

"Alright!" I replied back, almost too quickly.

"Here are the directions for the workplace," she handed me a piece of folded paper.

Her phone began to rang and she picked it up. After a few second she hanged up.

"Something urgent came up," she began to walk away, "Oh, but my contact info is in there if you have to reach me."

I watched her go and began to go back home. I felt like things were looking up for me. Just you wait Izaya! I'll definitely get this stuffed cat for you.

I soon got all the money I needed and a bit of pocket money. I walk back to the store and placed the stuffed cat in front of the cashier.

"Wait, wait, wait!" It was the store manager again.

"What is it? I have ¥50,000," I cleared up.

"Sir, did you not remember that you punched the lights out of me a few days ago," he explained, "It is now ¥60,000."

I wanted to punch him again, but this was all for Izaya, I can't screw up. I scavenge my pocket money and I find ¥5000, I was short another ¥5000. Just then, my phone started ringing.

"Hey I'll get back on that," I yelled at the cashier as I answered the call.

"Yo wassup! Did you get the stuffed cat?" It was the girl, Marie.

"I'm short ¥5000 because of that bastard," I explained.

"You know, I can give you that money."

"Really? Thanks!"

"I wasn't saying that it was for free though.."

"Then what do I have to do?"

"Just treat me out."

"Deal, I know this fancy restaurant that I can take you to."

"Alright then."

She hung up. Yes! I'll be able to get the stuffed cat now!

Back to Present:

"And that's why I was there with Marie," I cleared up.

"Hmm so it's Marie, there's no honorific huh," he thought.

"Ehhh, are you jealous," I teased.

"Of course not," the flea's face flushed.

I go inside my room to get the present for Izaya as I still hear him screaming from the living room.

"Here," I handed him a poorly wrapped gift with a ribbon on top.

"What's this," his face was written with disgust.

"Just open it," I insisted.

"...Fine," he finally agreed.

As he opened it, his face was gleaming with happiness. He threw the stuffed cat up on the air, caught it and spun around in circles.

"Thank you! Thank you Shizu-chan!" he jumped on top of me and hugged me.

My face was turning red, but I was so happy, to think that Izaya would throw his arms around me. I laugh with him and hug him back.

"I'm really grateful Shizu-chan. I really love yo-" he paused.

Was he gonna say he loves me? I was furiously blushing now, his face was turning red too.

"Can you say that again?" I asked.

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