Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)

I've Noticed

"Oi flea!" Shizu-chan shouted out, "We're gonna be late!"

"I know, I know," I annoying called back as I put on my mismatched socks.

Now what possible stunt were we doing today perhaps? Shizu-chan invited me to Akihabara. He supposedly wanted to buy a figurine on an anime he was currently hooked up to. The only thing is, why did he invite me? Now I don't like going outside, it isn't my type of place, yet he practically forced me to go. I go downstairs to tie my shoes on as Shizu-chan impatiently tapped his foot.

"Ah Shizu-chan! I forgot I had something to do today," I lied.

"Yeah no shit," he lifted me on my shoulders, "You're going to Akiba with me today."

"What the- I'm not an item that you can carry!" I opposed.

He didn't listen to me. Of course he wouldn't. My face was burning as he carried me to the train station. Confused stares came from different directions, I'm not surprised though. The strongest man in Ikebukuro is carrying his life-long enemy, but they aren't fighting. They don't know the reason though, it's just for one stupid figurine.

We were now on the train, sitting across from each other. I glared at him and he unemotionally stared back at me. Not one civilian was riding inside with us, I mean who would?

"Ahhhh mo~" I sighed and took out a box of Pocky.

My stomach was empty all because of Shizu-chan, he made me skip breakfast and I couldn't possibly make my own meal without burning the place. He place his hand in front of me.

"What?" I sharply ask.

"Gimme one," he pointed out.

"Get your own," I rejected and pulled out another pocky stick and started nibbling on it .

He quickly jumped on me and before I could comprehend the situation I find him on top of me, I was pinned down! My arms were held down by him, to make it worse that he bit the other side of the pocky stick I was eating. What is this, the Pocky game? As he bit closer and closer, my face got redder and redder. I closed my eyes shut, I was trembling. Quick, think of something, stupid! A light bulb appeared in my head, I came back to my senses, I kick him between the legs, he froze and he grabbed his crotch and fell on the floor.

"The hell... Shizu-chan this is a train we're riding on, please refrain from doing perverted stuff with me, we're in public," I reminded him with a monotone voice.

"So I can do this when we're in p-private right," he achingly asked.

"Do you want me to kick you again?" I smiled.

We got off the train and there stood in front of us, the humongous crowd of Akihabara. I look over at Shizu-chan, he too was speechless. He walked a little further out and threw his arms out in the air.

"A-KI-HA-BA-RA~" he yelled in a straight face.

Even though he was showing no emotions, his eyes were gleaming, I knew he was excited. I could read all his emotions, I smugly think to myself. I came into a shock. When did I become so proud of this? Just how much time have I spent with him?

"Let's go," he grabbed my hand and eased our way into the crowd.

We were in flow with the crowd and soon after, we landed right in front of the target. We went inside the store and got one out from the shelf. We walked to the cashier and Shizu-chan started paying and I took a look at what's behind the box. I disappointedly look at him.

"Did you know this was supposed to be built?" I pointed at the disassembled figurine.

He nodded, "How hard can it be?"

Three hours have passed and no luck. Even with instructions, he was a hopeless mess. I pity him at how simple the instructions were made, but he hasn't even pieced at least one part with another. I marched into the living room slapped his head.

"Give me that!" I demanded.

"Are you going to try and sabotage all my hard work and progress?" he pouted.

"What progress?!" I growled, "I'll assemble this my own!"

"If you're going to help then we do this together," he ordered.

I clicked my tongue, I sit beside him and start looking through the instructor's manual, this was the most easiest thing in the planet.

"Hey didn't you pass high school or something, can't you read?" I asked.

"Just to let you know, my mark was 51% for English, I still passed."

"Yeah, barely!"

"What else was I suppose to do?"

"Maybe study?"

"No way! All through my high school career I was too busy chasing after you."

I had to turn away and cover my mouth, I didn't want to gag or anything but I was smiling. The worst thing was that my face was heating up, I was blushing again.

"I'm going to make some sandwiches," I quickly stood up.

"Wait are you using a knife?" he questioned.

"Yea of course," I confusingly said.

"Alright I'll make the snacks, you stay here and finish up on the figurine" he went to the kitchen.

I narrowed my eyebrows. What was that all about? I walk back to the couch and started assembling the figurine together. I made a few tweaks here and there by the time Shizu-chan got back with the sandwiches.

"Did you put some tuna in mine?" I asked.

"The usual," he sat down beside me and started eating.

Ohh ok the usual, wait the usual?! What the frick was the usual? It is true that I am with him a little too much. I should put some distance between us. We were a little too "close" on the couch, I scoot over to the other side. He scooted closer to me. By now, I was all the way to the edge of the couch, but our knees were still touching.

"W-why are you too close to me?!" I stuttered.

Hmm? It's always been like this," he answered back.

What kind of life have I been living after I moved in with Shizu-chan. Just before I got off the couch, I noticed that the figurine's colour was fading out, it needed a new coat of paint.

"Shizu-chan, I need to go get paint," I insisted as I ran to my room.

"Why do you have paint," Shizu-chan sighed.

"Well why don't I? If I have paint then I'll always have paint thinner. Who knows if I need to start a fire?" I proudly explained.

"I shoulda known," he said under his breath.

It was soon midnight and the final touches were being completed. Shizu-chan was sleeping on the couch as I sat on the floor, painting the last coat. The figurine dried after a few minutes and once I was satisfied, I bolted up and stretched my arms. Yes! It's now complete, now I can give it to Shizu- Why was I so happy? I was simply just helping him.

I look over at Shizu-chan's sleeping face, he looks so peaceful. I leaned in closer to his face and stared at his lips, my face was slightly flushed. At my surprise, he suddenly puts an arm around my head and hugs me tight.

"S-Shizu-chan?!" I whispered.

"Mmm Izaya.." he mumbled.

Was he still asleep? And why the hell did he say my name? Ehh? EHHHHHHHHH?!

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