Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)

Valentine's Day Special


(Izaya's POV)

It's already 3 o'clock in the morning.

I gravely laugh at my pitiful self, "Ahaha- wait no, NONONONONO!"

I'm not acting like myself, what am I even doing? My hands moved on its own as it melted the chocolate and formed it into a shape of a heart. The frosting had something down that I've never knew I'd write down, in big bolded capital letters, it said, 'To Shizu-chan.' I used an apron and everything.

I wanted to break the chocolate into smothering pieces but I couldn't let my efforts be in vain. I've got cuts and scars just from cutting and melting the chocolates. I admit, I'm not the best cooker and Shizu-chan is far way superior at cooking than me. But Valentine's Day, this is the closest day that I could give him something out of the blue without a particular reason.

B-But it's not like I'm giving to him because I l-love him or anything!

I just want him to praise me and tell me it's delicious, and maybe he could ruffle my hair up and afterwards-

I had to stop for a second, I need a breather, just what kind of disgusting fantasies am I making up? I might as well die from embarrassment. It's already February 14th but it took at least a good 6 hours and 33 tries to make the perfect chocolate. I originally started at February 13th but it was now Valentine's Day, just how bad was I at cooking?

Shizu-chan said that he won't be able to come home today so he'll be staying at Shinra's place for the night. That was fine for me because if Shizu-chan ever saw that I stepped foot inside the kitchen, not to grab some snacks, but to actually make something, he'd be taking out a camera and start filming me. He decided that we film "special" occasions on which we have achieved on something but that was just an excuse to try and film me 24/7. I don't know what kind of embarrassing moment he'll catch on tape to use against me, but I'm not risking the chance.

The frosting hardened and it was ready to get wrapped up in a box. I now knew why Shizu-chan never let me cook something involving a knife, I was a klutz. The clumsiest person that you could ever encounter, oh why am I cursed with this only for the kitchen.

I dropped it. Yes, I dropped all my hard work and dedication onto the floor, the heart broke in half, just like my real one. Why? I picked up one of the two pieces and chucked it across the room. I heard a thump near the door, it must've landed around the entrance.

I sloppily drop on the couch and scratch my forehead, I scratched harder and harder, I didn't care if I drew blood. Sooner or later I knew that I was going to start finding ways to kill myself, each second, my mind went blank. My eyes were heavy as lead, but I needed to hurt myself even more, I was beginning to slowly fall asleep.

(Shizuo's POV)

I unlock the door with a box wrapped around with a ribbon. What I didn't expect was to see 3 to 4 pieces of chocolate broken apart around the floor. Maybe just maybe, did Izaya make these? I kick off my shoes and run inside the living room, just as I was about to dash inside Izaya's room I see him lying on top of the couch. I flip him on the side, there was dry blood around his forehead, I take a look at his fingernails, it was stained with blood. What is this klutz doing? You leave him just for the night and you come back to find him ready to rip his head apart.

I head to the bathroom and take out the first-aid kit and made my way back to him. I treat his forehead with a bandage neatly wrapped around and walk inside the kitchen. Izaya must've made these. More than 30 pieces of chocolates went under trial, all of them were crushed but I started eating them one by one.

I carefully sit down beside the sleeping flea. Dammit, why is he wearing an apron? I want to look away but the spell can't be broken, he's too cute.

Now what would I do if I find a broken chocolate heart on the doorstep and see some big breasted girl sleeping on the couch with an apron and a bandage around its forehead? Probably nothing. But if it was Izaya that I found lying on the couch, I might as well lock him inside my room forever and keep him to myself.

I was so close to handcuffing my own hands and throw the keys away just to lay off the flea. I couldn't restrain myself any longer. He started to move.

"Eh- Shizu-chan? What time is it?" he drowsily asked.

Who allowed him to be this defenceless around me?!

Well it didn't last too long, he shot up like a lightning bolt and was already trying to get out of the couch.

"Wait, wait you're still hurt!" I quickly counter.

He froze, he looked angry, angry at himself, then those emotions turned into a bottomless pit of sadness. He was ready to hit himself but I grabbed both of his hands.

"Look at me dammit!" I demanded.

He wouldn't look up, tears started to drop on his knees.

"I'm sorry, I tried to make you chocolate and after 33 tries, I perfected the 34th, but it broke..." Izaya's voice was barely hearable.

"I know, I ate all 33 of those," he looked up at me, wide-eyed, "One was too sweet, another one was too bitter, the next one was burnt, do you want me to tell you more."

Speechless, he shook his head. To be honest, my heart ached, knowing that Izaya went to the trouble to making all of those. I was happy just by knowing that Izaya made chocolate for me and only me, I wanted to have an endless supply of chocolate handmade by Izaya.

(Izaya's POV)

I soon realized I was squeezing onto Shizu-chan's hand but I quickly released from it. My heart broke a little by just letting go of his hand. A part of me didn't want to let go, but it would've gotten awkward sooner or later.

"Thanks Shizu-chan," I whispered quiet enough for him not to hear.

"Did you say something," he asked.

I shook my head, "I have something to do now."

"B-Before you leave," Shizu-chan stuttered, "I have something to give you first."

"Eh?" I say as he took out a neatly wrapped box with a ribbon on top.

I untie the ribbon and open the lid to see assorted chocolates, my favourite type. I give Shizu-chan a heartwarming smile and his face goes red.

"It's just obligatory chocolate, ok?" He spat out.

I chuckled, "What else would it be? It's not like you're confessing to me or anything."

He smugly looked straight into my eyes, "Maybe, maybe not."

"What the hell is that suppose to mean!" I interrogated.

"No comment," he looked away.

"You may be surly but you wouldn't do or say anything without a reason," I deliberately provoked him.

In a flash, he held my hands with such a forceful grip and pulled me close.

"So if I were to kiss you right now, what meaning would I have behind it?" He slyly asked.

"Screw you jerk!" I lower my tone, "I'm also this close to passionately kissing you. What difference would it make for both of us?"

I quickly realized what I said, and soon after, both of us were red from embarrassment. I release from his grip and bolt to the other side of the room.

"Idiot! What did you make me say! It's all your fault," I shockingly point at him.

"Hmmm," he scratched his chin and stood up, "Do you wanna try?"

"Try what?" I questioned curiously.

He walks closer to me, "Kissing... I mean."

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