Out In The Rain (Shizaya Fanfic)

Making Moves

[Please read the Valentine's Day Special Chapter to know what's happening on this chapter, thanks!]

Ki-ki-ki-kissing?! Is Shizu-chan in the right mind? I can't! No way! I try to step backwards but I trip over my own two feet. He steps closer and I shuffle backwards until my back soon hits the overly-sized window, I'm trapped. Even though I could move from side to side, he still had the better advantage of me. Shizu-chan slowly kneels down in front of me and caresses my cheek.

"Izaya..." he sweetly whispers.

Shizu-chan's eyes were glistening from the soft light that the sun radiated from, his eyes were looking at me with such tenderness. He leans in closer to me and I shut my eyes as tight as I could. Is he going to make a move? Something touched my lips, were these Shizu-chan's? Little by little, I opened my eyes. I see his hand holding a drink to my lips.

I look down at my lips, a straw was definitely there, did Shizu-chan just gave me a frickin drink?! I did it again! I let my fantasies get the best of me! My face was covered in humiliation.

"I'm just kidding," he chortled, "I'm just giving you a drink, best not to be dehydrated," he winks.

I examine the drink as he hands it over to me, it was a clear, plastic cup with a straw, I take a sip of it. Thank goodness, it was just water, I couldn't get over my embarrassment, but the drink helped me cool off. Shizu-chan was still looking at me, smiling like the idiot he is.

"Are you still mad?" he grins.

"Bastard," I retorted.

"Don't worry," Shizu-chan assured, "I was just fucking with you. Fucking. With. You. Period."

"That's such a dick-move Shizu-chan..." I averted my gaze from him.

"Well, it's time for me to make breakfast," he said as he stood up.

I continued drinking the water from the straw, it was uncomfortable knowing that Shizu-chan was standing still, staring straight at me.

"Just to give you a little heads up, I drank from that straw too," he informed me.

I choked on the water, "Wha-"

Shizu-chan caught my sentence off, "So we can call it an indirect kiss!"

"What do you mean by we?" I shout at him, but he skips inside the kitchen.

I'm sitting on the couch, hugging my stuffed cat Shizu-chan got me. My body was rocking back and forth from shock. I hear Shizu-chan whistling in the kitchen as he finishes making breakfast. The smell of breakfast was another beautiful scent today. What the hell am I even thinking? It's not time for fucking breakfast! Shizu-chan just tried to kiss me, or was he just teasing with me? Either way, he crossed the frickin line! I form my hand into a fist and waved it up in the air, I'll definitely have my revenge! You'll see!

It was now evening, I didn't have much contact with Shizu-chan after today, truth is, I don't really know how I'll get my revenge. Anyways, I wanted to sleep early but my bedroom was in terrible shape. You couldn't see the floor, heck you couldn't even find the bed. It got so bad that I had to resort into sleeping on the couch, it wasn't that bad actually. I've slept on it countless of times and one time I found extra pillows and blankets from the closet near the living room. I guess it made my stay much more decent, I went downstairs to retrieve the pillows and blankets.

As I'm walking down, I pass by Shizu-chan, it seems like Shizu-chan was also retiring to his bed early today. We walk by, without saying a word, but he then glances over at me.

"Flea, where are you going?" He asks.

"I'm sleeping on the couch today," I responded.

"Why not your room?" He suggested.

"Because it's a dump," I yawned, "Anyways, I'm going now..."

He grabs my arm before I could take another step.

"How about you sleep in my room?" Shizu-chan smirks.

I would disagree as usual but I was tired and really didn't know what was happening right now to be honest. I slowly nodded, looking at him straight in the eye. It surprised him a little, but only for a second. We walk back up to his room, Shizu-chan was still holding onto me like he's afraid I'll run away. He opens the door for me and lets me go.

"Sorry for disturbing you," I step inside, "I'll be in your care."

"Pfft, why are you so formal?" He chuckles.

"I'm not," I pouted.

I looked around, this was the first time I actually looked thoroughly at his room. It was cleaner than I expected a guy's room would be. On the left, there was his bed with a bedside table containing a lamp on top of it. On the right was a desk with a couple of books aligned on top. I jump on his bed and make myself comfortable. I pulled the blanket all the way to my face and took a sniff of the blanket, Shizu-chan's scent was all over his bed; my face was slightly turning red. Shizu-chan plopped down beside me and I surprisingly threw the blanket in the air. I was wide awake now.

"I thought you were taking the couch," I screeched.

"Of course not, there's enough room for both of us to fit here anyways," Shizu-chan explains.

"I'm going back down," I warned him.

"No..." he puts an arm around me, "...Stay."

There was a spark of mischief in his eyes. Why am I still agreeing to this? I lay back down on the bed and stare at him suspiciously. In his eyes, he must've thought I was a abandoned kitten on the road, pouting miserably. He lays down and looks at me with a grin then pats my head. I was heating up again, I roll the other way so he wouldn't notice.

"Izaya... look at me," he faintly recommended.

"Never!" I rejected almost instantly.

He hugs me tight and pulls me close.

"S-Shizu-chan!" I try to wiggle out.

He kisses my nape and I turn bright red.

"GYAAAAAH!" I scream.

I wake up, I was dead tired after countless attempts of trying to release from Shizu-chan's grasp. I glance at his clock, it was almost 2 o'clock A.M. I was still facing the other way, It was kind of getting a little too warm because we were 'this' close with each other. I try to turn the other way and face Shizu-chan, but I soon realize that I'm still caught by this blonde. He unconsciously loosens his grip and I was able to turn around and look at him directly. His sleeping face really is peaceful... and I really am an idiot. I feel like someone casted a spell on me whenever I look at him. He really is handsome, he has a nice figure too and has a lot of amazing traits. I could've continued on with my thoughts but Shizu-chan slowly opens his eyes, he eyed me suspiciously and in curiosity, he pinched both of my cheeks.

"Is this a dream or reality?" He wearily asked.

I couldn't say a word, he was acting too cute.

"It'd be nice if it was both," he smiles.

If he thinks it's a dream then it wouldn't hurt to try a crazy stunt I feel like pulling off right now. I get up into sitting position and lean closer to him. Carefully, I kiss his cheek. He quickly widens his eyes and I quickly lie back down and turn the other way. Shizu-chan then shot up.

"I-I-Izaya! What did you just do?" He stammers.

Fuuuck, he's back to reality! Maybe if I don't move-

"I know you're awake!" He noticed.

Hesitantly, I answer back, "It was nothing Shizu-chan."

"It definitely wasn't nothing," He doubts.

"It was a simple peck on the cheek," I shrug.

"Jeez, don't joke around," he chastises.

That was almost the same thing he did with me, but he thought it was ok. In annoyance and anger, I face him and I bury my face on his chest, "I wasn't, I was serious about that actually."

"O-oi!" He staggers.

"What's your next move Shizu-chan?" I ask.

"Huh-?" He confusingly responded.

Hurry up! It's your turn... Make a move.

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