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~/new students ~ new advantures \~ -bnha-


When you got new students in your school it's normal right? But... In word where 80% people on earth have powers.. Called quirks then it shall be same.. But in this story it's not... This is story of Apolo Yumi quirkless girl and Anomis Miko tomboy girl. But.. No more spoilers go and read be yourself!

Adventure / Fantasy
lazy gamer girl
Age Rating:

Chapter 1. Serie 1. Introduction

~Apolo's part of this story ~(girl with glasses, cyan eyes and brown hair in ponytail, I won't make Anomis Miko's part, sorry but maybe if this story will be popular then I'll maybe really just maybe will do all this but how Anomis sees it...)

"Hello! My name is Apolo oh uh I mean Apolo Yumi sorry I always forget my second name.. Hehe well let's get to the important part.. Today its my first day at U.A... I can't wait it's really hard getting there already... And when your quirkless? Even harder but... At least I got there after a lot work.. Well gotta go before I'll get late!"

after telling all this Apolo went out started practically running to not be late.. After she got there she saw just few people in front gates, others were inside already even tho they had ten minutes time.. She decided to just go to class.. But then somebody tapped on her arm.

"heya kiddo.. What your doing here eh? "

when she turn around she see her childhood friend.(best friend too)

" o oh A Anomis h hey... Im I'm just.. G going to class.. Heh...."

she was pretty nervous because just like with Midoriya and Bakugou, Apolo was Midoriya and Anomis Bakugou, so you can imagine how scared she was seeing that she got in U.A too...

" welp... You better watch out for begin kicked out because your quirkless heh"

once again Anomis is joking about it... Even though she know that 20% of people are quirkless, she is practically acting like Apolo is only quirkless human on word.

".... I gotta go now... Anomis.. S see you later.... "

Then young Apolo went inside, when she got in class bells started ringing. Class time come..After few minutes Mr Aizawa come in.

Mr Aizawa "" today we are having new students... Introduce yourself. ""

" h hello.. My name is Apolo.. I I mean Apolo Yumi.. I hope we will All be friends.." **dam I forget second name again! **

".... I'm Anomis Miko... And do we have to do this? It's embarrassing..."

Mr Aizawa ""... Alright.. Let's start with class... ""

~/* after class *\~

?? " hey your new here right?"

" huh? Y... Y yea... And you are..?"

" ou.. My name is Midoriya"

"!" "oh my.. I heard so much about you!"

After that Apolo gets her dear notebook full of information about quirks, heroes and little bit villians

" how it happened that you were quirkless and now your not? What is your favourite colour? What you do when -"

" wow.. G green um.. Calm down there..I'm supposed to show you around..."

" ou.. Alright!"

Apolo hides her notebook

" alright follow me"

~/* after showing around.... *\~

".... And here are dorms, almost everybody has a dorm.. Here should be your"

" oh... Okay! Thanks, see you around"

Apolo walked inside her dorm it's empty, so she decided to decorate it..

~/* After decorating *\~

" well now. It's pretty! W wonder how Miko's dorm is looking..."

She walks over to Anomis Miko's dorm..... When she's there, she starts knocking. After few minutes opens door tall, short brown kinda red hair, tomboy looking girl... Anomis

"... What ya want here kiddo hm? "

" I I wanted check how your doing... "

"... Mhm.. Welp... Its cold out here... Come in.."

Apolo** but its warm out here... **

"a alright Anomis..."

Inside Anomis Miko's dorm it's looking "edgy" nothing special, red, black and stars are almost everywhere you look... Pretty normal for her tho... Somebody could say she is edgy thinking human but she just like this colour scheme, and stars. This all Apolo of course know.

" you have pretty room!( like always saying something or just standing, Apolo is smiling, almost nobody expect Anomis saw her sad or not smiling..) whish I had mine like this!"

** dam... She is smiling again... Why she is always so cute when she smiles... Gh.. Snap out of it Miko. You have mission to do.. **

"... Y your alright Anomis? "

" h huh? Pft I'm always alright kiddo "

" alright... Wanna see mine dorm? "

".... Hm... I quess I don't see why not.."

So both of them went to Apolo yumi's dorm, on way they actually normally talked without Anomis making any jokes about begin quirkless. When they got there Apolo opened door..

" here it is! "

".... Kiddo... Again your obsession with heroes and books...? I thought here youll do some dorm without this.."

" I told you! This obsession will never leave me hehe ~!"

Her dorm is full of books, blue and cyan colour and a lot hers drawing of heroes and Anomis.. Apolo even tho Anomis makes these jokes about her.. Still thinks she's cool brave, and wanna be just like her..

" hm.. Even though... This dorm is pretty cool.. Won't lie about it..."

" well.. Its getting late.. Wanna have sleepover?" (Apolo makes puppy eyes while asking..)

".... Ghh alright..." ** dam these puppy eyes... I can't say no to these... **

~/* next day*\~

When they wake up they just get ready like there was no sleep over. When they ready they just go to class. Nobody was there..
"... Uhh... Isn't today training.... "
" t t training?! W whaaat!? Nobody told me!"
" mhm... Let's just get there..."
After they got outside , at right time, class was starting.
Mr Aizawa "" today... We will be testing your quirks.. So get ready... "
"... I'm dead aren't I'm... "
" here goes your positive part eh? Calm down you can use that `magic` of yours "
"... Your actually begin smart for once hm? But yea, that is good idea... Your gonna use that other part of your quirk or like always gonna ignore it? "
" hmm.... Like always, you know I hate it... Reminds me of her... "
Mr Aizawa"" alright, we will do team battle.... Make teams about five or six people in one team... ""
not even minut after Mr Aizawa said it, this happens, Apolo start screaming...
**whispers** "help, she will run after me-"
Apolo jumped on Anomis, actually caughting her be that. That move makes Anomis blush, Apolo didn't seem to understand tho... (aka don't what crush or love means....)
"do you have a fever Anomis? Your all red..."
" Im totally f fine - let's find other team members.... I don't wanna be only with you n nerd...."
Apolo nods, she don't actually care if she is calling her nerd.. Because she practically is
" hey! Midoriya wanna join me and my friend? "
Apolo is doing puppy eyes again...
"... Um... Alright but can my friend join too? "
" hm... Sure! " **hm... That makes four people.. One or two more... **
Apolo would drag Midoriya to Anomis, and Anomis actually dragged somebody too this time... Its young Katsuki Bakugou, pretty sure he is mad for begin dragged . Seeing in his team Midoriya makes him even angrier....
" just one human. You know somebody." ( like always... Apolo wanna know everything...)
"mhm....what about Todoroki?" (Midoriya answers)
"you mean half'n half? I think he's in team already -"
Apolo start running around screaming for todoroki, when she finds him she would start dragging him to others. Anomis seems happy about it..
A. M "welp what team we have here-"
Mr Aizawa "" alright we are beginning... What teams wanna go first? ""
Anomis and bakugou would start saying that their team wanna go first, even tho Apolo seems to try hide on ground.
Mr Aizawa "" alright... What team next? "
Team where are Ururaka, Momo, kirishima,Lída and mina are, wanted to go too
Mr Aizawa""... Alright get ready... Start"
Not even minute after Mr Aizawa said it a training battle begins, Apolo started last, all she actually did was protecting her team mates. Using shields, teleport and portals was easy as long as she didn't need to do it either too long or all of them at one time.. Anomis would as always use her fire quirk... I think everybody know how Todoroki, Midoriya and Bakugou fighted.... Oh yea... And... Mina would by incident shoot acid at Apolo..
"... Oi kiddo -" " watch out!"
" h huh?"
Apolo would look behind seeing acid, she can do anything to protect self.. Beeacuse, she was protecting Midoriya with shield..
"... God dam me..."
Anomis used her wind quirk to get Apolo out of way
**opportunity missed... But.. I can't just break that promise... Gh... I'll let it next time....s.. Sorry kiddo... **
Apolo even tho it's still battle, would run to Anomis, and start hugging her
" thank you... M.. Miko."
"gh... Kiddo it's still battle.."
".. I don't think so..."
"huh? -"
Apolo would trap other team members with shields, surprising Anomis.
Mr Aizawa "" ... Well I think we are having winners... ""
"... Y you never told me you could do that -"
" you are keeping some secrets from me too... So why can't I...."
**h how she knows... **
Mr Aizawa "" alright... Get ready for next class... "
~/ After school... \~
" oi Anomis wanna go to library? "
" hm... **lies** sorry... I need to go train... Maybe later... "
" oh... A alright... I i'll see you later!.... " **mhm... Lies.. Its enough.... You lied like this to me many times... If you won't tell me where your actually going I'll find out by myself.... **
Apolo started following Anomis, she went to dark street, but still Apolo would follow her... When she stopped Apolo couldn't belive what is she seeing..Apolo was scared... Didn't belive Anomis would do something like this... And just because, I'm lazy.
~/ to be continued \~
Sorry for bad grammar... I'm still in teaching, and still isn't very good, but still if you like this story I'll be happy if you'll tell me... See you in next chapter! (ye and you can always tell me what I did wrong...)

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