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The detective and the mystery writer

Chapter 2

Rose decided not to go into the bar after she had eaten, she didn't fancy watching that woman fawn all over one dishy detective Emmett Carver. He had not seemed so keen on the prospects of going out with the hotel owner and maybe it was just a casual or first date but either way, Rose was not going to fight over him. If he wanted her company, she was going to play hard to get and make him work at it. After all, she had to follow him around for however long she had to do her research or however long the investigation was going to take.

Emmett was having a hard time debating whether to skip out on his date and go straight to his room or seek the new arrival's company but it wasn't polite to ditch your date then go to someone else's room. He walked into the bar to find Gemma waiting for him.

"Oh, you're a bit later than I expected, did you have to work?"

"Yes, I had to go pick up Rose Tyler, remember? I was in the middle of something. You shouldn't have bothered waiting for me."

It was almost nine and he hoped he would be let off the hook. He had only agreed after she had offered to keep him company the other night, saying tonight was her night off. Now she had wasted her time waiting for him and she didn't seem the patient type.

"Well you're here now. We can have a drink and go to my room if you want?"

"No, I don't think so Gemma, this was a mistake, I'm really not up for drinking."

"Then we'll go to your room then. You agreed."

"Look Gemma, don't get me wrong, it was a good idea at the time but it wouldn't work, I work terrible hours and you work late and only get one night off. Let's just quit while we're ahead."

"Well thanks for nothing Emmett. It's that Rose Tyler isn't it?"

"What? I just picked her up at the airport, it wasn't my idea she came here. Do you think I arranged it or something? What would she be wanting with me?"

Gemma was wondering the same thing but maybe the famous writer was desperate for some male company, just as much as she was. She made one last ditched attempt to lure him to her room.

"The offer's still open, what do you say? Have a bit of fun?"

"I don't think so Gemma, thanks anyway, I didn't mean to waste your time, sorry."

"Your loss Emmett."

He just went up to his room, hoping Rose Tyler would be coming out of hers but perhaps she was tired after her journey but he knocked anyway.

Rose had just finished unpacking and was going to go get a shower and go to bed when a knock came on her door.

"Detective Carver, to what do I owe the pleasure? Thought you would be on your date?"

"I skipped out, she's not really my type."

"So she's not your girlfriend then?"

Emmett tried not to look so obvious. "No, actually, she suggested it, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Are you free tomorrow?"

"I was just going to look around, perhaps join in the whalefest and head out and have a look. Are you offering to escort me detective?"

"Me? Nothing of the sort, what gave you that idea? For your information, I hate anything to do with the water, including what's in and on it. I have my reasons."

"Maybe you can tell me about it then, for my new book."

"I hope you're not going to base your book on me, personally?"

Rose laughed. "Don't flatter yourself detective. Do I have to keep on calling you that?"

"Why? It's not like we're friends, you'll be following me around, won't you? You choose to do so, I didn't ask for it, I was told to comply with you so I'm complying. Sorry I disturbed you Miss Tyler."

With that, he turned at went on to his room, he had to take his pills anyway, he was already late with working and stopping to tangle with two English blondes. Rose took note of which room he went into. So he was still officially single then and all was fair etc. Surely he hadn't always been single? Perhaps tomorrow she would look him up but she was too tired, so she skipped the shower and climbed into bed.

Rose spent an enjoyable weekend walking around the various activities of the whalefest, only seeing Emmett Carver on the Sunday morning when he had been having breakfast. She had gone up to him, getting a scowl from Gemma who probably thought she was muscling in on Emmett. She sat down opposite him.

"'Er watcha detective? You working today then?"

He was still dressed in a suit. "What gave you that impression Miss Tyler?"

"Oh, just a lucky guess. Do you always dress like that when you're not working?"

"I'm always working. How was the whalefest?"

"Great, you should come and watch today."

"No thanks. I have a murder to solve unless you'd forgotten."

"Sorry. Do you think I'll be able to meet the family?"

"I don't think that's a good idea, they've been through enough."

"I won't tell them who I am although they may recognise me. It's not like I'm a reporter."

"It's still not a good idea, we'll have enough people crawling out and writing newspaper articles and books."

"I'm not people, I don't do things like that, they won't get mentioned personally."

Emmett shook his head and tried to get the attention of the waitress. Not even a goodbye as Rose got up and left after she had eaten.

"See you later detective?"

"Maybe but I'll probably be working."

Rose made a note to go take him some food if he wasn't in the dining room that night. He wasn't so she called the precinct.

"Hello, is Detective Carver still working?"

A male voice answered and she asked to be put through. She got a gruff voice on the other end.


"Hello detective, have you eaten to day?"

He knew that voice and it wasn't Gemma Fisher.

"What have I ever done to you Miss Tyler?"

"Can't you call me Rose?"

"I don't do first names. What do you want?"

"Do you like Chinese food?"


"Because I'm about to bring some down for you."

"Don't they do deliveries?"

Rose smiled. "I'll be there in twenty minutes, don't go anywhere and tell the desk to expect me, I won't be happy if I don't deliver it to you personally. Any preference to what I bring?"

"Noodles would be nice. Do you charge extra for delivery?"

Twenty minutes later, Rose entered the precinct just before eight.

"Hi, Detective Carver's expecting me?"

She was buzzed in and saw him sitting in his office in the corner, with just a desk lamp on. There were a few other people around but no-one took notice of her as she tapped on his door. He looked up and she saw his rimless glasses and thought how cute he looked.

"Dinner is served."

He motioned for her to sit and she handed him the bag containing his food and a plastic fork and went out to make some coffee, handing him one when she got back. She sat down and swung the chair around and he really wished she would stop that.

"You should look after yourself Emmett, I'm serious. You can't work all these hours without it taking it's toll on you. You've been working almost twelve hours. Finish your food then you can escort me back to the hotel."

"Is that a suggestion or a request?"

Rose smiled, she always had to choose the smartass ones. She finally got him to turn out his desk lamp and put on his jacket.

"Do you want to have a drink with me?" he asked.

"What would Gemma Fisher say?"

"There's more than one bar in town, we can go to Delaney's Bar." He had seen it as he walked back to the hotel one night though he shouldn't be drinking but if he had a light cold beer, he should be ok.

"Delaney's it is then. The whalefest was great today, it was like the whales actually knew people had gathered to watch them, I took loads of photos and videos to send home. I won't get to see it again."

"You should go join Jack Reinhold's sea life group, I'm sure he'll welcome you."

"Where do I find him?" she grinned as they stepped out of the door and onto the now lit footpath.

"I was joking, it's for school kids."

"There shouldn't be an age restriction, I'd join."

"I bet you would. You'll find him at the marina, he hires out bikes and kayaks."

"Great, I'd love to hire a bike and I'm picking up a car rental tomorrow, I wouldn't want to be dependant on you driving me around."

"It won't be me that drives, it will be Detective Miller."

"Oh, two male detectives, great."

"No, Miller is female, we don't get on."

"Can't imagine why, just be your charming self."

They had reached the bar and he held the door for her. It was quiet but trust the local town's reporter to be in with a fellow reporter going by the name of Renee Clemens, Carver's nemesis. Hoping he'd not been seen, he steered Rose to the other side of the bar. The two reporters looked cosy so maybe he would be left alone. He had been seen but the female reporter from the San Francisco Globe chose to ignore him for the evening until she realised exactly who Carver was with. That was interesting, why would a famous writer be with Carver?

Emmett was trying to get cosy in the corner with his new friend and Rose was thinking so much for playing hard to get, this was going to get very messy if she wasn't careful. For starters she had to follow him around and be objective – very difficult if you were snogging the face off the man and secondly, Gemma Fisher may suddenly decide there was no room at the inn and throw her out for pinching what Gemma assumed was her new boyfriend but she wasn't asking for all the attention he was now giving her as his arm started on the back of the seat and Rose thought it would soon accidentally land on her shoulder.

"Nice bar Emmett, very homey. Have you been here before?"

"No, I don't normally drink, have to be careful."

"Oh, you allergic to it or something?"

"It doesn't really agree with me."

Rose wondered if he was on medication, if he was, that would explain it and also her idea there was something wrong with the detective in her new book would become reality as was if he chose to confide in her, she would have to cover for him, how spooky was that? Maybe she would have to change her story.

"Well I don't mind a drink or two," she replied, emptying her glass and putting it on the table, hoping she was giving him a large hint.

He got up and came back with another white wine and lemonade for her and a non-alcoholic one for himself. This may be a long night. Just after ten thirty, Rose decided she'd had enough and asked him to see her to her room. Emmett was only too happy to do so. Standing at her door after using the entrance down some steps and across a patio, Rose wanting to sit down at one of the patio table for a few minutes to clear her head, she turned from unlocking her door.

"I have a meeting with your chief at ten in the morning, although he knows we've already met since you picked me up at the airport, I still have to meet Detective Miller."

"She hates me, I took her job."

"Ouch! That must have hurt. Then you can't really blame her then, she must have been well pissed. So there's some rivalry then?"

"Only on her part. Goodnight Rose, thanks for the food and you're right, I wouldn't have eaten if you hadn't brought me something."

"You're welcome Emmett, goodnight, I had a nice time in the bar, it's been ages since I actually got to relax. I mean I go to social gatherings and book launches but I never get a minute to myself, I'm glad I came all this way, it was worth it, the whalefest really was spectacular, I think I'm going to include it in my book."

"So you never get time to relax? Glad I could remedy that, maybe we can relax a bit more tomorrow night, if you're still talking to me?"

"Why wouldn't I be talking to you Emmett?"

"Because by the end of the day, Miller doesn't talk to me, you'll probably be the same."

"Are you that bad?" Rose grinned, playing with her door key.

"Sometimes, I suppose. I'd best let you sleep off the drink."

"I'm fine now, the walk and the fresh air cleared my head."

He knew he should go before he regretted it. "Then if you're still talking to me tomorrow night, maybe I would go out again with you only maybe not in the hotel bar, Gemma might still be mad at me."

"Why would she be mad at you?"

"Because when I asked her for a drink the other night and I showed up late and said it wasn't a good idea, I messed up, big time."

"Aw, poor Emmett." She reached over and kissed his cheek.

"It was all your fault."

"Thanks and why was that?"

"Because I had to leave what I was doing and pick you up from the airport."

"No-one told you to go back to work and miss your date."

"It wasn't a date as such, it was to relieve the boredom around here."

"So it's a boring town then?" Rose mused, wishing if he was going to make a point he would get on with it. "Good thing I'm here then, I don't do boring."

"Well now you mention it, maybe not quite as boring as when I was stupid enough to ask Gemma Fisher for a drink."

Rose giggled.

"It's not funny, there aren't many women around here to ask out. A guy could get lonely."

"So you're lonely and you make a big mistake of asking the hotel owner out? Sounds like you didn't have too many options then?"

"No but now they've doubled, what are the chances of two English women being in the same hotel?"

"Best not get into that. Don't mix me up with her. What's wrong with her anyway?"

"She had an affair with the dead boy's father, I found out last night, she came in this morning to provide him with an alibi."

"That was a close call then but did you know before that?"

"Only when I went back to work this morning. He wouldn't tell me where he was the night his son died but she came in after she got a text from his daughter."

"So you saved face, that's a good thing yeah? It could have been worse, you could have gone out with her and then found out."

"Well I suppose that's just as well then. I'm keeping you from your bed. Goodnight again."

"Goodnight Emmett."

She leaned forward to kiss his cheek again but he caught her.

"Do all you English women do that?"

"Maybe but only with cute detectives." She continued and caught the side of his mouth.

"You may not be doing that tomorrow when you've finished following me around."

"Well if I survive, you can take me to Delaney's bar again and we'll celebrate, then you can get me drunk and take advantage of me."

"I'll hold you to that promise, goodnight, Rose."

He finally turned and Rose stared at his rather cute behind. Emmett smiled to himself, she was definitely flirting with him but getting tangled up with someone who was going to base their next book on you was not a very good idea but she was a better prospect for keeping him company than Gemma.

Over an hour later, he had taken his pills but he was still tossing and turning, thinking of the cuter of the two English women and wondered if they would actually fight over him but why should they? He got out of bed and wondered whether to go wake her up but if he did, would she get mad and be grumpy with him the next morning or even leave town? His curiosity got the better of him finally, she would let him in her room or tell him to get lost so his put his t-shirt and a pair of slacks and picked up his phone and key, putting his pills in his pocket and went to knock on her door.

Rose couldn't sleep either, thinking about Emmett. He was cute, despite him looking like a certain Timelord who she used to see everywhere and had finally got over it much to her mother's relief. So when a knock came on her door just after midnight, she was hardly surprised and knew who it was. She had seen it in his eyes earlier, just the same as the Doctor's, he was lonely and as she put her robe on, just her short pyjamas underneath, she saw it again as he stood there.

He spoke quietly so as not to disturb the other guests, if there were any on that floor.

"Did I wake you?"

"I couldn't sleep, I take it you couldn't either?"

He shook his head. "Can I come in?"

Rose stood to one side and he closed the door behind him, looking around nervously as if he expected her not to be alone.

"Why am I letting her get to me?" he asked himself.

To Rose he just walked up to her, seeing her trying to pull her robe tighter. He knew full well who she was, not only a famous novelist, a top-selling one at that but the heiress to the Vitex fortune and well known for a charity work along with her mother who had married the famous Peter Tyler in a whirlwind romance. What would she be wanting with a detective, one with a failed case behind him?

He soon got his answer. "I came to apologize Rose, for saying to your face I had a date with Gemma."

"Is that all detective? It wasn't your smartest idea was it?"

He grinned sheepishly. "No, I've had better, like now, to come to your room and get it out of my system, I should have accompanied you to the whalefest, you're a guest in my town and I apologise."

"Apology accepted, you missed a treat."

"I'm not an ocean person Rose, I don't like water, it makes me ill going near it or on it, well apart from when I absolutely have to. Why I agreed to come and live here, I don't know."

"Is that all you came here for, to apologise?"

"No, not exactly, I just wanted you to know it was thoughtless and I should have cancelled when I found out I was picking you up, it was rude of me not to offer to take you out on your first night."

"It's ok, I was tired anyway but maybe telling me you were dating the hotel owner was a bit much on my arrival."

"I was not 'dating' her, it was the first time. I just wanted some female company and I didn't learn of your arrival until I'd left the hotel in the morning. Ok, I admit I was annoyed you would be following me around but I should have offered to show you around the town. Am I forgiven?"

She looked at him, his face questioning her and waiting to be forgiven.

"OK, you're forgiven. Now can I go back to bed?"

"I have to be at work before you but can we have breakfast together?"

"Yeah, come and call for me when you're up."

"By the way Rose, you need a better robe."

Rose looked down to see the gap in her robe, her legs showing and the buttons on her pyjama top mostly undone.

"You shouldn't be looking, Emmett."

"How could I avoid it?"

He stepped closer to her as she tried to fasten them but he took hold of her arm and looked down at her.

"Too late Rose."

Rose put her hand on his chest and the hand that was on her arm moved to her shoulder. He leaned down to kiss her cheek and whispered in her ear, "Allow me to help?"

He unfastened the loose tie of her robe and instead of fastening the few undone button, he undid some more until even more skin was exposed then he leaned down to kiss where the buttons had been fastened as she put her arms around his neck.

"Mmm, some help you are Emmett Carver," she said as his beard tickled her skin but felt soft. "I don't suppose I can persuade you to go back to your room and let me get some sleep, can I?"

"I don't think so Rose, any objections?"

"Won't this make things awkward tomorrow?"

"Why?" he asked as the last button came undone and he kissed right where his hand had been resting. "You want to follow me around, why?"

"I thought it would make a good story but I think you may already know some of it?"

"What's that then?" he asked as she fingered the hem of his grey t-shirt having moved her arms.

"That the girl gets the guy in the end."

"Oh, then you'll have to tell me the rest then, leading up to it."

"I might just do that but I tend to make things up as I go along."

"Doesn't every writer?"

"I'm not every writer Emmett."

"Stop calling me Emmett, I hate that name."

"Then what do you want me to call you?"

"Anything you like," was the reply as his t-shirt came off and he pressed against her, parting her pyjama top and he suddenly found the strength to lift her off her feet and carry her over to the bed.

She scrambled back under the covers, losing her pyjama top and he slipped out of his slacks and climbed in beside her.

"Your bed is still warm Rose."

"You did wake me up. What am I supposed to call you if you don't like your name?"

"Don't call me anything, do you need to keep saying me name?"

"Ok babe, whatever you want."

He supposed he'd asked for that really.

"Just one thing Rose, you have to go easy on me, I have a condition and I can't get over-excited."

"Oh, there's something wrong with you?"

"Not that prevents me from snogging you senseless."

He proceeded to demonstrate. When they were both out of breath, he lay her on her back and began kissing her newly exposed skin.

Just what she needed, Rose thought, an over-amorous detective who couldn't follow up on his feelings but what was her story going to be about now? She was going to write about an author who fell in love with a sickly detective and now art was imitating real life, what would he think? That she was just using him to write her book? She lost all thought as he demonstrated his snogging skills once again and she could only let out a low moan.

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