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My princess (larry stylinson, zouis malikson)


Louis and zayn are a married couple with a beautiful baby girl . but what happens when louis brings another person into their sex life? Will it be the same or will it be different ? Read to find out

Fantasy / Action
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Zayn is currently in the kitchen feeding and wiping his sleepy 2 month old daughter mouth when louis comes in the room slapping zayn on the ass and wanting sex .

-get off of me husband, im trying to feed our baby

Zayn says sarcastically as he purposely sways his hips side by side teasing louis.

-Looks like you're done to me."

-he hasn't finished his oatmeal louis.

Louis rolls his eyes playfully and kisses down the back of zayn neck only to be pushed away by his annoyed husband

-not in front of emily , baby

-but we haven't had sex in a good month,zayn

-and i don't miss it either ,it's boring

Zayn says bluntly, causing louis to get slightly offended but excited when he realizes this is the perfect opportunity to bring something new meaning to talk about up

-well why don't we try something different in bed for once ?I could try new things with me tongue,maybe get some toys?

- before you say another nasty word, let me put our daughter down for her nap.

Zayn says as he picks up already half asleep 8 month old from her high chair who has her face covered in oatmeal from sleeping in it .

Zayn then Carries emily upstairs to her room with louis following them and places her on her changing table ,wiping the baby face and hands with baby wipes before changing her diaper.

After zayn is done, he picks emily again ,who is fully asleep and gently lays her down in her crib against the other side of the nursery , smiling when he hears little snores coming from emily and louis can't help but coo at the sight.

-we made such a beautiful baby girl, didn't we zayn ?

- we sure did

Zayn smiles as louis wraps his arms around his husband from the back

- want to make another one .?

- no louis

Zayn says softly as he rolls his eyes and puts a small blanket over emily .

- I could tie you up?maybe spank you?

- I'm not into that masochism shit louis

- try it once for me baby

- nooo louis

Zayn says again, even more dryly this time as he exits the room and goes into his and Lou's bedroom to lay down on their bed. After being up with emily all night ,louis is still following him like a lost puppy.

- well what if we try something eles?

- okay louis.... Like what?

- We could add someone new to the mix?someone young and with a really tight ass?

- you've been looking haven't you Louie? You're not supposed to do that without my permission, you know that!

- his name is harry styles ,he just turned 18

Zayn eyes then light up with excitement as he sits up on the bed before cuddling into louis chest

- tell me more, he better be attractive or else we're not fucking him!

- he's fit as fuck baby. He has beautiful curls ,he's tall and he has green eyes with red lips that make you want to suck them off .

- yeah? Show me a picture then?

Louis smirks at his husbands words and gets his phone out of his pocket , joyous at the thought of bringing harry home so him and zayn can fuck the twink until he can't walk straight

To be continued...

Btw if i should stop please let me know and i will stop ✋like ,comment ,follow bye sweeties💙💙

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