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Calypso stared at the demigod before her covered in blood, then at the heap of gore by his feet. Her chest rose and fell at a quick pace, her heart beat no longer there. She watched in shock as Leo dropped his weapon, then ran towards her. "Calypso," he sobbed pulling her stiff body into his arms, "I'm so sorry," the boy cried. As each tear touched her still blazing hot skin, a memory returned to her, clearing her head of confusion.

"Leo? Holy Zeus, Leo!" She cried, her voice filled with shock rather than love. "You came back. You actually came back." If the goddess could show even the slightest bit of emotion, she would burst into tears.

"Of course I did," Leo released the beauty from his arms only to gaze at her dark, almond-shaped eyes. "My only regret is not getting here sooner, sunshine." Leo's eyes swelled again, knowing nothing he could do would ever mend Calypso's empty heart again.

"And now, you can't love me back and we can't escape this island and start our shop," Leo's tears fell down his cheeks, anger growing within him. "If only I'd gotten here first! Or rescued you sooner! Curse you, gods! You call yourself gods, and yet all you do is ruin everything!" Leo ranted towards the sky, rain slowly hitting his face, gradually picking up speed. "You pretend to know what you're doing, but you never do! You get us to do your dirty work! And what do we get?!" Leo screamed louder at the dark sky, "Nothing! We get nothing!"

Calypso placed a soft hand on Leo's shoulder, trying to remember how to love, if only for the poor demigod's sake. Leo jumped at her touch, turning towards her, calming down within seconds. They stayed like that in silence as lightning filled the sky.

Clearly, the gods weren't happy, but what could they do? This wasn't their island. It was Calypso's island. "I'm sorry, Leo." Calypso tried to sound sympathetic. Unfortunately, like everything she would say from then on, she sounded more like a robot speaking empty words. Leo shook his head. He knew he couldn't blame her, much less ask for anything more than she was able to give. Unfortunately right now, that meant nothing.

Calypso sighed again, pulling Leo into a hug, trying once more to feel something that wasn't there. All she could feel was emptiness; Leo's body going limp in her arms; the blood drain from his face.

"Leo?!" Calypso caught the suddenly weak demigod, lowering them both to the sandy ground, placing his weak head on her lap. Leo groaned, his head reeling, a lump of puss oozing out of his shoulder wound. As he reached out to place a hand on it, Calypso swatted his hand out of the way. "Don't touch it! It's poison!" Struggling not to touch the puss, Calypso tried to assess the damage. "Octavian must have coated his dagger with it before you fought. One cut from that and you're-" Calypso broke off; Leo gasped in pain.

She tried soothing him as best she could, running her soft hand through his mess of curls. Leo relaxed in her arms, closing his eyes, knowing this was the end. He was always the hero on the side. The one needed for the minor jobs. The one who never got the happy ending. He was used to this sort of thing. "I'm so sorry, Leo," Calypso spoke again. Though her voice still sounded robotic, it broke in the middle.

I guess no one likes a sad ending.

Leo shook his head, his eyes still closed. "Don't be sorry, sunshine. I would have done it all over again if I had the choice."

Memories rushed through her head as Calypso stared down at the only demigod she must have truly loved; the only demigod she didn't mind falling for, dying in her arms. She struggled to revive her heart, knowing a spell that could heal him with love. She too cursed the gods, though not in a way Leo could hear her. He choked again, clutching the side of his arm, his face a picture of agony. He moved his lips ever so slightly, an unsuccessful attempt at speaking.

Slowly and gently, Calypso raised Leo's head to her ear, listening, grasping onto every sound he made. "Take my heart," the dying boy whispered, his voice almost blending perfectly with the cold wind. "When I'm gone, take my heart." Calypso jumped at the demigod's words causing Leo to wince in pain.

"Bu-" Calypso tried to say.

"Calypso, please," he begged, cutting the Goddess off. Her hair flew in all different directions, the ends black like charcoal from the fire. She looked like a warrior who had lost a battle, but would win the war. "I'm a goner, sunshine. Without you, I'm nothing. My friends will be fine without me; they have each other after all." With every word Leo uttered, he became more and more sure of himself making Calypso open herself to the thought. What was one wish from the dying demigod she loved? If it would bring him peace, so be it. "I'm going to give you my heart," he continued, his determined voice distracting Calypso from his pain and wound, "and with every beat you hear, think of me?" Calypso marvelled at how he could look so sure and yet have some doubt still lurk inside of him. "I love you Calypso, remember that." Calypso gasped at the sound of her name.

"You- you called me Calypso. You never call me by my name."

"Because I'm never as serious as I am now, and have never meant it more before." Leo gave her a slight smile, his eyes speaking the truth louder than his soft words. "Just remember that, Calypso. I love you. I love you with all... my... hear-" Leo slumped down in Calypso's arms, his weight falling onto her. As soon as his eyes closed tears formed in the heartbroken goddess's eyes.

She felt the weight of Leo's love crash into her, mixing with the love she once felt for him. Pulling Leo closer to her beating heart, she looked up to the sky, thinking of Aphrodite. "Thank you," she whispered, for she knew now that though Leo was gone, she still had a piece of him she could never lose; his heart.

"You're welcome, child." The goddess smiled, bringing Calypso's attention back to the ground. She looked at the goddess in awe. She always seemed to look perfect. Calypso looked back at the boy she once loved; she could finally love again. She stared at his peaceful face, playing with his curly hair. With each stroke, a memory nagged at the back of her mind.

"Octavian said I was promised to him by a prophecy," Calypso looked towards the goddess again, urging her to explain.

"Octavian was many things, my dear. Unfortunately, clever was not one of them. The gods often receive glimpses of the future we call poco prophecies, little prophecies. These are different than the oracle's and are never usually heard by demigods." Aphrodite sighed, almost ashamed at what she had to say next. "Of course, we gods weren't exactly in perfect shape due to the war between Greek and Romans. A few of the poco prophecies slipped out, one of them being about you." Calypso leaned in further, her eyes wide, almost begging Aphrodite to continue. "It mentioned that a Roman would land on the island for the first time. He would make you his and set you free. Of course, the idiot didn't realize that prophecies, especially poco prophecies only show one side of the story." Aphrodite sighed again, finishing her story.

Calypso looked back at the demigod in her arms. How cruel the fates were. Tears streamed down her cheek once more as she ran her hand through Leo's messy curls.

Minutes passed, then hours; she didn't notice Aphrodite leave. Sunset turned to sunrise and the breeze flew through her tangled hair, whispering. When she gathered up the energy to concentrate, she could almost hear Leo's voice among the many lost whispers in the breeze.

Gently placing his head on the ground, Calypso stood up. The sand was blood red; Octavian's body gone. The logs from the firs were blackened with ashes mixing in with the red sand. The trees swayed slowly in mourning, huddling over the dead hero. The brave warrior. Wild flowers popped up where the goddess lost her heart. The fresh blooms of the purest white she had ever seen. Gathering a few, Calypso lay them by her lover's side. If she didn't look for too long, Leo almost looked like he was sleeping. Almost.

As she lay down the last set of flowers, Calypso felt a heavy breath down her back. She turned around to see the most magnificent thing she had ever seen. Calypso smiled at one of the few things Leo left behind. "Hello, Festus," she smiled fondly at all the times Leo spoke about the dragon. Oil dripped down his face as Festus needed the boy in the flowers. The blood had stained the white petals red; the sight almost breathtaking. Placing a hand on his back, Calypso wiped away the stray oil, holding onto Festus tightly. It seemed as though he would disappear too, as soon as she let go.

He lowered his back, gesturing the goddess to climb on, unable to stay any longer. The sight of his only family and friend was causing the dragon to short-circuit, and then who would fix Festus. Slowly climbing into Leo's last masterpiece, Calypso took one last look at her lover, remembering his goofy smile and charcoaled face. His contagious laugh and quirky jokes. Oh, what she would've done just to hear his voice one last time.

As they rose into the air, Calypso prayed. Not to the gods, nor the titans, nor any other God from any other religion. No, Calypso prayed to the one soul who saved her. Who loved her and came back. Regardless.

And for the first time in forever, the wind whipping past her as they flew further and further away from the island, Calypso was free.

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