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"Seriously? AGAIN?!" Calypso screamed at the gods. Not only did someone crash land onto her dining table again, but also sent smoke all over her clean white laundry. Even when they were at war, the gods never seemed to run out of cruel tricks to play on her.

The ruined dining table brought back a sense of déjà vu, reminding her of Leo. She smiled involuntarily at the thought of his scrawny body covered in soot, his hair in a stringy mess on top of his head, a cheeky smile on his face as he said-

"Where in the name of Jupiter am I?! Stupid Graecus scum, they set me up!" An annoyingly screechy voice pulled Calypso away from her beautiful daydream of her dream man's return. This was definitely not the man of her dreams. Quite the opposite, actually. True, he was bony and all, but not in the cute way Leo was. He wasn't a geeky mechanic.

Calypso took a step back, shocked at the turn her thoughts had taken, 'Did I really just think that? Really? I'm comparing this thing to Leo now?' She shook her head and looked back towards her new discovery.

This demigod was different than the others she had seen before. He wore tattered robes over a frayed purple shirt, as opposed to the normal orange shirt she grew accustomed to seeing, with teddy bears attached to them. Teddy bears!

'Who is this person?' Calypso thought, 'A child stuck in a teenager's body?' The gods really were cruel. For all she knew, they could be laughing at her right now, planning new ways to further take away her dignity.

Deciding not to dwell on what couldn't be changed, Calypso looked back at the mess before her. His short-cropped blonde hair was almost black from the smoke and he smelt like burnt toast. His watered down eyes seemed to pop as they were hidden under all that soot. She scrunched her nose, creeping slowly towards the thing that ruined her dining table, like a cheetah hunting its prey.

Only Leo was allowed to ruin her table; only because he could fix it again, not because she felt anything for him. Pfft. She totally didn't feel anything for the scrawny demigod that crashed onto her island months ago, taking her heart with him when he left to save the world.

She crawled forwards, parting the bushes to get a clearer view of the little bugger that trespassed onto her island. He was still screaming at no one in particular. 'Wow,' Calypso thought, 'is that what I look like when I yell at the gods? He looks like a lunatic that escaped from some mental asylum!'

She let slip a chuckle, catching the demigod's unwanted attention, his eyes widened at Calypso's beauty. "Hey, sweetheart," the creature said to her in an attempt to be charming. Calypso immediately disliked him. "Who in the name of Apollo are you? And what are you doing here?"

"I could ask the same thing of you." Calypso said to him suspiciously. "And don't call me sweetheart!"

"Okay, sweetheart."

"I said, don't call me that!" Calypso huffed, her arms crossed over her chest, "And just so we're clear, this is my island, so you are the trespasser here. Who are you?"

"I, my lady, am the valiant Octavian, and you sweetheart, are an innocent damsel stranded on this island in need of saving."

"You are insufferable. This is my home and you need to leave. Now."

"I don't know what you mean, sweetheart," Octavian batted his eyelashes in a manner never to be spoken of, or even pictured ever again. Calypso cringed at his attempts to win her heart, but Octavian continued anyways, disregarding how stupid and grotesque he looked throughout the process.

Calypso had had enough of this. She realized that this was Leo all over again, and nothing she could say or do would make this... thing go away. "You know what?" She said to him, giving up. "Just stay out of my sight," and with that, Calypso flicked her golden brown hair, the way she saw mean girls on T.V. shows would using the little magic she had, and walked off towards the cavern which was her home.

Unfortunately, we don't get everything we want in life. In fact, we sometimes get the opposite, as was the case for poor Calypso.

The horrid demigod who Calypso began to suspect was an experiment gone wrong started following her up the hard, rocky path, complaining the whole time, giving her a splitting headache. 'He's like a fly that just won't get lost!' She thought.

Eventually, the stupid idiot behind Calypso stopped ranting about how he was a hero and should've been granted immortality or something along those lines. Calypso caught something about a war with Gaea however, but brushed it off. After all, why did she have to be concerned with the gods' problems? On the other hand, what came out of the teenager's mouth next wasn't much better.

He had taken his teddy bears from his belt and was ripping them to shreds, throwing the stuffing like confetti into the fire he had made outside Calypso's little home. The chants that escaped his mouth made no sense to the confused goddess, who took a peak at him from the cavern's small entrance, thinking she was right about her experiment theory.

Octavian continued chanting on and on, starting to dance around in circles, occasionally looking back at a very confused Calypso. "Oh mighty, mighty Venus goddess of- make the person- me now. Goddess to the- make- now- the left of her- me more." Calypso stared at Octavian, catching onto a few of the words he chanted, but not enough to completely understand what he was chanting. She struggled to remember who Venus was, while the oblivious Octavian continued his chants, making his movements bigger and bigger with each one.

The chanting came to a sudden pause, and Calypso looked up, thinking the little bugger fell into the fire. What she saw next took her breath away. His tall and handsome physique was stunning, his blonde hair in a tangled hot mess. He gave her a sparkly smile and walked slowly towards her.

"Let's try this again, shall we?" He spoke, a confident-borderline cocky edge to his voice, making Calypso swoon. "My name is Octavian, sweetheart. And yours, Miss..?" Octavian left a slight pause, awaiting her response.

Calypso stumbled over her words, barely able to speak her name without making a complete fool of herself. "Ah... Calypso."

"Such a sweet name for a sweet maiden. We are going to have a lot of fun, you and I, sweetheart," and with a wink, he took ahold of Calypso's sweaty palm and pulled her beside him, watching the stars light up the sky as the remaining teddy bears fueled the fire before them.

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