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As the sun lowered into the sea, turning the horizon pinky-blue, Calypso lay in her lover's arms, drifting between consciousness and sleep, allowing Octavian to calm her. Somewhere between listening to the sound of his voice and gazing at the night sky, Calypso fell asleep; the sound of a crash somewhere on the island and Octavian's promise it was nothing was the last thing she remembered before falling into a deep sleep beneath the stars.

If Octavian had ever left her side to check on what had crashed throughout the night, Calypso hadn't noticed. She woke up more relaxed than she had been in a while. "Morning, sweetheart," Octavian greeted her with a smile that somehow always became a smirk. Calypso replied with a smile of her own, bright and pure.

"Want some breakfast?" She stood up, dusting the rubble and dust off of the white Grecian dress she had returned to. Jeans seemed too painful to wear, bringing back memories that she couldn't quite place her finger on. "I'll just go get a few things from my cavern, then we can eat something, alright?"

"NO!" Octavian jumped startling Calypso.

Calypso, surprised by Octavian's suddenly jumpy behavior, asked him, an edge of sudden suspicion in her voice, "Why not? You do want to eat, don't you?"

Octavian scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, thinking of a way to cover up his mistake. "Because I thought I would umm... That I would make breakfast!" Calypso looked him over unimpressed. "That's right. I want to do something special for you, sweetheart." He gave her what Calypso hoped was supposed to be a sweet smile. It was a sight to see but Calypso still fawned over him, seeing him as a handsome beast.

"Alright love, I'll wait here, but you need to hurry. I'm hungry!" She called after him as he started to leave. She looked around her, trying to clean up a little, taming her wild hair. By the time she had made herself somewhat presentable and covered the bonfire they had made the night before, Octavian had returned.

"I bear fruits straight from the heavens itself!" He called, puffing his chest, pretending to make some big announcement. Calypso giggled and pulled him down besides her, taking the plate of berries, fruits, and ambrosia, not waiting for Octavian before she dug in.

"Whoa there, sweetheart. Someone's hungry," Octavian laughed causing her to giggle again, her golden-brown hair flying through the wind.

Once they had finished the entire plate (which didn't take long) Calypso stood up holding her hand out to Octavian. "Come on, Mister," she grabbed his hand, dragging him down towards the crystal blue beach, the only endless thing on the island Calypso didn't mind. Octavian laughed and ran with her, discarding his torn robes along the way, leaving him in jeans and a shirt, though the shirt, too was quickly removed, left to fly in the wind like a kite in a breeze. Calypso stopped short, taking in the sight before her. She licked her suddenly dry lips, her eyes never leaving the toned 6-pack she must have been imagining on the scrawny boy.

Noticing this, Octavian smirked, walking closer and closer to the frozen goddess. "Like what you see, sweetheart?" His smirk widened as he pulled Calypso towards him, her hands falling on his chest between them.

Her eyes fluttered to his as a deep blush crept its way to her cheeks. "What? Pfft, no!" She stumbled over her words, trying to cover up what her red face gave away. "I've seen many demigods and gods alike that can top you."

"Really, sweetheart?" He smirked again, "I'd like you to name at least one."

"Well, there was this one demigod who-" Octavian leaned in towards her slowly, cutting her off as she continued stammering at a rapid fire pace, "who... Who..."

"Yes, sweetheart?" Octavian's cocky side emerged as he continued to lean in towards her, coming close to her ear. "This one demigod who..." Butterflies filled Calypso's stomach as he whispered into her ear, drawing back so she could see him while still staying close enough to touch.

"Who..." Calypso closed her eyes leaning closer and closer to Octavian, "is nothing compared to you," she finished slowly, stuck in a trance. He leaned close to her, pecking her lips; she pushed against him wanting more. Clearly, Octavian had another idea. He pressed his lips into her ear and whispered seductively, "And don't you forget it, sweetheart." With a sexy wink, the hot hunk in front of her turned and walked away, towards the rocky path.

Calypso sighed, gazing after the latest demigod who had been thrown her way. Hopefully, this one wouldn't leave like the rest of them. Though they all left in the end. That was her curse; to fall in love with demigods who were destined to leave and never return.

As Calypso gazed after the man who held her heart, another walked up behind her, his eyes full of love. His dark curls bounced about in a stringy mess on top of his head, making his elf-like ears stand out at the sides of his head. A gentle smile was fixed on his face as he said, "Sunshine? It's me, the idiot you totally didn't miss..." He slowly walked towards her, placing a calloused hand on her shoulder.

Calypso turned around, her hair flipping in the wind, unsure who this new trespasser was. "Excuse me?"

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