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Calypso stomped off towards the cavern where Octavian was, her mind all over the place. 'Who was this demigod? What was he doing here? She had never gotten two demigods at once?' And yet something kept bugging her at the back of her mind. Almost like a memory from a past life that she was supposed to remember.

She walked into her cavern, picking up some yarn and sitting on a chair underneath a shower of crystals. Each one was shaped like a teardrop, creating a shimmer of dancing rainbows when whatever little light entered the cavern hit them.

Deep in thought, Calypso didn't notice when Octavian walked towards her, making sure she was alright. He had expected her to follow him immediately when he left, and was surprised she took so long. She looked up at him suddenly, still in a daze, unable to grasp at the small memory tugging at her brain.

"You alright, sweetheart?" He gave her a sweet smile, going behind her, gently massaging her shoulders. It was a bit too much for her.

"I met someone; someone who knew me. It was almost as if I was supposed to know him. As if I was meant to be expecting him; overjoyed to see him." Calypso frowned, straining to remember, coming up blank.

"Did he give you a name?" Octavian questioned slowly. He, too wore a frown on his face, however not for the same reasons Calypso did.

"I think it was Liam... Or Louis... No, it was neither..." Calypso struggled to remember. It seemed to become a trend lately. "Leo, maybe? Yes! That was it! Leo." Octavian cringed slightly, his frown deepening and all at once started muttering in Latin; a language Calypso hadn't bothered to learn.

Unable to think any more Calypso slouched in her chair, her mind reeling in pain. Too much was happening all at once. Too much that she couldn't explain. There were two demigods on her island, one which she thought she was supposed to know and one which she loved, and she had this weird feeling that she had lost some of her memory, as if she was trying to grasp at a memory she had never experienced.

"Shall I go see what this Leo wants?" Octavian suddenly straightened up, an evil glint in his watered down eyes. Calypso shook her head slightly, no longer having the energy to keep her eyes open, much less speak. Her light breathing turned to long deep breaths as she fell asleep with exhaustion. Octavian smiled a little at his sweetheart. She looked so peaceful.

"Even so my dear, I must go and see him if our love is to survive in this cruel, cruel world.

Calypso dreamed of mechanics and scrawny Latino boys, and teddy bears and bonfires. She dreamed of long nights by a dying flame, her hands filled with grease from working. She dreamed of a shop with beef stew, and music, and machines.

She dreamed of love, and hate, and heartache, unsure what it all meant. Everything had some significance, and yet, she didn't know what in the world they meant. What her dreams were trying to tell her. Still, she knew that somehow, eventually, she would piece the endless puzzle pieces together, even if one of the main puzzle pieces was lost.

Calypso opened her eyes, waking from her strange dream more confused than ever, the bright light blinding her tired eyes. Her eyes filled with awe as she took in everything from the royal blue sheets on the bed she awoke on, to the beautiful drapes by the window that danced as the wind from the small balcony blew threw them.

Not minding how she got there, Calypso floated across the marble floor, her new Juliet-like dress flowing behind her. Tap tap tap. Calypso moved towards the balcony, spotting a figure hiding in the shadows as the sun went up in flames, painting the sky with hues of pinks and oranges as the day turned to night. "Psst! Calypso?" The Latino boy, Leo called up towards her, preparing to throw another pebble. Unlike their last meeting, Calypso didn't blow up at the sight of the demigod. She felt a strange sense of love that replaced any anger or confusion she may have possessed.

"Leo? What are you doing here? You must go before he comes!" Calypso's urged, unsure why she suddenly felt anxious, looking behind her in fear someone might enter.

"Alas light comes from the window above! It is east, and Calypso is the sun!" Leo spoke with a certain grace he never truly showed before, the grin on his face ever so charming. Calypso giggled a little too loudly, catching herself before someone heard.

"You shouldn't be here! If he sees you, he will murder you!" Calypso urged Leo to leave again, still unsure who he was. She couldn't even control the words flowing out of her mouth. Almost as if she were separate to her body, watching a scene play out before her, unable to do anything.

"By the moon I care not! I had to see my love, my sunshine." Leo gazed lovingly into her eyes. He started climbing the vines on the wall, trying hard to get to her. Calypso leaned down towards him, reaching out her hand to help pull Leo up.

"You stupid boy! You're going to die!"

"And I already said, I don't care," Leo smirked back, still climbing up the side of the tall house.

Calypso rolled her eyes at the boy's response; knowing nothing she says will stop him. "Come on, Leo; you're almost there." Getting ready to pull him up, Calypso spotted something moving in the darkness, climbing up quickly behind her lover. "Leo! Look out! He's-"

The figure grabbed at Leo's ankle, pulling him down from the vines, landing in a heap on the floor. "Leo!" He pulled Leo to his feet, his shaggy blonde hair covering his eyes, bags of black making him almost demon-like.

Leo staggered to his feet, ready to fight him. "Leo! Go! Run! You can't fight him!" Calypso screamed, the sky turning grey, lit only by the lightning that came suddenly with the pouring rain.

"Never! I will free you of this demon!" The ever-so brave Leo screamed over the howling wind, lunging towards him for a punch. He laughed a menacing laugh, lighting striking behind. How fitting.

One punch after the other Leo pounced fearlessly, while he effortlessly dodged each and every blow, dishing out a few of his own. Calypso could do nothing but stare in horror at the sight before her, tears streaming down her face.

Suddenly, everything seemed to move in slow motion. Leo went for a kick; he grabbed Leo's leg, flipping Leo onto the floor. Drawing a small switchblade, he walked towards Leo, who was unable to move. Calypso screamed, throwing her body over the edge of the balcony, leaning down as if it would do any good. He struck the helpless Leo and then struck again, the smirk on his face a picture that came right out of a horror story. Calypso screamed again, crumpled on the floor and all went black.

When Calypso opened her eyes again, she was back in her cave. Had it all been a dream then? Was Leo dead? Why should she care anyways? Calypso pulled at her hair frustrated at all the questions she had, none of which she could answer.

"Calm down, child. Ruining that beautiful hair will do you no good. It's the only pretty thing you've got going for yourself, you know." Calypso swiveled round towards the entrance of her cave, looking the intruder up and down.

"I suppose you would know, being an expert, Aphrodite," Calypso spat at the goddess before her. "What do you want?"

"Now, now dear. Is that any way to treat a guest?" Aphrodite tut-ed. "You'll never find a man like that you know."

"I'll never find a man regardless, thanks to you!"

"Ah, sweet child, it isn't thanks to me. It was Zeus who ordered it if you remember, so be nice and I might be able to help you." Aphrodite walked towards Calypso, tucking a stray strand of hair behind Calypso's ear.

"Why would I want your help? Zeus may have ordered it, but it was your curse!" Calypso stepped backwards, wanting to be as far from the goddess as possible.

"Are you listening even listening to me?!" Aphrodite screamed, "I'm trying to help you, you ignorant girl! You can break this wretched curse of yours if you just listen!"

"Why?" Calypso screamed back, anger boiling inside of her. "Why now?! After all these years?"

Aphrodite rolled her eyes, unable to comprehend how oblivious Calypso was. "Because Calypso, now a Roman demigod has landed here. The rules have changed."

"Roman?" Calypso tried to think how that would change anything.

"Yes, dear. Roman. It was part of the curse and prophecy. You are trapped here until a Greek can set you free from the brat that has your heart in the palm of his hands."

"What?" Calypso struggled to keep up with the goddess' words. "What prophecy?"

"I can't say much more, dear. I must go now. Your lover will be waiting for you."

"But-" Calypso called after Aphrodite, her mind in a whirl, unsure what to make of things.

"Remember, child. Only a Greek can set you free." And with those last words, Aphrodite disappeared from sight in a shimmer of dust, leaving Calypso alone again as she sat on the couch to think. Fatigue filled her, her eyes drooping as she struggled to focus her mind, falling into deep sleep.

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