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vii. leo

Leo kicked the pristine white sand beneath his feet, frustrated with himself and the consequences of Octavian's landing. Things would've gone perfectly fine if that scrawny little scarecrow hadn't landed on Ogygia in the first place. "Stupid, straw haired little-!" Leo screamed out in anger, his Latino facial features going a dark shade of red.

"Calm yourself, boy," Hephaestus said to him simply. His blacksmith god of a father was never really a man of words, so it only made sense for him to speak as little as possible. Blame Hera for throwing him off of Olympus, I suppose.

Leo looked at his father incredulously, his blood boiling with rage and frustration, "Calm down!? My girl can't leave this stupid island because of that conniving, little-!"

"Screaming and raging won't get you anywhere," Hephaestus told him flatly as he let out a tired sigh. "Actions speak louder than words, after all."

Leo jumped to his feet and turned away from his father, his back facing him instead. He stuck his nose in the air and breathed in the scent of the surrounding air around him. The scent of cinnamon that usually came from Calypso was very faint, but it was still there. The smell of woodsmoke from a recent fire danced with the wind as the smell tickled Leo's senses awake. The sea's familiar salty smell surrounding Ogygia was laced with the summer breeze blowing against his flushed cheeks.

Leo turned around once more to ask his father another question, only to see that he'd vanished, leaving him along on the beach.

Or so he thought.

"Great," Leo grumbled to himself. "What am I supposed to do now? I don't even know where he is-"

"You won't have to look very far, Valdez." The nasally voice coming from Leo's right side allowed his ADHD to kick in, causing him to pull out his magic bronze hammer from his tool belt as he pointed it at the intruder.

His lip curled into a smirk as he looked at Leo, who was without a doubt in my mind, infuriated at the fact that he had to go over there himself in order for Leo to stumble upon his unwanted presence, despite how convenient it had become for him. His straw colored hair still reminded him of the hay you could find in a barn as he looked at Leo mischievously, as if he knew something that Leo didn't. His watered down eyes looked Leo up and down, unimpressed; his sickly pale skin remained prominent as per normal. But there was one thing that made Leo's anger turn into a raging inferno; Calypso's cinnamon scent was all over him, and he hated him even more for it.

"Octavian," Leo spat at him, saying his name like he had a bitter taste in his mouth.

Octavian sneered at him in reply and said, "So we meet again, Graecus scum."

"What're you even doing here? This is a Greeks only stop, as in, no weedy little Roman scarecrow augurs on Ogygia. Do you get it?"

"I'm aware."

"So? Why are you here?"

Octavian puffed his chest and took a step towards Leo, trying to look intimidating and failing. He looked like a gangly little rag doll, long limbs and a fairly small amount of flesh on his limbs. "I didn't ask for this. I was supposed to be dead, and so are you. Didn't you burn up in a ball of flames with that bronze dragon of yours?"

"Well, yeah." Leo said with a nonchalant shrug and a wave of his hand, putting away his hammer in the process. "But I died to get here. How did you die?"

"Flied from a catapult and ended up in that ball of flame."

Leo took a second to realize that the high pitched girly scream he heard seconds before the explosion was Octavian, causing the unknown laughter within him to start gurgling out. The hearty laugh Leo released took Octavian by surprise. In between the tears of laughter, Leo finally wheezed out, "Oh my gods. That was you? I can't-"

Octavian's sickly pale skin turned a dark shade of red - Leo wasn't sure whether it was from anger or embarrassment - either way, stick a stem at the top of Octavian's head, and he'd resemble a blonde cherry sporting the Romans' purple SPQR t-shirt. "Stop laughing already!" Octavian snapped at him in utter annoyance.

"You are one sad and strange little man, and you have my pity," Leo told him with a failed attempt at keeping a straight face. Octavian had to stomp over towards him and grab a fistful of his shirt to get Leo to take things seriously again. "What in the name of Hephaestus' hammer does my girl even see in you?"

"My.." Octavian paused for a moment and smirked cruelly at Leo before continuing, "..bewitching good looks." He shoved Leo away and let out a cringe-worthy cackle, his laugh piercing Leo's eardrums.

Leo was getting tired of Octavian's ridiculous behavior, so he drew his hammer once again and pointed it at Octavian's chest. "I'm warning you, man. I want you to take this seriously. I'll knock you into next week if you keep messing around with me," Leo said to him threateningly.

Octavian smirked and replied, "Oh, trust me. I am."

"I'm warning you!" Leo said to him, raising his voice and poking Octavian's chest with the hammer. Octavian sucked in a sharp intake of breath.

Octavian pushed the hammer away slowly, never taking his eyes off of Leo. "Do you not see how beautiful I am? I mean," Octavian let out a scoff as he attempted to run a hand through his hair, "I'm blonde, blue-eyed, buff-"

Leo snorted at the last word. "Holy Hera, dude. Calm down; I get that you're an Apollo kid and that being cocky is your forte, but like.." Leo opened his arms and grinned at him. "Have you seen me? This is Mr. McShizzle you're dealing with, baby!" Leo whooped loudly, psyching himself up. Everything that came out of Octavian's mouth made it seem like it would be impossible to be able to take things seriously. I mean, Octavian? Really? Who actually could?

"How can you make light of a situation so easily, despite the fact that I practically told you what I'd done to your darling Calypso?" Octavian said this to him in such a mocking tone, it could be confused as an announcement of a dream of becoming a performer in Broadway.

Leo, who was being passive-aggressive at the moment, suddenly took the liberty of smacking Octavian's cheek lightly. "Bro, you've gone batcrap cray."

"What is the meaning of this!?" Octavian screamed at him, starting to get fed up with Leo's lack of interest in everything Octavian had to say. "I'm speaking to you seriously, you imbecile! Have you not heard a word I said!? Or has every word passed right through that thick skull of yours? Would you like me to crack it open like Vulcan did with Jupiter to get Minerva out of his head?"

"Dude, your voice is giving me a headache." Leo groaned at him. "Quit rambling so much, it's driving me nuts! You might as well just spill about what you 'did' to her." Leo air quoted the 'did' to emphasize his sarcasm.

"I used voodoo on Calypso to make things more.. interesting." Octavian told him once his skin tone changed to that of a much more delicate shade of pink.

Leo froze and stared at Octavian, refusing to believe a word he'd said. Leo turned on his heel and walked towards the beacon he'd made to get his father's attention. Seeing he didn't need it anymore, he pulled off one of the bronze plates and used his old anvil to make a bronze bucket.

Octavian sputtered incoherent words as he saw how casually Leo was behaving. "What are you doing? Where are you going? I'm not through with you yet!" Octavian choked out weakly. Leo walked over towards the shore and filled the bucket with the sea's ice cold water. "Heatstroke?" Leo suggested as he harshly splashed the bucket of water all over Octavian, earning himself an even louder scream than the one he'd heard before his 'death'.

"Curse you and your Graecus ways!" Octavian hissed at him with chattering teeth. "That water was freezing! I could die of hypothermia because of you!"

"It's not like anyone would miss you," Leo shot back at him with a grin and the flash of a peace sign. "That just makes my life a whole lot easier."

The murderous look in Octavian's eyes took Leo by surprise when Octavian harshly jabbed his chest repeatedly, his voice dripping with an unknown yet evil intent, "You should learn to stop underestimating me."

Leo swatted his hand away and raised both his eyebrows at Octavian in reply. "And you should learn to be more intimidating. Bro, I can't even take you seriously from the way you're talking. Less crazy , more 'DIE, SCUM!', yeah?"

Rather than returning to its normal shade, Octavian's face turned as purple as his SPQR t-shirt. "If Calypso ends up without you, don't go around blaming me." Octavian said to him in a dangerously threatening voice. "Oh, wait. She'll be with me instead, so I'm perfectly fine with that." Octavian gave Leo a crude smile with his reply.

"And why's that?" Leo drawled, standing up straight in an attempt to match Octavian's height. He obviously failed at this since Octavian's much taller than him, anyways.

Despite Octavian's rather skinny frame, he had surprisingly strong arms as he lifted Leo up upon balling up his shirt collar, making his eyes level with his. He drew his Imperial gold dagger and pointed it at Leo's throat. "I won't hesitate in killing you if you get in my way, Valdez." Octavian dropped him and Leo landed with a loud thud in the sand on his butt. Octavian smirked at Leo and turned on his heel, bidding him farewell. "I'll be in touch."

Leo blinked as Octavian walked towards the rocky path leading to Calypso's garden, almost acting as if nothing had occurred between the two demigods.

"What just happened?" Leo asked himself, completely dumbfounded by the situation. "I'm gonna have to do better than that."

He hopped onto his feet and strutted towards the bucket, picking it up and bringing it towards where the beacon was. Leo pulled everything apart and decided to make something he'd never even considered making before, even back when he was at Camp Half-Blood. As he continued to piece the parts together - hammering, drilling, screwing (don't you DARE) - he was aware that he wasn't even sure whether this "thing" had the power to kill or not.

So long as it got Octavian off of Ogygia, he couldn't have cared less.

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