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Calypso woke up with a start finding herself in her chair, her beautiful cavern empty, her beef stew she didn't remember making burnt. She rushed towards the steaming pot, swaying like a willow tree in the wind, her mind struggling to remember certain details of what she saw.

Was it real? Was it a dream?

As Calypso turned off the stove, chucking the spoiled dish, few words stuck. She remembered a fight and a goddess; Aphrodite, maybe? She remembered some sort of warning and a beautiful balcony but couldn't separate reality from a dream. "Real or not real?" She mused.

"Depends on what you're thinking about, sweetheart," Octavian leaned against the cavern wall, blocking the sunlight coming through the entrance. It made him look almost God-like to the love-struck beauty that was Calypso. Unfortunately, that didn't stop her from seeing the suspicious look on his face either.

"Oh! Octavian! When did you get here?" Calypso jumped, feeling twitchy. 'Weird', she thought, she'd done nothing wrong.

"What were you thinking about, sweetheart?" He pressed, walking towards Calypso suddenly becoming very tense.

Calypso looked at him and squinted, the light behind him making Octavian's features hazy. For a moment, Calypso even thought she saw Leo in his place but that only caused her mind to spin. She staggered; Octavian rushed to her side, placing her back onto the wretched chair that only brought her more confusing thoughts.

"Why don't you rest, sweetheart? You're looking kind of pale," Octavian spoke, his suspicious look now completely gone. Calypso struggled to get out of his strong grasp in a feeble attempt at getting as far away from her chair as possible.

"No!" She cried, her suddenly raised voice making him start. "I don't want to rest. I'm perfectly fine. In fact, I'm so fine that I'm going to go make some beef stew." Calypso rambled on, finally able to push Octavian away, her hands yearning for something to do.

"You mean the stew that you already burnt?" Octavian took a step closer to her, placing one hand on her waist, the other caressing her cheek. "It's alright, honey. We all have our off days." He slowly turned them around and sat on the couch, pulling Calypso into his lap. "Why don't you sing for me? I hear nothing can compare to the beauty of your voice." Octavian smiled, imagining the sound of her voice fluttering in the soft breeze. "It'll calm you down a little. You feel so stiff," he said, massaging her back with his baby soft hands that seemed the opposite of the calloused hands she so vaguely remembered.

Calypso turned her head back towards the blonde Roman, who gave her an encouraging nod. "Alright, what would you like to hear?" She sighed, figuring it couldn't hurt. Could it?

"How about a love song; those are the most calming, aren't they?"

Calypso sighed again, too deprived of energy to disagree. "Alright, here goes nothing." She started singing very softly, afraid of what Octavian might say about her voice. She felt him sway left and right, unable to look at him for fear he might not like it. Slowly, she started singing louder, letting the words flow out her mouth as soon as she came up with them, not really thinking of their meaning. "I don't even like you. Why'd you want to go and make me feel this way?"

Octavian leaned in closer, finally able to understand the words she sang, not liking their meaning. "I don't understand what's happened, I keep saying things I never say."

"I can feel you watching, even when you're nowhere to be seen." Octavian stiffened beneath her, but she kept going.

Suddenly, Octavian grabbed her arm, making her stop. "Um, sweetheart... This song is about your past lovers, right? You know with the curse and all..."

"Um, yeah. I guess so." Truth be told Calypso had no idea what the song was about. Just that it made her feel better. "I can feel you touching even when you're far away from me. Tell me where you're hiding your voodoo doll," she continued, unaware of Octavian and how tense he had become,"'cause I can't control myself. I don't wanna stay, I wanna run away but I'm trapped under your spell. And it hurts-"

Octavian jumped up, throwing Calypso off of his lap in the process, his face bright red. "Who told you?! What do you know?!" He raged at the cowering Calypso beneath him.

"I-I-I don't know what you're t-t-talking about!" She raised her hands over her face, trying to protect herself from the monster before her.

"Don't lie, Calypso! Or so, gods help me, you won't like what I will do!" Calypso shuddered in fear, not knowing what she did wrong. Impatient as he was, Octavian grabbed her elbow without waiting for a reply and dragged her out of the cavern towards the beach. Calypso stumbled behind him, down a path she hadn't gone down in ages. When they were close to the beach but still surrounded by stray trees, Octavian pulled them to a halt; beside the last one was the pile of logs used for their bonfires.

By then, Calypso's hands and legs were scratched and bleeding from the branches and bushes they pushed through. Her cheeks were stained with the tears she cried inside the cavern, unsure how the man she thought she loved could become a monster. Octavian dragged her to the last tree by the beach and cornered her on its bark. He then proceeded to tie up the struggling goddess, who finally realized what would happen to her.

"Let me go! Octavian, let me go! You don't want to do this!" She cried, still struggling though it was a lost cause. Octavian gave her a sad smile, gatherings the logs and placing them around her.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart; but you leave me no choice. I was promised you by a prophecy and yet you keep thinking about him." He sighed almost looking heartbroken.

I said almost.

"But who is 'him,' darling?! I don't even know who you are talking about!" Calypso struggled again, the rope Octavian miraculously had to tie her up rubbing her skin raw.

Octavian raged again, turning back to the logs, placing them beneath Calypsos dainty feet. "Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up!" His faced started to turn the color of his Roman shirt. Calypso was sure he would explode. "I will use this fire to burn you, my dear, and because you are immortal it will only weaken you. But, it will also attract that stupid Greek's attention, bringing him towards the fire. I will then kill him, and you will never think of him again. You will love me!" The Roman looked psycho! Waving his arms around as he explained his cruel plan. Calypso couldn't possibly imagine why she would ever love him after this. Yes, her mind was a little foggy and muddled, but not that muddled!

Octavian found the match he left by the old pile of logs and lit one, placing it between the logs around Calypso, waiting for them to light up. After a few tries, Calypso was surrounded by light, burning her skin as fast as she healed herself. It was excruciatingly painful. "Help!" She cried and cried, tears streaming down her face as the fire grew. "Someone please!" She screamed louder, knowing it was useless. The only other person on this island was Octavian and...

"Leo!" Calypso screamed into the wind, hoping the stranger would find her and be kind enough to help her, especially since their last encounter wasn't very pleasant. Still, she screamed over and over again, her glimmer of hope never disappearing. "Leo! Help me!" She screamed again. "Please," she whispered, her heart slowly dying, "I know you can."

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