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ix. leo

Leo swung the completed product around in his hand; despite how little Celestial bronze it needed, Leo was confident with its power. Unsure of what to name it, he decided, purely for the sake of nostalgia, to call it the Valdezinator II. Except this version had the power to kill, of course.

With the remains of the bronze, Leo had created training dummies to test out the power of the Valdezinator II. Since it was basically a combination of a blow torch, chainsaw, hammer, and a drill, Leo grimaced at the thought of what it would do if it got in the hands of the wrong person; or more specifically, wrong demigod.

Leo puffed his mouth and sighed, "Here goes nothing. Ready, big guy?" Festus said nothing when he glanced over at Leo, creaking in acknowledgement as he sat in the sand, waiting.

Despite the fact that Leo's upgrades and creations had become more efficient as time passed, he decided to go with the retro approach for the Valdezinator II. Rather than a simple on/off switch, he went for the classic generator powered chainsaw approach. Tugging sharply on the handle a couple of times, the Valdezinator II roared to life, causing a smirk to plaster onto Leo's face.

Gripping it firmly, Leo swung it at one of the practice dummies. Sliced cleanly and efficiently, the remaining parts were burning hot and molten because of the blowtorch function. "Now, we're talking!" Leo yelled out. He felt surprisingly calm holding the Valdezinator II in his hands, it felt just like riding Festus in clear ski skies.

Leo tested out different methods on the dummies, to the point that there was nothing left but scrap metal. Satisfied, Leo holstered it on his tool belt, strutting to where Festus was, feeling confident in himself and his abilities. "I'm going to get Calypso out of here, and I'm going to get rid of Octavian once and for all!" He said mostly to himself.

He leaned against Festus and rested the crook of his neck on the bronze dragon's leg, drooping off to sleep.

"Leo!"A female voice in the distance screamed.

Leo woke up with a start, feeling his blood run cold. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and blinked several times to adjust his eyesight. Everything was still blurry and hard to see because of how long he'd been sleeping. "Calypso?" Leo mumbled in confusion. "What the-"

"Leo! Help me!"

He mumbled a curse when he finally confirmed whose voice it belonged to. "What the heck is going on?" Leo rolled up his sleeves and grabbed his army jacket, throwing it on hastily. Making sure he had everything he with him, he made sure that the Valdezinator II was in reach, in case things got bad.

Which they obviously were, judging from how panicked Calypso sounded, her voice full of pain.

"Hang in there, Calypso!" Leo called out to her, unsure of whether she'd heard him or not. Quickly stuffing his feet into his boots, his ADHD kicked in, allowing his skinny little legs to take turns at running to save her. He heard Festus' bronze body creak in protest, but Leo turned briefly, only to say, "Stay here, Festus! I'll be back with Calypso before you know it! Just hold on and wait, big guy!" Leo forced himself to run faster, fighting off his sleep with every step he took.

The scent of a burning fire in the distance woke his senses up; his arms swung back and forth, heading towards Calypso's garden. The intoxicating smell of igniting wood and cinnamon only became stronger as he got closer and closer. Just as the rocky path of Calypso's garden came into view, he saw the goddess, his heart skipping a beat when he saw what was happening to her.

Calypso struggled against a nearby tree, tied tightly with Navy-style knots. Her sobs and screams of pain were excruciatingly hard to listen to. The searing flames burned directly beneath her; gleaming, glowing, scorching her milky pale skin. At the same time, there seemed to be signs no of burns on her anywhere, leaving Leo both puzzled and worried. "Calypso!" Leo screamed in panic as he ran towards her.

Leo's immunity to fire was a blessing from his father, and he couldn't have needed it more than he needed it now. He doused the flames as quickly as he could; once he was done, Leo cut Calypso free of the rope with a small pocket knife from within his tool belt.

Calypso immediately wrapped her arms around Leo shakily, crying into the crook of his neck for about three seconds. "It's okay, it's okay, Calypso. You're okay," Leo told her comfortingly while he held Calypso tightly in his arms, as if she was a life buoy in uncharted waters.

Knowing Leo was oblivious to the trap that Octavian had laid out, Calypso shouted at him, "Leo, behind you!"

He spun around, lightning-fast, tugged sharply on the handle of the Valdezinator II and the hammer immediately popped out, along with the thundering roar of the killing machine coming to life. Leo held it out in front of him, the Celestial bronze absorbing the impact of Octavian's surprise attack from behind. Octavian nearly fell back from the force of the hammer, but he stood his ground and pushed back.

Sparks flew between the Imperial gold dagger Octavian held on tightly to and Leo's Celestial bronze Valdezinator II. As both demigods staggered back, Leo readied the blowtorch function to go with the hammer and gripped the handles tightly, circling Octavian. Octavian had a firm grip on his dagger as he, too, circled Leo. A fire was alight in both their eyes as they circled one another, as if they were hunting their prey.

"And so, we meet again, Valdez," Octavian said, his gaze never leaving Leo.

Leo wasn't in the mood at all for small talk, especially after seeing what Octavian had done to Calypso while he was gone. "Quit your villain wannabe talk and fight me like a man!" Leo yelled at him angrily.

"Ooohh! Someone's certainly getting riled up!" Octavian said with a cackle. "Didn't you find it amusing? Seeing Calypso unable to respond to your pleas? Begging her to try to remember you?"

Leo's impulse was getting the better of him, but he forced himself to stay calm, for Calypso's sake. One wrong move, and it would be the end for both of them. "If you think tying up my girl and burning her to bring me out is funny," Leo said in a low and dangerous voice, "there's something seriously wrong with you, you psycho."

Leo's fingers were itching to swap the function to chainsaw, but he waited patiently for Octavian to make his move.

Speak of the devil, and he will come.

Octavian sprinted forward, his dagger ready as he struck, aiming for Leo's throat. Leo parried with his hammer, but that didn't stop the dagger from leaving a scratch on Leo's shoulder, exposing him.

Leo yelped in pain, the scratch stinging him for a few seconds. "Your turn, Graecus." Octavian said to him with a crude smirk. "The reason why she didn't remember you in the first place was because she was in love with me! But her past memories of you were starting to kick in, so I had no choice but to do this. Once I rid of your unwanted presence here and now, Graecus, she will love me once again!"

Leo staggered back and gritted his teeth, holding his tongue to keep himself from cursing Octavian out more than necessary. Instead, he turned around, facing Calypso and asking her quickly, "Decide, Calypso. Is it him or me?"

"Gods of Olympus; there is no way I would ever choosethat monster over you!" Calypso told him immediately.

This gave hope to Leo, hope that he needed to win this fight. Leo smiled at her and turned around; it became a smirk as soon as his eyes landed on Octavian. "You heard her, man. She chose me," Leo said to him smugly. "Now, shoo. Run along now, nobody wants you here."

Octavian clenched his jaw and said nothing, merely glancing over at Leo's shoulder once in a while as he waited for Leo to make his move.

"You didn't let me finish!" Calypso broke the boys' stares from one another. "I can never love Leo! I've lost that thanks to the monster beside you," she spat at Octavian's direction.

Leo's faced was a picture of confusion, unsure if what he heard was real. "What do you mean you 'cannot love'? You loved me before this bastard!"

"My heart burned in the fire. I may be immortal but the heart is the only organ that I cannot heal." Calypso sighed, unsure of how she should feel. "I don't know who you are, Leo. I may have loved you once; and even though, in time, I may regain those memories of us, I can never love you again."

Leo seethed, swapping the function to chainsaw and tugging sharply twice, letting the roar intimidate Octavian. Sure enough, his face paled even more once he saw the raw power of the Valdezinator II. "This should be easy then," Leo said happily.

"Valdez, y-you're going to regret this!" Octavian stammered in panic. He fumbled and bumbled backwards to keep away from Leo, but he only stepped equally closer. Octavian tripped over something, landing on his butt. He eventually gave up on crawling backwards and hissed at Leo, "Graecus, I promise you, your death will be much worse than mine once you're through with me!"

Purely for the sake of wanting Octavian to wet himself, Leo pulled on the handle once more and said, "Honestly Octavian, I don't really give a-" his voice was drowned by the sound of Octavian's flesh being sliced open and burned at the same time. His torturous screams of anguish were painful to listen to, but not nearly as painful as Calypso's.

Octavian's blood sprayed the air around them, drizzling down on them like rain. Patter, patter, patter, the drops of blood fell.

Leo continued to drag the Valdezinator II across Octavian's body, but he earned no response. Octavian was well and truly dead, but Leo couldn't stop himself, so he kept going. He earned satisfaction from hearing and seeing what was happening to Octavian's now mangled body, coated with his own blood.

Calypso's voice was very faint, but he heard her. "Leo!" She called out to him. What was it in her voice that made Leo so hesitant to see her?

Fear? Despair?

With trembling hands, Leo turned off the Valdezinator II. He dropped it in the sand beside him, raising his blood-coated and shaking hands, looking at them briefly. His heart was in his mouth, and he could feel it. It thumped uncontrollably, full of adrenaline.

"What've I done?"

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