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he will confess to her later

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the beginning

I woke up I open my windows my full body was in pain because my father was in pain. I don't want to go to school but I had to so walked to my bathroom I dressed in uniform, I came down I toke soft steps so don't wake up my dad otherwise he will don't let me go to school and finally I was now walking towards my school i reached my school i mean highschool every one was looking at me i know why because bruises were all over my face on my legs everywhere but I ignored them i keep walking but suddenly i saw my bully i mean steven in front of me with his two sidekicks bill and Ron . and then he grabbed my chin so tightly and said '' you thou----- but he suddenly stopped talking and started looking at my face and my body full of bruises and asked '' h--how did this to you'' I didn't answer him i free my chin from his hand and started walking but suddenly he grabbed my hand I looked at him I said'' hey! leave me '' he replied '' just tell me who this to you'' i asked him '' why you care? just leave me '' but he asked again '' tell me who did this to you?''I free my hand and said to him '' its none of your business '' and i walked from there. steven,s point of view '' i was feeling very angry that on who did this to her '' suddenly bill asked me'' did you love him are something'' ron '' no ways he bullies her why would he fall for his toy'' I nodded and said '' of course I was just worried that someone had taken my toy from me. we were sitting in class but Suzy was not there '' where is she'' bill asked'' who? I quickly grabbed my book and said ' teacher''. thank god you saved me, suddenly teacher came into the class she said'' okay class open your books '' suddenly someone said'' mam ! can i come in '' i looked at the door the person was Suzy she was in a bad condition like she cried for hours. then teacher crossed her arms and said '' so where were you miss Suzy'' Suzy looked down and said'' sorry '' but teacher yelled at her '' detention after class

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