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Behind Every Letter


Jungkook and Taehyung go to the same school. They are part of different social classes. Jungkook is deaf and mute but wasn't born that way. Everyone ignores him or doesn't know of his existence. He's always had feelings for Taehyung that ran deeper than a crush because the two were best friends when they were little until Jungkooks accident that caused him to be deaf and mute. He never forgot Taehyung. He knows that Taehyung wants answers and he's the one that has those answers. Taehyung is popular among the school. Taehyung never found out why his childhood best friend disappeared. His parents never told him. He's always wanted to know what happened. What he doesn't know is he's going to get the answers he's been wanting, waiting for by notes on his locker. Jungkook starts to talk again after seeing Taehyung the first time in forever. He doesn't care if he sounds different. He's just happy he has Taehyung back.

Fantasy / Mystery
Usagi Kitsune
Age Rating:


You are happy but I see the sadness that hides deep in your eyes
- Bunny

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