Behind Every Letter

The Treasure Hunt For Information Begins

As soon as the bell rings that signals that school is over Taehyung runs out of the classroom towards the exit towards his car. He gets in and heads towards the city library. Once he gets in side he goes to the front desk where the librarian sits.

“Hi, my name is Kim Taehyung.” He says as he looks around nervously.

The librarian nods and spins around before getting up from her chair and walks over to a shelf and grabs something from it before walking back over to the desk and sitting back down and handing what she had to Taehyung. Taehyung looks down at what he has been given to see that it was newspapers with a note attached to it.

“Those are copies of the original newspaper articles the person who wanted me to give them to you so you could read them wanted you to have a copy of each one to keep. They also told me to not mention a description to you along with their name so no need in asking.” She says before I walk over to one of the many sitting areas and sit down.

I read the note before looking at the newspapers.

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