Behind Every Letter

The Office and The Roof

Once the bell rings for lunch Tae packs his this and heads towards the office. The secretary looks up at him.

“I’m Kim Taehyung I’m here to get something?” He says questionably.

“Oh, yes one minute I’ll get them. Here’s the first thing and here’s the last.” She says as she gives him two boxes.

He goes over to one of the chairs before setting the two boxes down in it before taking his backpack off. He takes the box that has a note on it and puts it in his backpack before putting it back on and picking up the other box and heading up to the roof. Once on the roof, he takes off his backpack setting it on the ground before looking in the direction he knew his friend's house was to see that there was nothing in the place where is friends house should have been.

He opens the box in his hands to find food but not just any type of food a home-cooked meal. It had lamb skewers, kimchi fried rice, bulgogi, and steamed soup dumplings. When he’s done eating he writes what he sees before getting his backpack and leaving remembering to leave the letter where the letter told him to leave it before going to class. When school ends he goes home. He heads to his room ignoring his parents momentarily. He takes off his backpack and takes out the box and takes the note off-putting the box where he’s hidden the newspapers from the day before. He reads the letter.

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