Behind Every Letter

The House or Whats Left

The next day Taehyung wakes up and gets ready for the day ahead of him. When he’s done he heads down to the kitchen where is parents are talking secretively until they notice Taehyung has walked in.

“Don’t worry about fixing me anything I’ll get something while I’m out. I’m going to be gone all day just call me if you need me.” Tae says before mumbling

“Like either of you care anyways.” As he walks out of the kitchen, through the living room, and out the door.

He gets in his car and leaves heading in the direction of his friends house. Once he gets to the house what he sees he didn’t expect. The house he once used to visit when he was little is no longer standing. Instead in its place is a big pile of rubble, trees, overgrown vegetation, and the entrance of the driveway.

Taehyung pulls into what’s left of the driveway before turning off the car and gets out. He looks around and notices on one of the trees there is a note attached to it. He makes his way over to the tree and gets the note off the tree and makes his way back to his car and opens the door before sitting down in it so he can read the letter.

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