Behind Every Letter


None of the newspapers were useful were they? I guess you wondering why those were given to you. Well the part where no one came out and said that they knew the family that lived in the house is what strikes me as interesting don’t you think? Not even your parents told anyone that they knew the family that lived in that house. What no one else knows is that there is video evidence of that day. Your friends family had put cameras up in the direction of the house on the other side of the road so they can see if they had any intruders of any kind. Get the box out and there should be a portable DVD player along with the CD with the footage on it. Before you do that go across the street and in one of the trees is a camera with a note attached to it get the camera and the note. When you get to your car get in and track your parents phones. Turn you location off yours so they can’t follow you then leave to the city library. Watch the CD and the video on the camera before reading the other note hurry please I don’t want your parents catching you.

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