Behind Every Letter

The CD

Taehyung takes out the portable DVD player and CD. He plugs his earbuds in before opening it and putting the CD in. He turns it on and makes sure it’s turned up enough so that he could hear. The video on the screen starts early in the morning on the Tae’s guessing is the day of the explosion.

Jungkook’s father walks out on the porch talking on the phone with someone but Tae can’t hear what he’s saying. Not long later Jungkook’s mother comes out on the porch with a crying Jungkook and a confused Junghyun. The video then skips to later in the day. Tae sees a car drive up in the driveway and it’s a car that Taehyung knows all to well because it’s Taehyung’s parents car. Taehyung’s parents get out of the car before walking to the door and knocking on the door. Jungkook’s dad answers door. Taehyung’s parents yell at Jungkook’s dad before pushing through the door to get inside. Not long later Tae sees a series of flashes before his parents walk out of the house quickly and drives out of the driveway and away from the house. A couple minutes later the house explodes and that’s where the video ends.

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