Behind Every Letter

Camera Video

Tae turns off the portable DVD player and takes the earbuds out of it before getting the camera and turning it on before taking out his laptop take he figured he needed for something and this is something so he opens it and turns it on before connecting the camera to it. Once it’s on he puts in the password and going to the file where the video from the camera is. He puts his earbuds in and makes sure it’s turned down so it won’t blast in his ears before pressing play.

The video begins after the explosion. What he didn’t expect to was movement but that’s what he sees. When looks closely he sees that its Junghyun carrying Jungkook in his arms. Tae doesn’t know how the two kids survived the explosion. But Tae knows something is off with Jungkook but he doesn’t know what. Junghyun takes Jungkook into the woods like it’s something he was told to do as if he knew something like this was going to happen. Not long fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars fill the area as the scene ends.

Taehyung takes out the earbuds and closes the laptop, disconnects the camera, and takes his earbuds out of the laptop and puts it back in his backpack. He puts the portable DVD player and CD back in the box and turns off the camera. He gets the letter that was on the camera and reads it.

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