Behind Every Letter


As you can tell your friend is alive but he’s been hiding with his brother ever since that day. I know you may have a lot of questions for both me and your parents but please don’t go to your parents with your questions just yet. Ask me all the questions you have for me. I promise I’ll try to answer them anyway I can. Jungkook’s and Junghyun’s parents knew something like the explosion was going to happen they made the two hide in a special place in the house so that they wouldn’t get hurt so much. With Jungkook being so young, he was impacted the most. Your parents aren’t trustworthy people. They didn’t want you to get to close to a boy because they are homophobic. Jungkook’s parents didn’t know why your parents were being unreasonable when Jungkook and you would want to play alone together in either your room or Jungkook’s. Your parents are still homophobic but you know that and you are never planning on telling them about you because you know how they are. Taehyung, I know you inside and out because I love you. I have for a very long time. I know you want to know who I am but I want you to be safe when I do. You’ll get to see me soon even though you see me everyday at school but don’t notice. Don’t feel bad I wanted it that way. I have nothing planned for you tomorrow since you pretty much have everything you need at the moment. When you get your parents are going to pester you with questions on where you were. Tell them what you told them this morning. Oh, go to the local coffee shop just tell them your name and they’ll know what to give you. :)

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