Behind Every Letter

Coffee Shop

Taehyung packs everything up in his backpack before leaving the library and get in his car leaving towards the closest coffee shop. When he gets there he parks his car leaving his backpack inside before locking it and goes inside. When he gets to the counter one of the people behind the counter asks him hat he wants.

“Um hi, I’m Kim Taehyung I’m supposed to be picking something up here?” He says as he sees the person who asked him what he wanted eyes go wide before he snaps out of it and gets what he’s supposed to before handing it to Taehyung.

“Don’t worry about paying for it. It’s already paid for. Also there’s a specific place where the person who got that for you wants you to sit.” He says as he points to an empty corner table along the far wall.

Taehyung nods before heading to the table and sitting down. He looks at what he got which was a peppermint mocha macchiato with a slice of Dutch chocolate cake. Attached to his cup is a note.

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