Behind Every Letter


I know you so well and always have known you so well my love. I knew you weren’t able to keep your anger at bay upon seeing your parents but I did try to calm you. I knew you would ask your cousin if you could stay with him. I always did like Baekhyun because he wasn’t like your parents. Don’t worry I’m not mad you brought him with you to the park as well I knew you were going to ask him if he wanted to come with you since you told him everything and I’m not mad that you did that either. Who can be mad at you anyway just look at you, you're extremely beautiful and adorable. Plus, you can tell anyone you want with the evidence I have given you. Oh, you must be wondering what the notebook is. Well it belong to Jungkook he always hid it somewhere where no one would find it and he always wanted you to have it so here it is.
- bunny

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