Behind Every Letter

The Notebook

Taehyung puts the note in his pocket before opening the notebook see drawings that Jungkook drew from when he met Taehyung to after the explosion the he realized they just stopped. Instead of a drawing in its place were letters addressed to him.

Dear Taehyungie,
I miss you so much and I wish I could visit you like I used to but Junghyun says I can’t and I know why I can’t. It hurts to know that you have to live with evil parents. I need your hugs hyungie. I miss you so much to the point I cry myself to sleep. Taehyungie, I turn twelve soon and no I haven’t forgotten about you how can I? You are my best friend who I will love forever. I can’t live without you hyungie. I promise I will find you again even though you might not be able to hear my voice again. Well, I’ll write again soon I need to get some sleep. Night night hyungie.
Your little Kookie rabbit

Dear Taehyung,
I started high school yesterday. I don’t like it hyung. People are to mean to me because I can’t hear and speak anymore. I saw you today but you didn’t recognize me. I wish you did but I know why you didn’t. I have a couple of classes with you but the teacher never calls my name out,p only looks up to see if I’m there. How do I know she doesn’t call out my name if I can’t hear? Well, the answer is obvious I have to look at her ugly face the whole class period. Hyungie, I really miss you and you’ve gotten more handsome and your voice is getting deeper even though I can’t hear it. I just know since you look like one of those people who don’t look like the way they speak. Well, hyungie I’m tired and I still have homework to finish.
Your little Kookie rabbit

Taehyung stops reading remembering that he needs to take pictures for Bunny. What he doesn’t realize is that he was crying until Baekhyun wipes his face off with his hands.

“Thanks hyung, I think I figured out who Bunny is and why he’s writing letters to me.” Taehyung says closing the notebook.

“Who do you think it is?” Baekhyun asks him.

“I think it’s Jungkook. Bunny did tell me he was going to tell me who he was and I think this is his subtle way of say “I’m Jungkook, your little bunny rabbit that you’ve missed for so long.” Jungkook must have always known that I missed him all this time.” Taehyung says before he starts taking pictures of his surroundings while Baekhyun watched on holding the notebook.

When Taehyung was done the two went back to his car to find another letter sticking out of the crack of the door.

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