Behind Every Letter

Seeing Jungkook

Taehyung looks down at the letter before putting it in his pocket before unlocking the car so that he and Baekhyun could get in the car. Once they get in the car Taehyung cranks it up.

“What did that note say that made you blush so much?” Baekhyun asks as Taehyung drives out of the parking lot.

“Jungkook said he loves me and hopes that I will love him the way he loves me and I’m sure that I will love him the way he does me. I can tell I will. He wants me to meet him at his and Junghyuns house and he doesn’t mind if you come along either so that’s where we’re going. Before we left I put his address is the GPS so we can get there without getting lost.” When they pull up to Jungkook’s house Taehyung is so nervous he’s scared to even get out of the car.

He turns off the car and eventually gets out along with Baekhyun. He locks the car and they walk up to the door before pressing the doorbell. A couple minutes later the door opens to reveal a guy Taehyung hasn’t seen in forever.

“Taehyung? Baekhyun?” Junghyun asks them.

Taehyung nods his head smiling.

“Yeah Junghyun it’s us. Jungkook said he wanted me to meet him here and said I could bring Baekhyun since Baekhyun knows everything.” Taehyung says looking down.

“Can we come in now? It’s weird just standing in the doorway talking?” Baekhyun asks catching Junghyuns attention.

“Oh! Yeah, come in.” He says moving out of the way to let the two come in.

When they’re inside Junghyun closes the door behind them. Taehyung and Baekhyun take off their shoes setting them beside the door.

“Let me go get Jungkook.” Junghyun says

“Before you do that can I know where the bathroom is?” Baekhyun asks making Taehyung laugh.

“Yeah, of course follow me I go past it to get Jungkook from his room if he’s still there that is.” Junghyun says walking down the hall with Baekhyun following behind.

While they are gone Taehyung looks around the living room at all the pictures that as he’s surprised to be here. There were childhood pictures of Jungkook, Junghyun, Taehyung, and Baekhyun. There were some family portrait pictures as well. Looking around the living room he notices he’s been in this house before it’s like a slap to the face he realizes it’s Jungkook’s and Junghyun’s grandparents house.

He continues looking around at the pictures until he stops at one picture of him and Jungkook outside sitting on the ground. Taehyung is looking down shyly while Jungkook is staring at him. He’s so engrossed in the picture he doesn’t notice anyone coming in until he feels a hands on his shoulder that snaps him back to reality.

He turns around to see who touched him. His eyes go wide upon seeing who he’s face to face with. He doesn’t notice that he’s crying again until Jungkook wipes his face before pulling Taehyung into a hug. Taehyung instantly hugs him back burying his face in his neck making Jungkook chuckles which makes Junghyun gasp in surprise. Taehyung looks up at Junghyun giving him a questioning look.

“Jungkook hasn’t spoken since the explosion because he’s been scared of how he sounds since he can’t hear himself. But I think with you being here it’s giving him more confidence since he just chuckled. He usually just smiles.” Junghyun explains as Taehyung nods mouthing “oh” as he does so.

“I don’t think Jungkook is going to let you go anytime soon so how about I fix us something to eat and we can all watch a movie while we eat?” Junghyun asks laughing slightly.

“Yeah, that sounds good. I’ll see if Jungkook will let go of me so that we can sit on the couch.” Taehyung says making Junghyun laugh once again before leaving the room towards the kitchen.

Taehyung taps Jungkook on the shoulder to get his attention, making sure Jungkook is looking at his mouth before he speaks.

“Can you let go of me long enough to go sit on the couch?” Taehyung asks him.

Jungkook nods letting go of him before walking over to shortest part of the couch and sits long ways leaning back on the pillows that sit there before letting one of his legs hang off before patting the space where he wants Taehyung to sit.

Taehyung shyly looks at him before sitting down leaning back on Jungkook’s chest.

“Baekie look for the remote and turn on the tv please and don’t forget to have the captions on.” Taehyung says to Baekhyun.

Baekhyun does so and puts it on something to watch to waste time before Junghyun comes back with food. When he does he gives a plate to Taehyung and Jungkook before going to back to get his and Baekhyun’s plate. Baekhyun gives him the remote so he can pick the movie. They all pick on a movie as the eat. After they are done eating and the movie is over Taehyung and Baekhyun decide that it’s time to leave making Jungkook sad. Taehyung makes Jungkook look at him before speaking.

“Jungkook, you can come by Baekhyuns house or I can come here after school tomorrow I don’t mind either. Before we go let me see your phone.” Taehyung says to him.

Jungkook takes out his phone and unlocks it before handing it to Tae. Tae puts his number in his phone before he calls his own phone making sure to save Jungkook’s number on it in the process. Jungkook’s kisses Taehyung on the cheek making Taehyung blush before leaving with Baekhyun in tow. He unlocks the car and they both get in before heading back to Baekhyuns house.

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