Behind Every Letter

Taehyung's Parents

When they pull up to Baekhyuns house they expected to get out of the car and go inside, take a shower, and go to bed. What they didn’t expect was Taehyung’s parents waiting for them in the driveway. The two of them groan at the sight of the car before pulling up beside Taehyungs parents car. The two get out, Taehyung doesn’t lock the car if they need to get back in and leave. As they wait for Taehyung’s parents to get out of the car Taehyung texts Jungkook.

Taehyung: Hey bunny, Baekhyun and I expected to get here and have a peaceful night but unfortunately when we get here my parents car sits in the driveway with them in it.

Bunny🐰💜: Hey baby tiger, I’m sorry after you left your night isn’t going the way you wanted it to. Junghyun and I can come over if you need help calming down nvm we’re coming over because I don’t want you going to jail for disturbing Baekhyuns neighbors. We already know where he lives don’t worry on giving us the address.

Taehyung: Ok, bunny please hurry

Bunny🐰💜: We are don’t worry little tiger. We’ll be there in little bit.

Taehyung: Okie see you little bit

Taehyung turns off his phone as his parents her out of the car. Once out of the car the two walk over to them.

“Taehyung what’s the matter with you? It’s like your avoiding us. It’s like your mad at us for some reason and you too Baekhyun.” Taehyung’s dad say.

Before Taehyung could speak two cars pull up Baekhyun and Taehyung look at each other. Taehyung gives Baekhyun a questioning look. Baekhyun mouths “I texted Chanyeol and Suho was with him” Taehyung nods in response. He didn’t have to tell Baekhyun who he texted because Baekhyun already knew. Both vehicles cut off and all four boys get out of the cars. Junghyun and Jungkook make their way to Taehyung as Chanyeol and Suho make their way over to Baekhyun.

“Who are these boys?” Taehyung’s mother growls out.

“Well mom the two with Baekhyun is Chanyeol his boyfriend and one of their friends who is Suho. And the two with me? Don’t you recognize them? Don’t tell me you don’t. Is it like looking at a ghost?” Taehyung asks sweetly.

His parents look at him disgusted then confusion.

“Taehyung, I think you need to come home with us. I think your head needs rest. We don’t know these two boys.” His mom says.

“YOU BITCH! MPHPJDJSJSHBAJAJHDBHS” Baekhyun yells out as Chanyeol and Suho cover his mouth and keep him from attacking Taehyung’s mom.

“Yeah, No not going to happen. I’m not going to go back home with you. I’m not going back home ever again at that. These two boys are Junghyun and Jungkook. You know the two boys who were my childhood friends? You know Jungkook as my childhood best friend? The ones you tried to kill? The ones whose parents are dead because of you! Do you really expect me to go back home with you? Seriously? ARE YOU BOTH THAT FUCKING DENSE, YOU HOMOPHOBIC CRACK HEADS? YOU DESTROYED MY CHILDHOOD YOU INCONSIDERATE DUMBASSES!” Taehyung yells watching his parents faces go from annoyance to shock to fear.

Jungkook grabs Taehyungs hand before pulling him into his chest and doing something that shocks Junghyun who stands right beside them and can hear them unlike everyone else.

“Shhh, my little tiger. Don’t forget why I’m here, to keep you calm. I may not be able to hear but I always know your emotions better than you. I also may not be able to hear your parents but I can see their movements better than anyone else at the moment even though it’s night. Your dad has the gun he shot my parents within his pocket and he’s about to reach for it. Junghyun already called the police before we got here to inform them of a disturbance of the peace.” Jungkook whispers to Taehyung before they all hear police sirens coming towards them and stopping behind them.

“Excuse me, is the anything wrong here?“Asks the officer after he gets out of the car.

“No.........” Taehyung’s dad starts to say but Baekhyun quickly cuts him off.

“Yes, sir. My cousin and I were hoping when we got home to have peace and quiet but when we get here we find these two in their car in the driveway. Obviously we don’t want them here they apparently don’t understand that. Before we got here we had invited our friends over and they had soon after came. These two start hounding my cousin who mine and his friends were and he tells them and they try to make him go home with them but he doesn’t want to or have to since he’s old enough to make his own decisions without them and legally he doesn’t belong to them so he can leave whenever he feels like it. I want them off my property. No one wants them here and I’m pretty sure the man is armed.” The last statement out of Baekhyun’s mouth triggers the officers reaction.

“Sir, come over besides the car and lean on it and Jung call for backup.” The officer whispers lowly which makes Junghyun nod unnoticeably before taking out his phone and texting someone.

A few minutes later we hear a lot more sirens coming towards us before stopping to where we were. Instead of doing what the officer Taehyungs dad just stood there. What he and Taehyungs mom didn’t know was that there were four police officers behind them until they found out by getting their arms grabbed and pulled behind them and handcuffs on them before being patted down and everything taken out of their pockets. They put Taehyungs parents in different squad cars, closing the doors so they couldn’t get out. The officer that got there first walks over to where Junghyun, Jungkook, and Taehyung stand.

“What charges do these two need to be charged with other than possession of a firearm and a disturbance of the peace?” He asks Junghyun.

“The murder of mine and Jungkooks parents. We have proof that they did it and they have nothing that they didn’t do it we have video evidence that they did it. Jungkook’s did I are obviously witnesses and Jungkook can’t hear no more because of the explosion they made.” Junghyun says to him.

“Ok, bring in the evidence to the station. I’m always willing to help a fellow officer with whatever and who is he?” The officer asks Junghyun pointing at Taehyung.

“That's Taehyung the son of the two you put in cuffs just now. He’s Jungkooks childhood best friend and the one who Jungkook fell in love with over the years from afar. Don’t worry about him he’s mad at his parents for this. They did this out of selfishness. Taehyung won’t do anything that will jeopardize him being with Jungkook. Jungkook means to much to him to do anything like that.” Junghyun says to him while watching Jungkook hold Taehyung like he would never let the older go ever.

“Ok, was just wondering anyways bring the evidence by the station tomorrow when you come into work tomorrow. Well, we’re going to go and get everything situated see you tomorrow.” The officer says before patting Junghyun on the shoulder then walking to his car and getting in and leaving.

“You all can stay the night if you want. I already know what Jungkook wants to do since he didn’t want Tae to leave when we had to leave their house.” Baekhyun says chuckling.

“Yeah, we’ll stay but I need to go get my uniform right quick,” Junghyun says before tapping Jungkook on the shoulder making him look up at him.

“You're going to have to let go of Taehyung so that the both of you can go inside we’re staying the night here. Please for your love for Taehyung don’t do anything to make anyone mad.” Junghyun says making Taehyung laugh, Jungkook nods.

“I don’t think Jungkook will leave Taehyungs side to make any of us mad while you're gone,” Baekhyun says before Junghyun walks over to his car getting and leaving heading towards his and Jungkooks house.

Jungkook let’s go of Taehyung so that they can go inside following after Baekhyun, Suho, and Chanyeol. Jungkook follows Taehyung to his room. Taehyung takes out clothes to sleep in for both himself and Jungkook. They both change before Taehyung gets his laptop and turns it on and entering the password and logging onto Netflix putting a movie on with the subtitles.

Not long later Junghyun gets back and comes to check on the two to find them asleep with the movie still playing. He goes over to them and pauses the movie, turns off the laptop, and sets it on Taehyungs desk then leaves the room closing the door behind him heading to the room he’s sleeping in for the night.

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