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Couple Years Later

Jungkook and Taehyung are now in college and engaged. Taehyung’s parents are still in jail and will be there until there last breath. On the last day, Taehyung saw his parents he asked them why they had done what they did honestly. The said to him.

“You were to be with a woman when you got married it has always been in our family and we planned to keep it that way. We had already picked out a someone for you when you came of age. You are a disgrace to our family name.”

“I am not the disgrace of the family name the two of you are. Grandma and grandpa would be ashamed of the two of you. I’ve disowned you as my parents. You are nothing to me anymore. I love Jungkook and there is nothing, not one damn thing you can do to make me think otherwise.” With that Taehyung walks away into the awaiting arms of his boyfriend before walking out of the courtroom.

Couple years later more

Jungkook and Taehyung got married. Jungkook had surgery done so he can hear, and they adopted five kids, three boys and two girls. Amusa-3, Liely (lie-lee)-4, Oxford-6, Reese-7, and Bexon-9. And they keep everything to memory not keeping their children in the dark.

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