Roles Reversed


The next morning Jude walked into G Major all happy and smiling. She was greeted by Kwest.

“Looks like someone’s happy this morning.” Kwest said.

“Yep,” Jude said practically skipping to the kitchen to get coffee.

“Would this have anything to do with you and a certain receptionist duking it out last night?” Kwest asked

“How’d you know?” Jude asked.

“A little bird told me…and I was there.” He said, “Good form by the way.”

“Thanks.” Jude replied “What are you doing here?”

“Nothing much, just stopping by.”

“Ok, cool.”

“And Jude.”


“Loved the song.”

Jude smiled as she made her way out of the kitchenette with her coffee. She saw Kareynn sitting at her desk glaring in her direction. Jude waved her fingers at her and smiled as she walked past into Studio A and started talking to Tom. Kareynn listened to their conversation through a half closed door.

“Hey Jude, I gotta ask you something.” Tom said.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Why’d you quit singing?”

“I told you before, it was just time.” She replied.

“I didn’t buy it then and I don’t buy it now.” Tom said.

Jude gave him a come on look and shook her head. Then she said, “Well, like I said before, there was a lot of stress and at the time I was going through some stuff and I needed a break so I left.”

“Why’d you never start up again?” he pushed further.

Jude was starting to get annoyed. “After all that stuff, I couldn’t sing anymore…until recently that is.”

Tom nodded and asked, “What would you say if I asked you to come and sing with me?”

Jude stared at him “Like come out of retirement sing?” she asked loudly. This got Kareynn’s attention further. Argument time…yes! This is gonna be great!

Tom nodded.

“I would ask you what you’ve been smoking!” She said, with a slightly sarcastic tone.

“I am serious Jude, I can see how much you miss it, I saw the look in your eyes last night, you miss it.” Tom said.

Jude nodded and said, “We are done discussing this.”

Kareynn only heard Jude say “We are done” before she walked away, so she walked away thinking they were broken up.

“Fine, on a different note, I gave D the disc and he loved it.” Tom said.

“That’s great!”

“But he wants to make one little change though…” Tom added.

“You just said he loved it” Jude said quizzically.

“He does, but he said he would love it more if…”

“If our duet was on it.” Jude finished for him. Tom nodded.

“I am gonna go talk to D”. Jude said.

Jude thought you know it would be amazing to get back into the studio again, but then who would produce, I don’t wanna give that up, as she walked out the door and into D’s office.

“Ok D, Let’s just say hypothetically I did this...” Jude said, just walking into his office without knocking.

“Good morning to you too. Getting straight to the point Jude, I like it.” D said.

“Yeah, whatever” Jude said rolling her eyes “who would produce?”

“You could still do it or I could get Kwest to do it.” D stated

“Kwest?” Jude asked.

D nodded, “He comes highly recommended."

“Since when is he working here?” Jude asked.

“This morning, why?”

“No reason D, just wondering, since I just talked to him this morning and he didn’t say anything.”

D nodded as Jude walked out of this office and into the lobby and she couldn’t believe what she saw.

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